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What would a perfect figure or had a woman, she can not feel beautiful, if imperfectly her face.Of course, the men "estimate" feminine beauty in different ways: someone throws a first look at the hips, look out for other breast, and interested third leg.But, anyway, "certification" always ends up face, which by default should be well-groomed and young.Therefore, any and all women who want to continue the conquest of men's hearts, you need to learn how to do a facial massage at home, which serves as a guide to the world of beauty.

  • When born facial
  • Video Encyclopedia of self-massage of the face
  • objectives of the procedure and expected benefits
  • How to prepare for the process
  • The cornerstone - massage lines
  • Direction - massage motor
  • massage Types- what to choose

When born facial

He appeared in ancient times.People instinctively came to the conclusion that the stroking or rubbing the affected places eases the pain.When mankind only learned to treat, in the course were differe

nt methods, but the massage was always in the lead.Meanwhile, the first time doing massage for pain relief, but not for the sake of beauty.But later everything changed.The first technique facial massage was born in ancient Egypt, the basics of this technique, by the way, we are using now.There is evidence that the disciples of legendary Galen - Roman talented doctor also recommended that their patients who are interested in how to keep the young person to do massage, utilizing oil treatments or special ointment on them.

As you can see, a face massage - an ancient sage, carrying the beauty world.Over time, technology improved, we developed a new technique, however, history has not preserved the names of all the authors of the massage expertise.But some of us still know something.For example, pridumschitsa known in the field of cosmetology, the famous French courtesan, a native of XVII century - Ninon de l'Enclos, even in 80 years looked lovely and did not have to face any wrinkles.When asked how she managed in such advanced years to save face young, she replied that she had a "weapon" against the fight with old age - a special facial massage.Ninon carefully massaging the skin chamois repeating sessions twice a day, so that was a flawless appearance and a countless number of fans.So that modern women have a lot to learn from the beauties of the ancient period.

Video Encyclopedia of self-massage of the face

Objectives procedures and the expected effect

Hardly anyone would argue that the massing face - is primarily a pleasure.And, as most of the action, so the subsequent admiration in the mirror.And what can we say about the end result - the fall men's hearts at your feet.

What other goals the facial massage?

  • relaxation of muscles, which prevents the appearance of cosmetic problems;
  • feeling better, that you will agree, a nice bonus for the active modern woman;
  • improvement of metabolism, whereby we become slimmer and more beautiful;
  • struggle with fatigue as a consequence of total employment today's fashionistas;
  • improve the quality of sleep, which is important for maintaining health and beauty;
  • retention and restoration of facial beauty.

«All is fine, but any changes will be visible directly on your face?" - You ask.Expect these results can be:

  • wrinkles, folds and creases of the skin;
  • accelerate tissue regeneration;
  • eliminate sagging skin;
  • exfoliate dead skin cells;
  • cleansing as a whole;
  • eliminate bruising and swelling under the eyes;
  • disappearance of double chin;
  • improve complexion;
  • improve skin elasticity;
  • eliminate fat;
  • improve facial contours;
  • disappearance of edema;
  • appearance blush;
  • improve skin turgor.

more detail will help you learn how the facial massage, feedback from fans of a particular technique, of which there are now a great many in cosmetology.

How to prepare for

process Now that you have verified that the massage - is an alternative to plastic household, and much more financially profitable, it is time to learn how to do a facial massage.

Firstly, you need to choose a technique, good in modern cosmetology there is a wide choice.However, the "masters of massage Affairs" recommended to start with the transformation of the classics, gradually adding to its other equipment.

Secondly, it is necessary to buy a cream for facial massage, as well as to test for allergies.To do this, apply the cleanser on a small area of ​​skin on the inside of the arm at the elbow and wait 10 minutes If you do not notice any changes in the skin, then the cream suits.Some people prefer to use a procedure for facial massage oil.Ideal proven in this respect, such oils as linseed, almond and cotton.However, you are free to choose the means for massaging to your taste, the main thing - do not forget to put it before the session.

Third, pobespokoytes of hands, because they - your main working "tool".Remove rings, bracelets and other jewelry, inspect nails, give them in order not to accidentally scratch the skin during the procedure.Then hands should be washed and wiped.

