Folk remedies for dry cough : preparation and application secrets

Category Folk Remedies | August 12, 2017 18:01

hurry Do not swallow pills and use chemical medicine pharmacy on every occasion.There are plenty of simple recipes, proven over decades, which will benefit from a variety of problems.Very effective folk remedies for dry cough.For many of them do not need to buy expensive ingredients, just open the fridge and cupboard in the kitchen.For some, it is necessary to have in stock the grass, which is better to buy in advance.

  • Features combat dry cough
  • techniques and treatment recipes cough in toddlers
  • Secure distracting
  • procedures
  • Inhalation to relieve pain
  • Funds for herbs and plants
  • warm drink
  • How to convince a child to be treated
  • secrets of traditional medicine for adults
  • few recipes for the treatment of dry cough

Features combat dry cough

Treatment of dry cough folk remedies is somewhat different from the struggle with a wet cough.When unproductive cough stimulus is output from the respiratory tract.The main task in this case - to make it moist, productive.

Flavor regimen should a specialist, especially when it comes to children.After all, there are many diseases, each of which requires its own approach.All cold preparations can be divided into the following types according to the type of action:

  • expectorants (increase cough);
  • mucolytics (liquefy mucus so that it easier to output);
  • sedative (suppresses cough activity).

techniques and recipes for treating cough in children

Treatment of dry cough folk remedies in an adult is easier to translate into productive stage with expectoration.The children in this case is always more difficult.

Firstly, the child can not take many drugs (harm may be greater than the benefit), so all hope is only on traditional methods.And the herbs and fees should be selected very carefully.

Secondly, difficult to get kids to take drugs.Even if the medicine is not bitter, the fact that the treatment will often cause a storm of protest.Therefore, folk remedies for dry cough in children should be safe, tasty and effective.

Secure distracting procedures

This includes the use of compresses, mustard plasters, wrapping legs, rubbing his chest.These methods increase local blood circulation, warming the baby and improves the body's defenses.

  1. compress cheese.Try dry cough effective folk remedy from cottage cheese.Warm, dry milk product, spread it evenly over the gauze.Attach the tool to the chest baby and tie.Wrap up the child for half an hour.
  2. Dry mustard.The baby socks sprinkle about 1 tbsp.l.mustard dry powder.It is advisable to do this procedure before going to bed (can be left on all night), because it is important not to get your feet wet.

Inhalation to relieve pain

  1. Prepare a decoction of oregano and mother-and-stepmother.Cover the baby with a towel over the bowl of hot liquid and ask for a deep breathe.In parallel inhalation eliminate runny nose.
  2. also helps overcome cough soda solution (1 liter of hot water for about 1 hour. L. Powder).To improve the effect by adding a few drops of liquid menthol or eucalyptus essential oil.
  3. Another effective means for inhalation is considered to be pairs of crushed boiled potatoes.

Funds for herbs and plants

  1. syrup from radish.Cut off from the upper part of the root in the form of caps.Mid delete radish, pour the honey into the recess.After several hours produced a syrup, followed by water baby as the formation of new liquid.
  2. Orange cure paroxysmal cough.Wash the orange, cut into slices straight from the peel.Boil syrup of sugar for half an hour.In attacks of coughing let crumbs 1 ch. L.syrup.

warm drink

  1. milk with honey and eggs.If the cough is dry, do not cough, folk remedies will help to make it productive.In a glass of warm boiled milk, add honey and butter (1 tablespoon of each component. L.), A little baking soda (not more than ΒΌ hours. L.), Whipped egg yolk.It is best to give the child the bedtime drink but also it will also be useful for the day.Healing milk even help cure bronchitis and tracheitis.
  2. compote viburnum.A glass of berry boil a liter of water, strain.Sweeten with honey (about 3 tbsp. L).Means you need to drink up to 4 times a day for half a cup.

How to convince a child to be treated

Try not to swear and not to worry.Forced to pour in the broth of the mouth to be profitable, but the mood of all participants of the action is much worse.

  1. play doctor.Napo warm tea bear, dolls, cars.If the toy vrednichaet, let the young doctor by example will show her that taking medicine is not terrible.Put
  2. condition.If a kid asks you to turn on a cartoon, give candy, promise to fulfill it after he takes the drug.
  3. At each stage of treatment tell your child as a means to help him recover.

secrets of traditional medicine for adults

Adult person should not be forced to be treated, and so he understands the importance of timely assistance.It can therefore be used not only delicious and aromatic infusions.So, how to treat a dry cough folk remedies?You can safely use all the recipes for children, increasing the dosage, and the following recommendations.

  1. infusion of herbs.Pour collection mother and stepmother (just 1 tbsp. L.) Cup of boiling water.Let sit and drink each hour for 1 st.l.broth.
  2. Potato compress.A few boiled potatoes mash, add cologne, vegetable oil, turpentine (1 tbsp. L).Make a component of two cakes, attach them to the back and chest.The compress can be left for half an hour.
  3. chronic cough will help to cure the following solution: combine dry mustard, honey, flour, vegetable oil and vodka (all components take 1 tbsp, and vodka - 1.5 tbsp...).Preheat a couple, put the vehicle on the gauze, make a compress on the throat.Wrap up warm scarves and film (the duration is not limited - you can leave at night).The procedure is repeated daily until the cough does not take place.

few recipes for the treatment of dry cough

Treatment of dry cough folk remedies quickly put the patient on his feet.In parallel with these simple techniques you can use massage, physiotherapy.In some cases, not enough folk remedies - because the cough can be a symptom of a viral infection or other dangerous disease.However, as an adjuvant therapy infusions and inhalations may well be used.In any case, it is best to see a doctor to find out the diagnosis.And then you can make a decision and choose treatments.