Anti-cellulite massage - the best instrument to combat orange peel

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«Orange peel" fear massagers as Losers belt.Cosmetologists say that the most speedy and effective way of getting rid of cellulite - it is a mechanical effect.Do you think that you will not be able to overcome the disease, for you - not the therapist, not a doctor and a beautician?You are wrong!The beauty industry is developing by leaps and bounds.To return to a perfect body you need only anti-cellulite massage and patience.But how not to be mistaken with the choice of the most efficient and buy massager cellulite?

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on orange peel

Whyeach of the women, sooner or later, but meets with cellulite?It so ordered nature, because the fairer sex has a layer of subcutaneous fat.A fat - naughty "companion" who likes to be placed on the body in the most inappropriate places.Most of the ballast is not necessary to get rid of, it will confirm every doctor.

Moderate fat layer shall be present in every young lady, because this stock - a safety net in case of force majeure and "material" to create rounded shapes, maddening favorite men.Therefore, it is not necessary to cut the power at the anti-cellulite massage, trying to burn the fat in his quest to kill the "orange peel".Suffice "mischievous" to send in his place, smashing the hated bumps and turning fat into thin healthy subcutaneous fabric, which makes delicious buttocks, tummy and seductive.

cellulite treatment at home

Familiarity with massagers

To combat the "orange peel" on their own, of course, need the best "device".Meanwhile, the beauty industry offers effective massager cellulite in such abundance that sometimes dazzled.Do not buy the same polmagazina, is not it ?!

How to make the best choice?Which anti-cellulite massager has proved best at home?Universal answer to these questions is no.Someone is suitable only manual massage of cellulite, but some ladies can not imagine themselves without electric "devices" that would exempt them from the hassle and wasted time.

Secrets choice

apparatus to make a wise choice based on the following parameters.

  1. Financial Opportunities (electric cellulite massager can cost you ten times more expensive than the manual).
  2. tendency to laziness.Take a wooden roller massager cellulite.Massages using this device cost power can be compared to the process of preparation of borscht.Are you ready for such tests?If not, purchase electric "device" that works for quick and easy program.
  3. leisure time.The richer your life, the more automaticity to be anti-cellulite massage for the body.Buy the fastest machines, and be sure to carefully read the instructions before you choose - you need a "device" that will allow parallel with massage to do other things.Of course, it will fly, as they say, a lot of money, but because in your case, the time - money, is not it?

principle of operation of devices

How do anti-cellulite massager?Let's start with the most modern models.For example, electric massager cellulite - a device called "2 in 1" and then the "3 in 1".This "device" can be as Vakkumnye-roller and needle vibration and at the same time and "kill" bumps is not worse than in the bosom of a beauty salon.Moreover, in a set of "advanced" models often include the whole extravaganza nozzles differing in size and shape, which facilitates the fight against "orange peel" in difficult or delicate areas.

As for manual models, some of them are not as effective as an electric "brothers", but, as you already understood, requires large investments in terms of physical strength.Choose a massage that you are comfortable in the hand, the most suitable for the treatment of the affected area.If the "orange peel" was formed in hard to reach places, you purchase a model with a long handle.

As for the manual attachment of the device, then too there are nuances.For example, fingerling unit not only helps remove the bumps, but also improve the elasticity of the skin, but the roller cellulite massager with ugly balls and removes excess fat, if you have one.

Do not forget about the most simple tumblers of cellulite - mittens, which in time can be used instead of water treatment washcloths, saving both time and effort.

best one anti-cellulite massager and speedy return of the body of beauty!