Anti-cellulite scrub at home: recipes with honey and sea salt

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Women's Army fighting with cellulite on the large number of inferior except that slimming army.The problem, though, and does not deliver pain and do not affect the performance, can spoil the mood of even the most cheerful optimist.For the sake of getting rid of the hated "orange peel" the ladies are ready for everything: chemical and mechanical cleaning of the skin, massages and body wraps, exercise facilities and testing for themselves the latest achievements of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.Given the popularity of queries on this subject does not fall either in pharmacies or in beauty salons or in information Internet portals, is to admit that 100% effective and suitable to all of the drug has not yet invented.Attempts to find it on the counter, even the most expensive stores - useless.Doctors also dissolve hands, because even the mechanics of formation of cellulite is not fully understood.

  • Main cellulite formation conditions
  • peeling and peeling of an orange peel
  • Composition cellulite scrubs
  • What is the basis
  • Choice abrasive
  • enrichment active substances
  • Rules cooking tools
  • Secrets of proper preparation and use of scrub

basic preconditions education

cellulite cellulite is a greater or lesser extent, can be found in eight out of ten women of mature age.The risk group includes women:

  • overweight;
  • with lack of physical activity;
  • with disturbances in the power mode;
  • with hormonal disorders;
  • pregnant;
  • undergone severe stress.

cause of cellulite formation is rarely a problem, most often a complex disorders.The solution must also be comprehensive and include both elements of the practice of a healthy lifestyle, and food control, and the normalization of the internal organs, and the machining of the affected areas.It seems that compliance with these conditions - a complex task requiring not only strength, but also the cash infusion.In fact, to do with their health, not to forget about charging and douche is not difficult, and even effective scrub for cellulite can be done independently and almost nothing.

peeling and peeling of an orange peel

Even if attention to the menu beginning to bear fruit, orange peel will have to break out.The most effective method - is peeling.The solid particles of the drug not only exfoliates dead skin cells, but also to break the fatty plaques, reducing the density of the formation.

When used regularly, this method gives a literally tangible results.At the same time, additional substances that are sure to contain scrubs of cellulite, promote skin tone, improve elasticity and bleach.The difficulty lies in selecting only agent that would satisfy both in composition and performance, and price.

Composition cellulite scrubs

three main components can be identified in any scrub.If it is a factory facility, then the label will be primarily available basis, often being emollient.This is an inexpensive component, often in his role as advocates cream or oil and anti-cellulite scrub shower will probably be created on the basis of a foaming gel.

The second essential ingredient of the abrasive particles are.The solids are also easy to find in the tool description.Anti-cellulite body scrub can contain milled bone peach or apricot, nut shells or synthetic particles.The most popular include soluble and abrasives: conventional salt and sugar.

good scrub for cellulite is a part of, and active components - substances that cause increased blood flow, nourish the skin cells, or warm-up layers of the epidermis.This can be essential oils, as a vitamin-rich foods and micronutrients.A detailed analysis of it turns out that most of these components are available in the kitchen, right in the moment, and therefore, there is nothing stopping to prepare scrub for cellulite at home on your own recipe.

What is the basis

As a basis we can take any vegetable oil.Naturally, that its composition also affects the efficiency of the procedure.Good dynamics shows the destruction of the orange peel cellulite scrub your hands with olive oil and grape seed.Also fit the usual fat sour cream and egg yolks.Prepare a hot anti-cellulite body scrub can be oil-based or even avocado pulp.The oil of this exotic fruit slowly cools and gives a feeling of hydration from the first application.

composition based on the pulp of the fruit also has the right to life, but it is less convenient to use.Without fat and sliding bases exfoliation efficiency by massaging in a circular motion of the affected surface is reduced.The composition is rapidly absorbed, and skin resurfacing remains unfinished.Anti-cellulite body scrub at home on the basis of the gel is not very good for the soul.The alkaline composition dries the skin, depriving it of elasticity.The use of such tools is permitted only in combination with good cream applied immediately after the procedure.

Choice abrasive

Selection of abrasive particles - a real creativity.The scrubs of cellulite at home is often added in a coffee grinder milled pine nuts shells, and apricot or peach.To conduct this procedure should be very careful.Large and solid particles can not only damage the apparatus, injure the skin but, if grinding is insufficient.Beauticians and does not recommend the use of such homemade scrubs ladies over thirty years, since their skin has lost its capacity for rapid regeneration.Slightly softer ground coffee, which is best added after brewing, as freshly ground can give the skin a tan color.

cellulite scrub with sea salt is considered optimal.It is not only easy to wash but also enriches the skin with minerals.To make such anti-cellulite scrub at home is elementary to use - nice, they cost a penny, and the result can be felt after the first application.


active substances on the two components of a scrub and you can stay as the main role of the composition is performed, but well-chosen additional ingredients will improve and accelerate the effect.Scrub sea salt of cellulite is not only pleasant to the touch, and smell but if its composition in a few drops of rose, lemon or grapefruit essential oil.Oil can choose to your taste, as virtually any broadcast skin useful.

Caution should show only caustic oils, such as peppers.Their use is recommended in the warming scrub that are covered after application of the film for 1-2 hours, but they can also cause burns to the skin at a concentration exceeding.Homemade recipes for anti-cellulite body scrubs allow for the addition of only 1-2 drops of the oil on 100 ml of the final product.No worries, you can add many nutrient-rich foods: honey, egg yolk, cream, juice and pulp of fruits and vegetables.Honey scrub cellulite and can do without the basics, if the honey is sufficiently fluid.

Rules cooking tools

home cook is not difficult to scrub cellulite, but some of the subtleties of domestic cosmetics will have to remember.

  1. impossible to prepare such a product in a metal container.For mixing it is necessary to use a plastic or wooden spatula.This prevents oxidation of the product.
  2. choosing recipe homemade scrub for cellulite is necessary to consider allergic tendency.
  3. more than 3 days 'living' structure can not be stored even in the refrigerator, so prepare a new batch of better immediately before use.

Secrets of proper preparation and use of scrub

Do not forget that the scrub should be used regularly - at least once a week.Only then will you be able to evaluate the result.Good luck, and be beautiful!