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Lips - one of the most expressive, sensual and captivating parts of the face.They say, they smile, they kiss, they caress ... As your eyes, they will never go unnoticed.Beautiful, healthy, well-groomed lips - the best decoration for any woman.Often the lips are far more eloquent than words.What could be more beautiful than a kiss sensual, tender, juicy lips?No wonder his lips and kisses given special attention in the Indian treatise on love - Kamasutra.At the same time, the lips are one of the most sensitive, delicate and whimsical parts of the body and lips care should be appropriate.The skin of the lips is as delicate and sensitive as the skin of the eyelids.It consists of only three to five protective layers, while, for example, the facial skin of 16!Extremely fine structure of the epidermis in the mouth leads to a radiography of blood vessels, which explains their reddish hue.

  • Dermatologist about the rules of care
  • reasons, methods and
  • care products How to care using honey
  • Vegetable oils to help
  • methods lip care

Dermatologist onrules of care

reasons, ways and means of care

The main advantage of a thin lip structure - high mobility and quick response to external stimuli, such as too hot food taken up to his mouth a spoonful of soup, just lips you define the temperature andcool the liquid, preventing burns of the mouth and esophagus.But a huge number of nerve endings makes the lips of one of the most sensitive and erogenous zones of the body.The lips absent sebaceous and sweat glands, so they are more susceptible to external influences.The most adverse effect on the lips has an excessive cold and heat - they can easily dry out and crack.The truth is the cause of such troubles may lie inside us: a lack of vitamins, poor diet, accumulated stress.Thus, the scientists proved that the cause sores in the corners of the mouth is iron deficiency.

Today the cosmetic industry offers a wide range of tools for lip care, but it is quite possible to manage and effective home remedies.The main advantage of the home of cosmetics 100% natural with no preservatives, flavors and other harmful chemicals.

How to care using honey

Natural honey - a unique gift of nature that comes to our aid in unexpected situations.It has an excellent anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antibacterial and soothing effect.Best lubricate honey lips before going to bed, thereby providing a longer and deeper therapeutic effect.Strengthen the healing effects of honey can help heavy cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and butter.To conduct such procedures should be regularly.The most valuable dairy fat and rich honey fill lip reviver minerals, make the structure extremely soft, smooth and supple.Even if on the lips of the first cracks have already appeared, the best first-aid funds than honey just do not find.The fact that honey is rich in enzymes that promote rapid healing of wounds.

Vegetable oils to help

  • Oil lungwort

Handful of fresh washed crushed leaves of lungwort pour 250 ml of warm almond oil.We insist during the day.Filter.Store in a cool dark place in a container of brown glass.Oil lungwort - an excellent tool to help you cope with the excessive dryness of the lips.

  • Jojoba

rich in amino acids jojoba oil is not only moisturizing and nourishing properties, but also anti-inflammatory, perfectly allowing to cope with the inflammation and redness of the lips

  • Base oils

These base oils like almond oil, avocado oil,wheat germ, grape seed oil is rich in essential lips vitamins A, D, E, and fatty acids.They perfectly nourish and moisturize the lips and protect them from the negative external effects.

methods lip care

  1. about peeling of the face and body, we rarely forget, but to peeling lips resorted few.And in vain!Soft lips peeling helps to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, thereby contributing to the improvement of its regenerative and protective functions.Suffice it to just one session per week.To do this, mix a small amount of sea salt with 1 tablespoonolive oil.Apply the mixture on the lips.Properly massaging for 2-3 minutes and wash off with warm water.After the procedure, lubricate the lips with honey.
  2. Regular massage promotes better renewal of the epidermis cells, improves blood circulation and returns a healthy lips natural color.For the procedure using a soft toothbrush.Before the massage, we put on lip nourishing cream, heavy cream or sour cream.Within a few minutes massaging lip brush in a circular motion.Rinsed with warm water.Grease honey or hygienic lipstick.
  3. Very well, if your lips regularly practiced kissing, but not prevent it and regular gymnastics , which will always remain elastic lips, sensual and attractive.Here are some exercises:
  • Fold lips "tube" and when the wind blows, if we want to blow out a candle or blow away dandelion fluff with.Relaxing.Repeat this exercise 20-30 times.
  • sticks out his tongue as far as possible.Delayed for 3-5 seconds.Remove the tongue.Relaxing.Repeat five times.
  • loudly, loudly and clearly pronounce the vowel sounds in the following sequence: A-And-About-U.Repeat 10-15 times.
  • takes a deep breath, puffed out his cheeks in and out, slowly at first, and then jerks.Repeat 15-20 times.

Well, now your lips ready to smile, kiss, to give and receive pleasure, and do everything that will come to them and to your mind.

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