Water with lemon for weight loss : the best drink recipes and recommendations

Category Folk Remedies | August 12, 2017 18:01

Can I lose kilos without hard limits food intake?It would seem that the essence of any diet consists precisely in reducing calories.But there is one tool that can help to eat tasty and fully and at the same time lose weight.This is a special way of cooking water with lemon juice for weight loss.It activates the process of removing excess fluid from the body and provides a smooth weight loss.

  • How does lemon juice: the secrets of efficiency
  • classic recipe for lemon water and new variations
  • №1 Recipe: Classic drink
  • №2 Recipe: Add ginger
  • Recipe №3: Sweeten with honey
  • slimming features and real facts
  • Benefits for the body of water with lemon juice

How does lemon juice: the secrets of efficiency

Eating lemon juice for weight loss, you will get:

  1. Improved digestion.Lemon stimulates production of bile acids, which means that the food is digested faster.By getting rid of digestive problems, will not be difficult to quickly bring the weight back to normal and forget about th
    e extra kilograms.
  2. powerful diuretic effect.Water retention in the body - a common problem that can be caused by malnutrition.It is fraught with not only the swollen feet, fingers and face, but also overweight.Water remaining in the body longer laid, the volume increases, because of which the outline shape is lost, and in general it seems better person.
  3. natural laxative effect.Many diets are built on taking laxatives, which are not only removed from the gastrointestinal tract harmful toxins, but also violate the normal microflora.By consuming lemon juice, you will not encounter this problem, because it will have on the body only natural forcing.
  4. absence of craving for a snack.Cookies, candy, crackers - this useless food is more likely to provoke a set of extra kilos.To rid themselves of the habit of snacking, drink water with lemon juice.Due to the high content of fiber, this citrus great interrupts a slight feeling of hunger.

classic recipe for lemon water and new variations

to find an effective way to lose weight for yourself, it is recommended to try a variety of lemon juice recipes for weight loss with small intervals between courses.

№1 Recipe: Classic drink

easiest option cocktails for weight loss - mix fruit juice and boiled or purified water.If you try this cocktail for the first time, take half of citrus.A similar proportion should be followed if you want to maintain a normal weight and cleanse the body.To reduce weight, increase the amount of juice by half.

The most effective drinking lemon water as part of the weekly diet.Start with one cup a day and add one more day.On Sunday the body to arrange a fasting day, abstain from food and drink 6-7 cups.

№2 Recipe: Add ginger

Add lemon concentrate is not pure water, and ginger broth.A tablespoon of grated root boil a liter of water, and when the broth has cooled, add the juice of two citrus.Additional ingredients speed up the metabolism, which means you will lose the hated kilograms more active.This drink should drink a glass half an hour before a meal, it is desirable for the scheme described above.

Recipe №3: Sweeten with honey

Most of this recipe is ideal for those who are unable to drink an acidic beverage in pure form.Of course, dilute it with sugar impractical, but add a little honey is not forbidden.

To prepare honey-lemon elixir for weight loss citrus mix the juice of half a glass of water and a teaspoon of honey.

slimming features and real facts

Feedback from those who have tried to imagine the action of lemon water, indicate that this method is not a very nice feature.As long as you drink the drink, the body gradually displays the excess fluid and kilos quickly evaporate.But when you go to the usual diet weight can come back - some women are gaining weight again before half lost kilos.

Benefits for the body of water with lemon juice

But this does not mean that the lemon diet is ineffective.It perfectly cleanses the body, and after such a cleaning, you can go to any other diet diet to help lose weight.To exclude contraindications before you start drinking the lemon juice to the use of lemon, it is recommended to consult a specialist.