What hairstyle will suit me - choose a hairstyle for the type of person

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Selection of hairstyles - it is not facetious.No wonder they say: look before you leap - cut once.Before you take up the scissors, you need not only beautiful to look through magazines, and ask a question: what hairstyle will suit me?It should be taken into account in a number of parameters, most of which is the shape of the face.That's it, and we will be guided.

  • What to look for when choosing a hairstyle
  • How to choose a hairstyle for the type of person
  • hairstyles suitable for oval face
  • What hairstyle will suit chubby
  • Options for oblong
  • «srezh corners" squareface
  • hairstyles for a triangular shape

what to look for when choosing a hairstyle

we women are famous for their special intuition and logic, but when we have something very like it, we become totally illogical and irrational.The action takes the law "I want it!", And against it, as they say, no arguing.So, when he saw in a glossy magazine pretty attractive face with a stunning hairstyle, we soon run in

to the barber shop, wishing as soon as possible and transform themselves.And if the master is inexperienced or indifferent, over such a beauty-adventure is pitiable instead revived fabulous pictures of nowhere appears a miserable caricature.At the same time she haircut or styling can be perfect.It's just "not ours."

How to choose a hairstyle for the type of person

hairstyles suitable for oval face

One of the most harmonious and universal form of the face.Masters of hairdressing consider it ideal, because for the oval fit almost all hairstyles, regardless of the style and length.Not surprisingly, the majority of the stars of the first magnitude is an oval face shape.So feel free to experiment!Balanced and proportional oval you this favor.Owners of individual oval gladly make the company: Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Cynthia Nixon.

What hairstyle will suit chubby

This person, in which the difference between the length and width of not more than three centimeters.The chin is usually round, and the widest part of the face falls on the cheekbones.Often such a person look a bit flat and krupnovat that should be mitigated by the hairstyles.Visually, a few narrow and lengthen the face to help high volume hairstyles, as well as straight hairstyles with long hair below the chin line.But the type of cuts square with rounded lines that make a circle still "rounder", should be avoided.Strongly recommended wide hairstyle.Also, do not get involved with small fluffy perm curls and parted in the middle.Your companion star Kirsten Dance, Kate Winslet, Christina Ricci, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz.

Options for oblong

When elongated elongated face of the length is much greater than the width.Typically, a person with a narrow chin and a high forehead.It is important to choose a hairstyle so that harmonize the face horizontally, ie,our main goal - a visual extension of the face for greater proportionality and harmony.Best fit curvy rounded hairstyle bob medium length type.You can also easily make a hairstyle with long bangs and volume parting.Avoid too long, straight hair, prolonging and aggravating the visual face.Your friend's star Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Janet Jackson, Gisele Bundchen.

«srezh corners" square face

persons have square width of the forehead is almost equivalent to the width of the lower jaw.From temples to the chin are clear straight parallel lines.The jaw and forehead, usually wide, and chin, respectively, square.With all the angularity, if the proportion is not too hypertrophied, square faces look quite harmoniously.The main objective of hairstyles - "cut corners" to soften and round face.For this purpose, perfect hairstyles with curly hair, elongated hairstyle with bangs, covering the ears, three-dimensional asymmetric hairstyles, slanted partings.To make the face more square, better to avoid too short haircut, parted in the middle, "licked" hair, forehead and ears open.Star owner square persons: Olivia Wilde, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Isabella Rossellini, Angelina Jolie.

Hairstyles for a triangular shape

This face shape is characterized by a wide upper portion and a neat narrower jaw and chin.It is important to harmonize the somewhat disproportionate upper and lower part of the face.Ideal - a haircut to the chin with soft curved strands.Too broad forehead will help disguise asymmetric elongated bangs, short bangs but focuses more and so wide cheekbones.You can select the front or side parting separating and ears better to keep open.To balance a narrow chin and high cheekbones will also increase on the back.Not recommended for very short haircuts and hairstyles lush with high crown.Your friend's star Victoria Beckham, Lisa Kudrow, Naomi Campbell.

little admiring themselves in the mirror and compare yourself with the stars, you have no problems, determine your face shape and will be able to finally solve the "what hairstyle is better to choose" that it concealed flaws and profitable emphasized all your dignity.

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