Face mask with activated carbon against acne and blackheads : step by step instructions

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skin - is the basis of a kind of canvas, without which on the face appears overall "picture", no matter how perfect was not your makeup and expensive cosmetics.You could see and experience - the face, "decorated" with black dots and the hated acne, it is difficult to use as a "canvas", no matter how brilliant you are a makeup artist.It would seem to address the need for at least a magician, yet with this mission perfectly handle and simple face mask with activated charcoal.Still have not tried this technique?In vain, but now you will be able to catch up.

  • Activated carbon - the card
  • Application in cosmetology
  • Instructions Use
  • Bag recipes
  • Video recipe of the film mask with activated charcoal

Activated carbon - business card

Useful coal quality, donated to us by mother nature, were discovered in ancient times.We can say, this substance - one of the first cleaning filters have appeared on the planet.Natural coal was used not only for water purification, and in winemaking.The

doctors also "do not graze the rear," and began to prescribe it for various diseases requiring removal of toxins.

Centuries passed, and coal is not lost its popularity.Of course, the modern version of it in an activated form of a much more perfect, and, consequently, the more useful its progenitor.In this regard, doubly foolish to refuse the help of the wise experience of home cosmetologist.

Application in cosmetology

tell you the truth, face mask with activated charcoal, is positioned primarily as a method to combat acne and black dots are capable of more.Just some of their positive properties unjustly overshadowed.We will correct this misunderstanding.So, what a black gift of nature?

  • ¬ęGeneral cleaning" person;
  • anti-aging effect;
  • getting rid of greasy plaque;
  • improved skin turgor;
  • return the natural color of the face;
  • makeup tissues vitamins;
  • activate cell renewal;
  • cleansing of pores;
  • improvement in skin tone.

Instructions Use

To mask activated carbon acted as efficiently as possible, it is important to adhere to certain rules.Memorize:

Before the production of the drug composition will certainly check the expiration date.Expired products can cause harm.In addition, old coal badly crushed, so it is not the optimal solution - to buy a pack of useful drugs immediately before the procedure.Should coal "penny" and sold in every pharmacy, so that the transformation of the person and his participation will not make you bankrupt and will not take much time to find the coveted packaging.

Be sure to check the "make friends," Do your skin a wonderful cleaner.It is unlikely that you will show an allergy to a substance useful, however, to carry out the compatibility test stands.But how?Quite simply cooked on a selected part of the recipe first 15 minutes put on the delicate part of the skin near the wrist.If the response is good, that is, you do not see redness or irritation, do not feel the itch, in general, with your wrist all is well, then you can do the processing entity.

Before applying the composition of the skin is not only free of makeup, dirt and grease, but also a good rasparte.This step will significantly improve the effect of the mask with activated charcoal.You can simply soak in a warm bath, this will be enough to steam the skin.

course and frequency of repetition - is very important.Do the procedure in a week for one and a half months.As a rule, it's enough to make a person perfect.If the "spring-cleaning" was not the best, some acne and black dots survived, repeat the course in two months.

And finally - just follow the advice on the production mix.Be careful, as specified in the selected recipe.

recipes Bag

begin to learn to prepare face masks of activated carbon with their hands?Let's go from the simple to the complex.

  • Classical Mask

Free some pills from the package, move to the plate, and pressed on top of a spoon, turn to powder.Then add a drop of distilled water, until the mixture will not resemble the consistency of custard.The composition of the treated area, "settlement" of acne or blackheads, carefully massage the area and leave the person alone at 10 minutes wash with warm water.

  • Prescription Acne

Connect a spoonful of coal powder, aloe juice, half a spoon of sea salt and a few drops of tea tree oil (although this ingredient is optional).Treat a mixture of refined cover and lie down, relax, 15 minutes Wash.

  • mask film

Grind charcoal tablet, add the powder to half a small spoon of gelatin and 2 tablespoons of milk, such as (but you can and distilled water).Mix the mass and heat (in the microwave or in a water bath).While the composition cools steam out face.With brush treat the person received gruel.After a few minutes, repeat the procedure.After fifteen minutes, remove the mask from the face of the film.

Agree, face mask with activated carbon - is a wonderful way to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the face ?!You already have a procedure in the schedule of household chores?

Video recipe of the film mask with activated charcoal


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and removesbags under the eyes, and the effect is evident in her words after the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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