Evening Hairstyles : photo and video collection of hairstyles for evening gatherings and cocktail

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Going to the celebration is not only important to choose the right evening dress, shoes, handbag, a manicure and make-up, but do not forget about the hair.Properly fitted evening hairstyles can become a real decoration of the entire ensemble of the holiday, so their choice should be approached with the utmost seriousness.Will you do the hairstyle themselves or turn to professionals for you to decide, but be that as it may be, make sure that the installation was practical, comfortable and resistant, otherwise you will always have something to tinker with.It is better to stop the choice on a simple in execution, but an intriguing shape hair, and then you'll look gorgeous and feel confident and relaxed.

Evening hairstyles for short hair

It would seem, well, what can be done with a special short hair?And, as it turns out, it can be, and very, very much.Turn imagination, armed vehicles and devices for laying and forward - to create, sculpt!A little glitter, cute tiara or diademka you irresistible!Is

not limited to kept the classic version, please be courage, risk and create something sort - shocking, stunning and avant-garde.

hairstyles for medium length hair

average length of hair - the most versatile, which incorporates all the advantages of short hairstyles and long curls."The golden mean" is perfect for any hair texture and face shape.Festive evening hairstyles for medium length hair are created without any problems, and include both loose and collected versions: romantic curls, elegant, large waves, careless curls naughty, tails, pigtails, high stacking, emphasizing jawline and neck.And, of course, do not forget about accessories and jewelry for the hair, because we are creating a holiday and hairstyle must fit his solemn spirit!

Evening hairstyles for long hair

happy owner of a luxurious head of hair long like always find themselves in the most favorable position.Long hair makes it easy to adapt to any style and direction to fit into any situation and change up beyond recognition.That diversity of hairstyles and packings, which can create long hair, is simply amazing.Made the solemn laying and wearing an elegant evening gown, you can safely go to the elegant reception in high society.Replacing festive attire at affordable jeans and top, and her hair curls waterfall dismissing or making smooth styling with a ponytail, you are ready to shine and come off, burning through the night until the morning at a party at the club.

Video of an elegant cocktail version

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