Hairstyles with bangs : a photo with options for selecting the type of facial contours and hair length

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We women create very fickle.We now and then want to change and improve.This applies to clothes and makeup, and hairstyle.If you are not yet ripe for experimenting with the length and color of hair, and something new to bring to the overexposed hair still want and hands and reach for a sharp scissors, why not get a nice chelochkoy, especially since hairstyles with bangs almost nevergo out of fashion, well, except that modified expired silhouettes and length.But what form of bangs to choose not to make a mistake and do not look forward to, but when it finally grows back?Try to understand.

  • Choosing hairstyles according to face shape
  • Hairstyles with bangs and hair type
  • growth and the type of hairstyles with bangs
  • Video collection of original ideas

Choosing hairstyles according to face shape

most optimalclassic version - hairstyle with bangs to her eyebrows, the most practical and versatile, perfectly combined with different stylistic solutions of image and any face shape.Hairsty

les with bangs short - stylish and impressive, but not for the owners too broad cheekbones and big forehead.Ideal for round, oval and square face - hairstyles with a long oblique bangs or longer bangs with tapering, which will visually more "pull" your face and harmonized proportions.In the long version for bangs is very important lightness and airiness, so do not abuse the means for stacking and fixation.Owners of a rectangular elongated face shape will help him more rounded and soften the jaw line haircuts with bangs in elongated geometric design.If a person has a narrow, thick bangs bravely choose from ear to ear, but the chubby girls from such an option should be abandoned.

Hairstyles with bangs and hair type

Owners fine hair should give preference to a solid bang that starts above the hairline, at the very top, which will give the hairstyle visual volume, density and fluffiness.But asymmetrical bangs may be too capricious and unruly when thin hair, so carefully weigh the pros and cons before you cleverly "otchekryzhit" a couple of centimeters.When stubborn, hard, curly and curly hair should be wary of too short and thick bangs, better to choose a decimated version, laid on its side.

growth and the type of hairstyles with bangs

Girls High, and the ladies with curvy shape should avoid excessive "prilizannosti" visually disproportionately reduces the volume of the head relative to the torso.It is better to choose the easy option lush, suitable for face shape.But a miniature low ladies should be careful with the exaggerated pomp and fleece, making them look like a grotesque doll.

Video collection of original ideas

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