Fighting cellulite in the home as a way to save time and money

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disfiguring the body of beads, called cellulitis, it is - for women a scourge of our age.Today's beautiful - ladies busy appreciating every moment of his life, so it is not surprising that not all of them can afford the time to attend cosmetology classrooms.In addition, always nice because earnings to invest in a new outfit, a perfume or a journey, rather than to give for what you can do on your own, right?Thus, the fight against cellulite at home - as a way of saving time and money.

  • What is cellulite
  • video introduction to "orange peel»
  • reasons for the appearance of orange peel
  • Proper food - the weapon number 1 anti-cellulite
  • Power Rules
  • list of bannedfood
  • Movement - life and beauty
  • Video set of exercises against cellulite
  • Cosmetology - ally beauties
  • Massage
  • Wraps
  • New - cellulite underwear

What is cellulite

Orange peel - especially female trouble.Why?It's all about nature, which graciously allowed the ladies to have a supply of subcutaneous fat - a kind of

insurance in case of force majeure.Luck is or punishment?How to tell if the layer is too thick - a problem, but if the amount of fat in the normal range - you need to be happy, not to grieve.After all, these stocks do female form attractive ass - appetizing, hip - steep, but the breast - lush.In addition, Mother Nature and bothered about what you yet, perhaps never occurs - your future pregnancy and lactation is good.Part of the energy to perform these important functions of women is drawn from fat reserves.

But back to the pernicious "orange peel" that disease in these same stocks are satisfied with "subversion" that undermine women's beauty.Cellulite - this is the most body fat, but to transform the in lumps, pellets, lumps, which, towering above the skin, and create the most notorious effect of "orange peel".

video introduction to "orange peel»

reasons for the appearance of orange peel

Now that you're a little better acquainted with the nature of the disease, and before moving to the main unit on how to overcome cellulite at homewill not be superfluous to know why the attack appears.

The main causes of these pesky bumps:

  • overweight;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • smoking;
  • wrong food with a menu full of fat, sugar and fast food;
  • sedentary work;
  • lack of oxygen;
  • wearing tight clothing, items of non-natural fabrics;
  • overreliance on coffee and drinks in which it is present.

It's important to know!Sometimes, cellulite is the result of metabolic disorders, triggered by hormonal abnormalities, so do not be lazy to hand over analyzes on hormones and visit your doctor, who found out that something was wrong, just send you to an endocrinologist.

Now that you are familiar with the causes of the appearance of the disease, suggest themselves, and ways to combat cellulite, is not it?Yes, I hope that the fight against cellulite will not affect your cravings, addictions, or lazy, stupid, of course, if you want to have the perfect figure.Hack to death himself in the bow: quickly remove cellulite at home is possible, only having worked thoroughly.Are you ready to string up?

Proper Foods - number 1 weapon against cellulite

As most easily at home to remove cellulite?You might be surprised, but the surest and guaranteed lead to success way - is proper nutrition.Moreover, you do not need to starve or restrict yourself in food volumes, of course, if you are not obese.Suffice it to reconsider the diet for the presence in it of harmful products for the skin.Healthy menu - a guarantee that the attack will recede.

Power Rules

Thus, an effective fight against cellulite with the help of food based on the following postulates:

  1. eat 5 times, but do not overeat.
  2. Do not skip breakfast.
  3. supper not later than three hours before bedtime.
  4. After the meal, do not lie.
  5. During the meal, do not be distracted by reading, watching TV or surfing the web.
  6. refuse abundant feasts.
  7. Forget about fried and smoked food.
  8. Ensure that there is enough fiber in the diet.
  9. Drink at least 2 liters, but healthy drinks.
  10. Abandon harmful, provoking the appearance of "orange peel" products.

list of forbidden foods

What products-the enemies of beautiful skin must be removed from the diet?

  • alcohol;
  • sugar, including dishes with his presence;
  • white flour and all products from it (bread, bread, cakes, pastries, dumplings, ravioli, pasta, cookies, cakes, pancakes);
  • fat and margarine;
  • food semi-prepared foods;
  • fast food, including pizza;
  • fatty meats;
  • snack products (eg, chips, crackers);
  • shoplifting juices;
  • soda with sugar;
  • conservation;
  • meats, sausage, hot dogs.

Movement - life and beauty

Another effective method to combat cellulite - physical activity."Orange peel" does not like the movement and oxygen.Start simply to live actively, and the scourge will be over.

not love to frolic without cause?Take something useful or pleasurable, for instance, get yourself a vegetable garden or a dog, or sign up for a dance in the organization of the volunteers go on vacation skiing or go to the rink, practice yoga or fencing.With her friends do not occur in a restaurant, eating cakes, and on the tennis court or pool.You see, you can always find a compromise with his laziness, does not it ?!

only 3 workouts per week of 40 minutes, and good-bye cellulite!

can not realize all of the above in employment force?No problem, go a couple of stops to work on foot, go up to your floor without a lift, roll hoop while watching TV.The best exercises to combat cellulite at home - it's squatting on the floor and moving on the buttocks with legs extended.They, too, you can do the job a favorite movie.You see, because you can do two things at the same time, if you want to.

Video set of exercises against cellulite

Cosmetology - ally beauties

Due to the abundance produced by means of the fight against cellulite at home is available for each of the women.The main thing - to choose the most appropriate way and take the full course, not too lazy and not missing procedures.


said that the most effective methods to combat cellulite are based on active influence on the skin - "orange peel" is simply required to "break up" again on the fat cells, which turn into subcutaneous canvas correct form.Massage - one of the best means for the return of the body of a variety of beauty technology, invented by cosmetologists.

You can buy a special massager, both electric and wood, and use the "devaysa" according to the instruction or massage with the help of available tools.What?

Firstly, cleansers.The harder, the better.Just during water procedures rub the affected areas of cellulite to redness.5 minutes per zone is sufficient.After the session of the massaging, apply a special cream.For tangible results need six weeks of daily repetitions.

Secondly, vacuum cans, which literally work wonders.Only 15 to 10 minutes each procedure and "orange peel" will be expelled from your body.How to use the banks?It's simple: to steam the skin, wipe, apply oil to make the bank and just drive over the skin.On the feet - from the bottom up, on the buttocks and abdomen - a circle.

It's important to know!Unfortunately, the fight against cellulite with varicose veins using massage may aggravate the disease, so choose other ways of getting rid of the bumps.


proven method to combat cellulite and body wraps are considered.They can be made with different compositions: clay, coffee, seaweed, honey and oils.

algorithm is:

  1. cleanses the skin.
  2. Apply the selected composition.
  3. swathes of the processed film (at least 3 layers).
  4. climbs under the covers.
  5. Lay 40 minutes.
  6. washes away the remains of funds.
  7. moisturize the skin.

Course - 15 sessions with an interval of a couple of days.

New - cellulite underwear

Imagine an effective fight against cellulite at home can take place without your participation.Enough to buy special underwear with an unusual weave, providing a massaging effect, wear it according to instructions, and "orange peel" will melt without a trace.There is, incidentally, is already on sale and pants with double effect - massage and sauna.This option is ideal beauties, struggling not only with nasty dimples, and with the extra pounds.Choose the model and color of anti-cellulite underwear, and entrust your body to high technologies.

Now you know how to overcome cellulite on their own, at home.Its time to begin!