Trendy hairstyles for long and short hair with photo examples

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Trendy hairstyles regardless of hair length - the crown of all, the ability literally transform any woman favorably emphasizing all the advantages of (eyes, lips, facial contours, neck) and cleverly concealing flaws (too high or wide forehead,protruding ears).Fashion - being moody and finicky, requiring constant attention and the victims, but by choosing hairstyles, bet in the first place not only in the spectacular, but on convenient options that require a minimum of time and expense for installation.And, of course, do not forget about face shape, hair type and structure, the nature of the activity or activities to which you are going.Note that now actual fashionable naturalism, where the key is the natural beauty, therefore, primarily be engaged in rehabilitation of hair.

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Trendy hairstyles for short hair

Short women's haircuts revolutionary burst into vogue in the early XXcentu

ry and since then they have not lost their relevance, but perfecting and modernizing every season.Now it's hard to imagine that most unpretentious short haircuts initially considered bold and vulgar.Thankfully, common sense prevailed and now fashionable hairstyles in a short version is beautiful, spectacular, stylish and, most importantly, convenient and practical.Although, in all honesty, we must admit that the share of audacity, courage, self-will and disobedience are still preserved, but it is more dignity than a disadvantage.Short haircuts are not going in the near future to take their fashion items, because on their side charmed millions of fans and inexhaustible creativity of contemporary stylists.

Trendy haircuts for medium length hair

No matter whether you are the owner of lush thick head of hair or rare smooth hair, the best option for cutting - medium length hair, especially if there are small defects that would like to hide.To understand the stylistic variety and choose the right hairstyles for medium hair, specifically for your type of appearance, will help a professional hair stylist.And the choice is really huge!Relying on classical forms, you'll not regret, because "seasoning" of his creativity and spicy accessories they can easily turn into an extravagant trendy options.If you are already a happy owner of a convenient base hairstyle, try to experiment with hair color, length and shape of the bangs.Seasonally introducing fresh notes in his usual haircut, you will always look for new ways, and your hair will retain the charm and relevance.

Super hairstyles for long hair

Whatever troubles did not occur in the fashion Olympus, long hair will never go out of fashion, while continuing to remain a symbol of beauty and femininity.Beautiful radiant health long hair - the best and harmonious decoration for any woman.So they really have become a real decoration, they should be given a lot of time and money, but the incomparable charm and refinement, which carry a skillfully made hairstyles and styling for long hair, it is worth all the hassle and costs.A huge variety of topical variations ranging from a restrained classical to trash and grunge, help to owners of long hair to express themselves and show off their silky luxury.


How many times have you encountered a bad painting or in a hurry when burned hair styling?The further treatment and hair restoration in the cabin costs money, and in particularly severe cases have to also forget about painting for a few months.

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