Face masks at home: tips and recipes for cooking home masks

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daily delicate facial skin is exposed to aggressive external influences, whether it be the sun, wind, cold, dry or too moist air, exhaust gases ... A constant stress, worries and feelings?All this is also reflected on the face mercilessly.To restore the facial skin fresh and healthy glow does not necessarily run in the beauty salon or buy pricey cures with highly dubious "natural composition" enough to look into his kitchen and pamper your skin with a delicious dish - face mask.Especially that prepare facial masks at home will have no difficulty: conventional foods, fruits, vegetables, a little fantasy, a pinch of inspiration and ... ready!

  • Why prepare facial masks at home
  • Useful tips and advice:
  • Recipes home masks for face
  • Honey-lemon mask with lifting effect
  • Cucumber mask: Refreshing classics of the genre
  • Apricot and peach mask for tired skin
  • Banana-curd homemade mask for mature skin
  • Carrot-fir mask for sensitive skin
  • Milk-egg mask, improves the complexion
  • Nourishing mask with honey and avocado
  • Three super-masks face

Why prepare facial masks at home

face masks - one of the most effective, simple and affordable ways to maintain or restore beauty, health and youthfulness of the skin.Naturally, the majority of cosmetic brands in skin care facial series offer a whole range of ready-made masks, but the feasibility of buying these products is highly questionable, it is like buying at the supermarket is not known when cooked salad of "fresh" vegetables.Preparing face masks at home, you are responsible for the quality and naturalness of the product.

Useful tips and advice:

  • cooking homemade mask immediately before use.
  • Pick up the ingredients for home masks should be based on skin type and the desired effect.
  • Before applying the mask, thoroughly clean the face of makeup and dirt - this will greatly expedite the flow of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Apply the mask necessary (depending on the composition) with a brush, sponge, cotton pad or hands on the massage lines, avoiding the eye area.The delicate skin century requires a particularly delicate care.
  • To prepare the mask, use only fresh, natural products.Particularly useful for skin: dairy products, honey, eggs.fruit acids contained in fruits smooth the skin and fill it with life-giving moisture.Vegetables are rich in powerful antioxidants: vitamins C, E, A, which help to deal effectively with the main enemies of youth - free radicals.
  • mask action time should not exceed 15-20 minutes, especially if the mask dries the skin begins to tighten.
  • Causing a mask on the face, be sure to lie down and relax.Select 15-20 minutes only for myself!
  • To remove the mask, it is desirable to use slightly warm boiled water or herbal infusions, and then apply a nourishing cream that matches your skin type.
  • Apply the mask should be no more than 1-2 times a week.

Recipes home masks Honey-lemon face mask

with lifting effect

Perfectly softens and refreshes the skin, restoring its firmness and elasticity, and egg white mask in the composition has a tightening effect.

Mix 1 protein, 1 tspfresh lemon juice and 1 tsphoney.Stir until a smooth consistency.Apply a thin layer on the face.

Cucumber mask: Refreshing classics of the genre

Cucumber mask is perfect for all skin types.Especially beneficial for oily porous skin condition.Fresh cucumbers - a valuable source of life-giving water, and contained in the cucumber enzymes promote skin cell renewal.

Cut the cucumber into thin slices or grate.Apply on the face and décolleté.This mask can not wash off.Just pat the skin sanitary napkin.

Apricot and peach mask for tired skin

This invigorating mask in the shortest time will return tired dull skin a healthy glow and freshness.

1 ripe peach and ripe apricot 1 cleaned of seeds.The pulp in a mortar and pound until mushy mass.Add 1 tsphoney and 1 tbspcurd.All mix until smooth.Apply with a brush.

Banana-curd homemade mask for mature skin

Nourishing face mask with banana, cheese, egg yolk and vitamin E will have a refreshing, firming and anti-aging effect of light on mature skin.

Pulp 1st banana grind to pulp.Beat 1 egg yolk.For bananas add egg yolk, 2 tablespoonscottage cheese, and the contents of 1 capsule of vitamin E. All properly mix and apply on the prepared skin.

Carrot-fir mask for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin requires special care.Active ingredient masks (carrots, buttermilk, aloe vera, vitamin E) will have not only an excellent cosmetic effect, but also provide a gentle delicate care.

Peel 1 large or 2-3 small carrots, cut into small slices, boil (about 15 minutes), make the carrot puree.To the cooled carrot puree, add 1 tbspaloe vera gel, 2 tbspbuttermilk and the contents of one capsule of vitamin E. Mix everything until smooth and creamy and apply on face.

Milk-egg mask, improves the complexion

This mask is perfect for both mature and young skin.Enriched with olive oil formula perfectly nourish, moisturize the skin, and most importantly, improve the complexion.

2 tbspcottage cheese mixed with 2 tbsplean bioyoghurt and 1 egg white.Enrich mixture of 15 drops of extra virgin olive oil.Stir until a smooth paste and apply on face.

Nourishing mask with honey and avocado

Rich the mask particularly beneficial effect on the state of dry and mature skin.Honey soothes and softens the skin, binds moisture and highly nutritious properties of avocado and almond oil moisturizes the skin intensively.

Flesh half a ripe avocado softened to the consistency of mashed potatoes.To puree, add 1 tbsphoney and 1 tspalmond oil.Mix well and apply on cleansed face.After some time after application you will feel a slight tingling.This is normal and means only one thing - a mask effect!

We hope our unpretentious but highly effective mask recipes will please you and your skin.This is just a drop in the sea of ​​endless possibilities for home experiments.Face masks with their own hands - a simple and affordable way to maintain skin in optimal condition.Try it for a month at least once a week to pamper your skin with homemade masks and the results did not wait long!

Three super-facials

Katerina Bagatskaya


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