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Wedding - a long-awaited and coveted event in a woman's life.From early childhood, every girl dreams of a white dress, a veil and "prince on a white horse", and wedding hairstyles will not be superfluous.And when finally the day is near, it is necessary to do everything to make it perfect and memorable.The bride at a wedding - not just the main hero of the occasion, but the real star, to which all eyes riveted.And this important starring role it will have dignity and stability of this star to play any hour, so absolutely everything from the wedding dress and make-up and finishing, should be left to chance.

ukrashatelno In addition aesthetic function, wedding hairstyles, and are designed to perform a purely practical tasks that can greatly facilitate the life of the bride in one of the most important days in her life.

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Criteria for selection of hairstyles for

wedding Choosing a hairstyle is important to focus not only and not so much on the beautiful pictures in the magazine, butand take into account a number of factors, such as face shape, hair type, style and cut-out dresses, wedding style and its location.So, for the garden protected from the wind perfectly fit luxurious flowing curls, in the church for the wedding is better to choose a classic hairstyle collected and for a wedding in the Art Nouveau style on a windswept beach is better to prefer something cutting-edge and reliable.

not postpone the choice of hairstyle for the last time.If you want everything to go off without a hitch, in advance, refer to a good stylist or hairdresser and "try on" different options to the big day to choose the best option, which will allow you to not only shine, but also feel at ease.

Examples of wedding hairstyles photo

Sweet romance a la Princess

wedding is undoubtedly a romantic event, so hairstyles in a lace-puppet romantic style are the most popular and favorite among brides all over the world.We will soar in the sky dream of a large, bright, blind to the subtle pink clouds on the horizon, and we are still white and fluffy.

snow-white lacy feminine dress is the best emphasizing all the charm of a female figure, smooth, light, soft line silhouette, open neckline, a fitted bodice or corset, fluffy long skirt a la Princess, lace and ruffles.The perfect addition to this sweet image: luxurious curls, curls and chic elastic flowing flowing waves.Additional portion fairytale romance bring hair ornaments in the shape of flowers or a tiara.

Royal classics

more balanced and discreet option for brides descended with cloudless skies and accurately aware of the fact that they do - convenient and practical classic.Their characteristics: clarity, symmetry, flattened or smoothed floor silhouettes, economical use of decorative elements, royal extravagance.

Typically, classic hairstyles presented all sorts of sites and collected raised designs with reliable strong fixation.The main thing - the harmonious unity with the whole way, so classic and should clearly be traced in her wedding dress and makeup, and jewelry, where desirable and excessive lack of catchiness ornate.

Colorful folk and ethno

If you have decided to celebrate a wedding in the folk style, then the hairstyle must be sustained in the ethnic style.Not necessarily limited to ethnic classics, is fine and original modern stylized folk.What would it be particularly hard to say, it all depends on the selected areas: India, Slavic, Arabic wedding.

very interesting solution for a summer wedding in nature - stylized folk a la Midsummer holiday with white dress simple cut sleeveless, wreath and slightly curly or straight hair loose: simply, quickly and effectively.Specific details of ethno style - all kinds of braids and weaving.

Star glamor

Here everything is permissible, but on a large scale, glamor, glitter and glamor.Do not skimp on jewelry and sequins: the richer the image is, the better.Counting on the wedding hairstyles in the Stars and glamorous style, do not forget to be liberated themselves, otherwise you simply will not feel at ease, but also risk becoming a grotesque doll discharged.

If we decided to glamor, then please match it.Welcome: outrageous, internal and external openness, abundance of jewelery, fur, feathers, sequins.Excessiveness is also undesirable, so be sure to consult your stylist.

Vanguard - stylish peredovichka

Courageous, bold and daring bride, despisers of those patterns and are not afraid of the opinions of others, choosing hairstyles and dresses in the free avant-garde style with unusual textured, color and decorative solutions.The only limit - your imagination.Unusual and unexpected details, mixing several styles, exaggeration, extravagant and exotic, and the unexpectedness of showiness - the characteristic features of the avant-garde.Perfectly complement the avant-garde hairstyles unusual jewelry and hats instead of veils.

Grunge hairstyles - wedding ultradrayv

not want to look sweet romantic princess, as if about to descended from the pages of a fairy tale.You want to show character, bringing the image of a little stiffness, strength, aggression and rebellion?Then your ideal wedding option - hairstyles and outfits in a grunge style.We are not limited to the snow-white classics, boldly experimenting with color and texture.In the order of things asymmetry, deliberate negligence, greased back hair and shaggy light.

Doing grungy wedding hairstyles, leaving the salon, you can forget about them and do not worry - whatever happens, it will be "like a well conceived."Yet too buntarnichat wedding day is probably not worth it, and that so long and flush out the groom.Reserving his temper on grunge poslesvadebny period.

Video directory options hairstyles for brides

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