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Shiatsu - this oriental massage therapy, which is used by the Japanese for several millennia.The effect is achieved by pressing on pressure points and meridians."Shi" means fingers, "zu" - pressing.Acupressure Japanese person employed on a daily basis and look much younger than his years.This technique is safe and easy, you can do yourself at a convenient time for you.Massage specific points enhances the color and elasticity of the skin.Owning a shiatsu massage, can improve the whole body.

  • Self-massage - Fashion a new face
  • Essential Oils for massage
  • Terms proper massage
  • Beauty Point and healthy sleep
  • technique of self-massage
  • Video tutorials on technique Shiatsu
  • It is interesting

Self-massage - Fashion a new face

Sit in front of a mirror and a massage on the basic massage lines:

  • from the middle of the forehead to the temples;
  • from the middle of the nose to the temples;
  • from the corners of his mouth to the ear lobe;
  • from the middle of the chin to the ear.

In this massage there are 3 ways to skin: depression, indentation and the "finger of souls.""Fingertip shower" - a frequent vibration pat.

  1. easily push the fingers move from the middle of the chin to the ear lobes.
  2. then move the fingers from the middle of the chin to the earlobe.
  3. Massage from the center of the lips to the middle ear.
  4. upper lip make tapping fingers.
  5. Press the nose wings and climb the zygomatic arch to the temples.
  6. back of his hand made of cotton at the bottom of the jaw, each time rising a little higher.
  7. Walk on the forehead above the eyebrows at first, then higher.
  8. squeeze wrinkles and straighten (from the middle of the forehead to the temporal region).
  9. smoothes forehead upwards.Ironed it smoothly and accurately in the central part first, then the edges.
  10. Run for smoothing nasolabial folds.
  11. Rub your palms.Warm your hands on your face so that fingertips lay on the eyelids.

Essential Oils for massage

For more effective relaxation and the best glide your fingers, use aromatic oils.Suitable grape, apricot, jojoba, macadamia, shea butter.What more oil can be used to massage the face?

  • clove, oregano, black pepper, ginger will help to achieve a warming effect.
  • peppermint, rosemary, bergamot, lavender, eucalyptus painkillers.
  • jasmine, geranium, sandalwood, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin used to fight cellulite.
  • Ylang-ylang, rose, ginger, nutmeg help you relax.

Important! aroma oils can not be used in cardiac diseases and thyroid, allergies and pregnancy.

Terms proper massage

  • Warm hands during a massage is very important.Do not perform a massage on an empty stomach, overeating is not worth it.
  • Water washes away the negative energy from the hands before performing art wash your hands, remove the cosmetics from the face.
  • have massage should be a certain pace, which must be maintained from the beginning to the end.
  • movements to be performed on the massage lines to prevent stretching of the skin.
  • Acupressure facial wrinkles should not be held if there is inflammation of the skin, pustules or more spider veins.
  • have this masseur must be very sensitive fingertips, to be able to find the desired point on a particular person.

In accordance with the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine point of massage lie on meridians, and each of them has its own properties.The basic techniques of Chinese massage

  • Kneading.Running the ball of the thumb.The index finger with the thumb sticks.When kneading should move only subcutaneous fat, the skin itself does not form a skin folds.Use your fingertips necessary to put strictly on point.Masseur produces 75 motions counterclockwise.
  • Pressing the pad of the thumb at the center point.Running up feeling an ache, bloating and onemeneniya.If the pain appears, pressing stop and then resume after 3 minutes.
  • Pushing.Runs in 2 planes, up and down or left and right.Do 25 movements.
  • Stroking.Performed on a small area of ​​skin (about 2 cm).This should not cause numbness, fullness and aching.

points of beauty and healthy sleep

  1. Start with point №Pri pressing on her pain should occur.
  2. Lightly massage the point №1, №2, №3 (repeat 3 times).
  3. point №6 massage at least 10 times, then three times, press the inner corner of the eye.
  4. point №7 too painful, and a few times push it.

self-massage technique

first massage oil spread on the face, you can use a mixture of aromatic oils.All hand movements are needed to produce without taking fingers from his face.Technique allows to eliminate stagnation of lymph, which means that toxins and metabolic products.

  1. Three fingers of each hand, place horizontally in the middle of the forehead with a light touch.Move to the temples, and then along the temporal region down to the clavicles.So you "drive off" stagnant lymph.Repeat 3 times.
  2. Eye Massage.Middle fingers slide along the line from the outer corner of the eye to the inside (along the lower eyelid), and from internal to external (across the top).Then, without lifting your fingers from the skin, move to the temples, and then - to the clavicle.Find a balance between pain and comfortable feeling.When painful sensations decrease pressing force.
  3. Getting rid of wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.Move from the center of the chin to the outer corners of the mouth, then fingers should come together at a point above the middle of the upper lip.The pressure should be so strong that your gums feel pressure.Repeat 3 times.
  4. Improving shape of the nose and eliminate nasolabial folds.Circular movements massage the skin around the nostrils, then directly nostrils.Without lifting your fingers from the person move to the temples, and then down the neck.
  5. Exercise from sagging cheeks.Base of the thumb, with some effort, draw a line from the chin to the temples, and then down to the clavicles.Repeat 3 times.
  6. lift the muscles of the face.Place the palm of your hand in the center of the face, cover your nose and index fingers to scroll to the temples, removing lymph.Then work your way down to the clavicles.
  7. Struggling with wrinkles on the forehead.Use your fingertips to make the movement of the right hand up and down, left and right.This massage will help prevent wrinkles (the left hand is placed under the chin for stability).Your movements should be easy, smooth.Pressing too hard skin will gather in folds.

After massaging points on the face you provided a good mood, alertness and emotional lift.Face consists of muscle layers that affect the shape of the face.Through training the muscles can be changed at the same time improving and face shape.So what can be achieved with regular training.

  • improving skin tone, improve the complexion, wrinkles.
  • restore lost fat tissue around the eyes.
  • improve circulation, stimulate muscle tissue, skin toning.
  • getting rid of bags under the eyes, "crow's feet" and nasolabial folds.

Video tutorials on the art of Shiatsu massage

It is interesting

To become a practicing massage therapist in Japan, need to be trained, the duration of which is 2200 hours (or 3 years).In addition, the person must pass an examination in order to deal with licensing activities.Shiatsu practitioner must know the physiology, anatomy and Chinese medicine.Great experience - a necessary condition for a professional masseur.The shiatsu massage technique uses only the palm and fingers.Eastern massage Experts say that Shiatsu awakens the reserve forces of the organism."The man himself is able to heal itself, shiatsu only helps him in this" - they say.

Yukuko Tanaka Photo 62 year!She practices the Japanese self-massage, through which you can make the shape of the face clearer and facial features - more subtle.


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