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From ancient times, long hair is considered a symbol of femininity and sexuality.The long thick braid was not the last criterion in choosing a bride and future mother.Now social views have changed somewhat, becoming more democratic and free, but long hair, as in the past, been associated with beauty and femininity.Not for nothing because all the Miss World and the Universe are the owners of the luxurious long hair.But healthy beautiful long hair is only half the battle.We should also be able to bring them to mind, showing the world in all its glory.Help in this difficult task of all sorts of hairstyles for long hair from the variety that simply dazzled.

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  • Luxury and audacity in long hairstyles
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special quality long hair

Who-That might say, "Well, is not this hairstyle?Dissolve the hair and go! "But not all so simple.The beauty straight hair in their perfectly smooth smooth

ed texture streaming.Long hair wayward friends!Not scratched, I do not dried up, do not fall asleep in that position and all - down the drain.We'll have to resort to placing means, but whatever it was, straight hairstyles for long hair always look neat and effectively, allowing excellent look like at a business meeting or a romantic dinner.

Luxury and audacity in long hairstyles

give the image of softness, femininity and lightness help luxurious curls, swirls cheeky, naughty curls or soft waves flowing.These hairstyles for long hair bring to light the spirit of romance and any frills, somewhat mitigating features.It is hard to think of another way to enhance the beauty of long hair - Screw, curl and let in freestyle swimming in an ocean of charm and perfection.

Hairstyles with braids

Here we offer only spit not to dissolve and to braid.And we should not be limited to a modest unpretentious pigtail that mother wove you in childhood, learn weaving techniques more complex and intricate braids, for example, the French braid or fishtail.Then you will always have a reserve will be several options for hairstyles that do not need styling and additional devices - only your skill and dexterity.Braids and pigtails, without a doubt - the most comfortable and practical hairstyles for long hair, making that you can safely engage in any vigorous activity without worrying about naughty and willful hair.

Taming of the Shrew hair

If loose flowing hair is not your version of beauty and comfort, or you just want something special, your skates will certainly become collected hairstyles lineup that ranges from simple and unpretentious hairstyles for each day up to complex multi-componentsolemn copies.A perfect everyday option - a ponytail and bun.For holiday more suitable kinds of seashells with curls, supplemented hairpins and hair ornaments.

Video of self laying long hair

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