Hairstyles for each day : 8 simple and easy options for daily use

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Despite the heavy workload and household chores, women should always be a woman and hairstyle in this case it plays a significant role.Undoubtedly, the leading position on the practicality and ease of care take short hairstyles for every day.But even they can make spicy notes.

Beautiful healthy hair - the best decoration of any woman, but a beautiful hairstyle with bangs or without - this was the highlight of logically final selected image and style.Just great if in a mad whirl of modern life, you do not forget to treat hair and regular visits to the hair salon.But no matter what excellent condition would not have been your hair and how to be great you have not trimmed hairdresser, require certain skills and ingenuity to make the appropriate hairstyle form.

  • Criteria for hairstyles for every day
  • hairstyles for short hair
  • «Iron Lady»
  • Taming of the Shrew
  • Refined femininity
  • Hairstyles for each day for curly hair
  • lateral flagella
  • Tamed curls
  • hairstyles for long hair and hai
    r of medium length
  • luxurious volume
  • «pony tail" with a twist
  • unit with oblique

Criteria for hairstyles for every day

Proper selection of stylingnot only save you a lot of time will prevent unnecessary trouble, but also perfectly complement your entire image.Regardless of hair length, hair must meet a number of criteria: speed and maximum ease of performance, convenience and practicality, compliance with the professional field and a harmonious blend with the style of clothing.

hairstyles for short hair

Short hairstyle for every day - simple, concise, comfortable and, most importantly, not troublesome.Wash the head, lay a hairdryer, and you can safely go out.But there is considerable field for imagination.

«Iron Lady»

smoothed strict hairstyle perfectly suited for a business person collected, giving it the proper seriousness and extraordinary elegance.

On damp hair, apply mousse ball the size of an egg and spread through his hair.Comb do parting, for the most part left or right, depending on what suits you best.Smooth hair, tucking the edges of the ears.Allow to dry naturally.Done!This lady simply can not be taken seriously.

Taming of the Shrew

some five minutes mischievous pampering with their own hair and hair ready.Why would not dilute the drab light mischief.And the business is ...

Dial mousse in the palm and spread it on wet hair.Tilt your head forward and dry the hair dryer, playfully tugging at strands of her fingers.To us during the day nothing to prevent, tame hair tousled tape or bandage for hair that removes the strands from his forehead and give her hair tidy.If for some reason you do not have time to wash up on the eve of the head, it is possible to take wider bandage to hide the fat roots.

Refined femininity

If time is on your side today and to create the hairstyles you can allocate 20 minutes, why not create something special?

Take small sections of hair and flat utjuzhkom (rounded curling not do) spend from roots to ends, wrapping the hair arch, as if creating a broad wave.Obmoknuv finger tips in wax styling gives hair its final shape.Very good: feminine and romantic!

Hairstyles for each day for curly hair

Do not torture your hair daily treatments for smoothing and straightening.As a basis for a simple hairstyle perfectly fit the natural texture of your hair.A straightening and smoothing reserved for special occasions.To maintain the beauty and health of curly hair shampoo Pick up a type of scalp and wash head massage only, without washing the strand.Foam will still drain and wash out the hair, but it will protect them from excessive dryness.

lateral flagella

couple of minutes and a pair of flagella on the sides allow naughty curls away from her face, so that nothing you do well during the day.

On both sides of the circle separate part of the hair framing the face.The separated left strand is divided into two parts, and fasten them to the other one to the tips.We do the same and to the right.Putting ready locks at the nape.Fix the invisible.Done!In practice, it is much easier than it seems.

Tamed curls

very good option hairstyles for curly hair.It allows you to collect hair for convenience and at the same time enhance the beauty of curls.

collect hair back in a "ponytail", leaving strands framing the face free.To twist the tail up and anchoring bolts.The remaining strands of the front rails to the top, fixing pins.It does not matter if a couple of strands will break loose.Side decorate decorative comb.Well, just the queen!

hairstyles for long hair and hair of medium length

Long hair is given to owners of its maximum will to improvisation.The main thing - to maintain the hair in excellent condition and they will always look great, but do not overdo it!Two or three head cleaning procedures in a week is enough.

luxurious volume

Lush volume hairstyle looks elegant and simply stunning in the festival, as well as in everyday life.And as for giving hair fluffiness and volume will need a minimum of time, why not turn this into everyday evening hairstyle.

distributed throughout the length of the hair styling mousse.Divide the hair into three sections and braid them to three non-tight unit.A hairdryer to dry and dissolve units - the result is obvious!Just class!

«pony tail" with a twist

Classics of the genre, and time-tested experience.Suitable for home work, and to study, and for the sport and for the office ... But you will agree, a tail-tail strife.Especially elegant looks assembled tail "no roosters" with silky smooth flowing hair.

Lightly smooth the hair gel.Carefully assemble the tail around the middle of the back of the head (not too high and not too low).Pull the rubber band.Be sure to check that the back was not "roosters".Separate a small section from the bottom of the tail.

Twist it into a bundle and wrap them gum.The tip of the harness secure pin.As they say, simply, but tastefully.

unit with oblique

Another favorite of among everyday hairstyles - node.

looks best on straight hair.Today we offer to make a simple knot in the usual fresh touch.

Good hair comb and collect them in a low (on the back of his head), "ponytail".Separate the tail in a 5 cm strand of hair and braid it into a scythe.The remaining hair twist into a knot and secure the pins.Around the assembly tighten the woven braid.The end of the spit into the tuck and secure pin.Sumptuously!

We hope our unpretentious hairstyle will help to make the bright colors in the everyday work

Katerina Bagatskaya


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