Cream anti-cellulite : Ratings and traditional medicine

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choosing a body cream at the supermarket, everyone puts on a good tool, especially if it is anti-cellulite cream.After all, the problem of "orange peel" in women - is the enemy №1, and destroy it is necessary immediately.But the assortment on the shelves sometimes so vast that many consumers may not immediately determine what the most effective anti-cellulite cream.Let's see, what to look out for while before such a difficult choice.

  • Choosing a cellulite cream
  • What to look for in a part of
  • How to use anti-cellulite cream
  • What do the ratings
  • Anti-cellulite cream with their hands
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Traditional medicine

Choosing a cellulite cream

What to look for in a part of

Of course, you should pay attention to the composition means.The anti-cellulite cream often contains extracts of plants, favoring enhance metabolism.Among them one can often find horse chestnut, horsetail, St. John's wort, hawthorn and chili.

algae extracts in popularity in the fight against the "o

range peel" beat all records.The most common are fucus and kelp.These marine plants are actively struggling with fat deposits not only from the outside.In cooking, they are added to salads and other dishes, not only because it tastes good.Algae do not allow the body to clog toxins that provoke the appearance of cellulite.

Essential oils should also be part of the anti-cellulite cream.They are able to penetrate deeply into the cells, remove from them the excess fluid, thereby making the skin supple.The most useful are considered juniper, cypress and lavender oil.

also to combat the "orange peel" components such as caffeine can be directed, Xanten, aminophylline, mummies and other catalysts acting on metabolism.Determine the amount of useful component in the composition of the cream is simple: the closer to the top of the list it is marked, the more of it.

How to use anti-cellulite cream

The use of such tools do not require any special knowledge.They simply applied to a clean, warmed skin twice a day.But clean and warm up the problem areas is required.This is done using a warm shower, scrub and massage brush.

If you have purchased anti-cellulite cream with pepper, the step can be skipped with a massage.At the same time it is desirable to place the lubricated food wrap film and a warm cloth.Before going to work this procedure is better not to do.Feeling a burning sensation delivers some discomfort that during working hours have a negative effect on mood.

Does cellulite cream to get rid of "orange peel", if you do not play sports?It helps, but not as fast as we would like.So if time on fitness and massage there, you'll have to be content with little.

Cosmetologists still assert that most quickly get rid of the subcutaneous fat those girls who are struggling with the problem comprehensively.And not in a good anti-cellulite cream, and the right approach to your body.Any external tool only masks irregularities of the skin, and proper nutrition and sports help to maintain in good shape inside the body.

What do the ratings

Of course, every customer wants to buy the best cream from cellulite and are often looking at the rating.But we must remember that when it comes to your body and the body as a whole, it requires a personal approach.Therefore, to conclude, a tool is best for you, you need to try it for yourself.When it comes to the rankings among the anti-cellulite creams, advertising plays an important role, which is the engine of commerce.It should always be remembered.

As a result of the opinion poll conducted by the independent expert, identified the best cellulite creams:

  • Svelte Body Contouring by Dior - cost about 2,000 rubles;
  • Soin Remodelant Ventre-Taille Multi-Intensif by Clarins - 3500;
  • Guam from Lacote - 2500;
  • Celluli Laser Intensive Night by Biotherm - 2500;
  • Lipometric from Vichy - 900 rubles;
  • Anti-cellulite cream "Before and After" from the Twins Tak - up to 200 rubles.

All of these tools are very effective indeed.Within a month, they can make your skin supple and Gorny even without sport.The only problem - it is their price.Not everyone can afford such expensive.For those looking for a good inexpensive anti-cellulite cream, there is a tempting offer - to cook it himself.

Anti-cellulite cream with their hands

Many are willing to give money, but would not get their hands dirty.But people cheap act differently: they remember grandmothers advice, prepare the cream themselves and achieve results better than those who are willing to pay more.The components for the preparation of anti-cellulite can be purchased at a pharmacy or found in your own closet.Also, you'll need an ordinary children's cream.


The medicines that can save you from orange peel, can be attributed mummy, ointment Kapsikam, aminophylline and spirulina in any form (capsules, tablets, powder).Kapsikam and aminophylline - these are medicines that can be safely applied to the body before going to work or going to a public place.They do not have strong smells, so any discomfort will not create.Both tools are diluted baby cream or balm for any body.Kapsikam - a warming ointment containing extract of red pepper, so you need to be careful with it.In no case do not use it in its pure form.And before applying to a large area of ​​the body, perform a test on the elbow.

Mummies and spirulina - it's not exactly medicines, but buy them all the best in the pharmacy.From these natural supplements can get the best cream from cellulite.Their only minus is that they do not smear during working hours.Shilajit has a pungent smell, which no aromatic oils are not interrupted, and spirulina - a bright green color.Therefore, these funds are best to use after work.Before going to bed they necessarily need to wash, so as not to stain the linen.

Traditional medicine

If we talk about my grandmother's recipes, the most popular are the homemade cream with honey, cinnamon and salt, which are more suitable for body wraps or massage.It is also very often used apple cider vinegar.It can be cooked with his own, and in its pure form to rub into the skin.

most violent popular recipes can be called a tincture of red peppers.Fresh fruit was packed in a jar and pour vodka.After some time, the acute fluid diluted with cream and rubbed into the problem areas.To risk or not - it is yours.What is cellulite cream is better - is also up to you.

We must remember one thing - folk remedies are a bit slower than the ready-store creams and serums.But if you treat the problem with the thoroughness, the time lag is not noticeable.The main thing - the desire to be beautiful, slim and toned.Good luck and good health!