Wrapping the blue clay of cellulite - a step by step description of the procedure

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prefer instead to go to the pharmacy timber for herbs and hospital visits are replacing trips to the gym?It is commendable!Meanwhile, not the fact that even with this lifestyle cellulite will pass you side.It is said that beautiful women, athletes and activists he "loves" no less than plump lentyaek.How, then, to deal with the nasty "orange peel"?According to the same scenario - by natural means, without losing optimism.Take the clay.Therapeutic wrapping blue clay of cellulite can help better than salon treatments, and without the use of hateful to you "chemistry".The main thing - do not be lazy: do everything in good faith and take the full course.

  • Oda clay
  • On the composition of blue clay
  • Miraculous properties of Cambrian clay
  • How to wrap: step by step
  • Step 1 - production mix
  • Step 2 - Preparation of the skin
  • Step 3 - wrapping
  • Step 4 - finishing touches
  • Video: how to wrap blue clay
  • About the course of treatment

Oda clay

Legend has it that God created the first man

was made of clay.You do not believe in God?Discover the scientific version of the appearance of life on the planet, there you will also find information on how the first organic molecules on Earth formed only by particles of clay that have fulfilled the catalyst responsible mission.

Probably not in vain beauticians believe that this gift of nature - one of the best natural remedies to help preserve the beauty of the skin and fight with defects.Moreover, without prejudice in the form of side-effects on health, or gaps in your wallet.

As for blue clay (the second of its name - Cambrian), its ancient times valued above all else.When doctors first discovered the beneficial properties of this substance, the richest people of the world have begun for the "hunt" for the Cambrian clay, changing it into gold, so in ancient times this miracle powder was also called "blue gold".Today, little has changed, except that the price of natural "medicine."Now therapeutic gold can afford to each of the women, whether a student or a pensioner.

On the composition of blue clay

powder color depends on its composition.His shade "blue gold" is obliged to such components:

  • calcium;
  • quartz;
  • kaolin;
  • mica.

Miraculous properties of Cambrian clay

you know that anti-cellulite body wraps blue clay capable of something more than just a fight with an ugly "orange peel"?Meet the "bonus", which you will receive during the course of treatment a natural gift:

  • elimination of edema;
  • excretion of toxins from the tissues;
  • cleansing of the skin, including the bacteria;
  • peeling effect;
  • improvement of skin color;
  • cover mitigation;
  • getting rid of acne;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • disappearance of itching;
  • decrease pigmentation;
  • weight reduction;
  • silhouette correction.

should pay attention!Lady blue clay practitioners wraps cellulite note that after treatment there unprecedented ease throughout the body.Walking becomes easier, sometimes you want to embark skipping like a child.Mota this information into their heads.If difficult to move, it seems as if each leg weighs a ton, it is time to call for help Cambrian clay.

How to wrap: step by step

So you stocked clay film, patience and are ready to declare war on the "orange peel"?Proceed?

Step 1 - production mix

Nothing complicated at this stage is not.On the anti-cellulite wrap with blue clay, depending on the disease affected area will need 1-3 sachets of powder.Most of them are packaged in 50-100, the processing for each of the zones (buttocks, abdomen, thighs) need 1 sachet wonder drug.Calculate the required dose of their own.Next, open the package, you pour the powder into a ceramic bowl and a glass jar and pour half of warm water.The mixture was thoroughly stirred.It is advisable to add a few drops of citrus oil and / or 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, and a pinch of chopped seaweed, but it's up to you.Miracle remedy is ready!

Step 2 - Preparation of skin

Problematic areas of the body to be cleaned.Beauticians are advised to make a peeling, but if this is not possible, it does not matter.Just take a good shower and wipe the skin."Canvas" to create beauty is ready!

Step 3 - wrapping

on "orange peel" should be applied to the clay mixture in a circular massaging movements.The treated areas of the body wrap film - layer 4.

can then 40-60 minutes, or lie down, watch TV, listen to music, or to engage in business as usual, but in warm pajamas.

Step 4 - finishing touches

Therapeutic wrapping blue clay of cellulite is completed by applying a special shower and struggling with the "orange peel" cream, gel or oil.If time permits, and there is a desire, beauticians recommend a massage - for a few minutes for each of the affected areas.Massage the skin along with the application of anti-cellulite agents, and until it is absorbed.

Video: how to wrap blue clay

About the course of treatment

Repeat the wrapping blue clay of cellulite is necessary every couple of days.The minimum duration of the course - a month.Then you can do as a preventive procedure once a week, for example, on the weekends, when you have the time and interesting activities to enrich hour stay in the "cocoon", returns the beauty of the skin.

Wraps blue clay - a natural, nice and budget way of salvation of cellulite.