Fourth, cosmetologists are advised to prepare not only "tools" for massage, but also the surrounding "background".Ventilate the room, find a comfortable chair, turn on soothing music and tune in on the fun.

Fifth, before massaging prepare itself "web" - a person.Remove the remains of cosmetics using your favorite jelly.At the request can use, and scrub.Do not forget to remove the hair under the tape or bandage.

The cornerstone - the line of massage

Want to learn how to do a facial massage to recoil from him was the maximum?Learn massage lines.Movement during the procedure only to make the following rules:

  1. forehead.Should move from the nose area to the beginning of hair growth, as well as from the nose, passing the eyebrows, forehead, or from the middle towards the temples.
  2. neck.From the base of the neck or collarbone need to move to the chin.Behind - the opposite is true.
  3. nose.From the bridge of the nose should move to the wings or nose tip.
  4. cheeks.From the center of the upper lip or chin, as well as the corners of the mouth to move to the ear lobes, and from the lower lip - in the direction of the chin.From the nose to the temples is necessary to move to the area or the upper lip and on his wings - to the middle ear.
  5. eyes.From the outer part of the eye must move to the inside and from it - the outer zone of the eyelids.

better help you understand how the lines on the face massage is done, the image developed cosmetologists.Connect them to the case at the stage of learning, then over time you would bring the motion to automatism.

It's important to know! way, any cream or other means of your cosmetics, beauty experts in the field recommend also applied for described the massage lines.

Direction - massage motor

So, theoretically, you know how to do a facial massage on the lines, it's time to go directly to the movements that are not in the least dependent on the quality of the procedure.Memorize:

  1. Kneading.Motion capture is a muscle, and in the transverse direction.Through kneading enhanced inflow of lymph to the tissues, relieves muscle tension, improves metabolism and nutrition of the skin.
  2. Stroking.The most pleasant manipulation produced palm or fingertips.What gives stroking, but pleasure?Conclusion of toxins, as well as improvement of the circulatory system.
  3. Vibration.As stroke is performed with your fingertips or palm, but the nature of the impact is much stronger.Due to the vibrations soften and diminish scars, improves skin turgor.
  4. Rubbing.This spiral or circular motions using fingertips.As a result of rubbing the swelling disappear, melting fat.It is in this movement based massage facial slimming.
  5. pat.The process is quick and short blows with his hand, its edge with your fingertips or with a close range.Thanks to pat removed the excitement and nervous tension, improves muscle tone, normal blood flow, heat transfer and sebaceous glands.

Types of massage - what to choose

When studied the basics, it's time to make a choice.But how not to get lost in a great number of techniques, how to choose one that will help to enhance the beauty and solve your specific problem?For the correct choice be guided by these basic techniques:

  • classic massage, the aim of which is to prevent skin aging and maintaining facial beauty.Perhaps the classic - a win-win solution for all cosmetic problems, but caution should be treated the people who are prone to severe swelling of tissues.In such circumstances, you can not massage the area of ​​the eyes and eyelids;
  • cosmetic massage, which improves metabolism, restoring facial contours which eliminates double chin, wrinkles and skin creases.Thanks to cosmetic massage slows down the process of decay of tissues and improves skin condition;
  • plastic massage, recommended to the ladies after 30 years - an excellent "tool" to combat facial wrinkles and sagging skin.After several sessions of face noticeably freshens, go edema, wrinkles and improves the shape of the face;
  • acupressure, bringing not only beauty, but also health, as a way to overcome a variety of diseases.If you select a point facial massage as often it can do?For example, the legendary Japanese Shiatsu at least every day, then the security is not only your beauty, but also well-being;
  • massage Jacquet or plucking, which is prescribed for acne, excessive sebum secretion.Over 10 sessions go all acne, oily skin is normal;
  • lymphatic drainage massage, saving the skin from the negative influence of the environment, soothing the nervous system and improves skin condition.After a few treatments you will notice that the extra volumes (together with toxins and impurities) goes, the mood you have improved, and the skin is transformed;
  • relaxing massage, which, as a rule, included in the complex beauty programs as relaxes the facial muscles, relieves stress, cleanses the skin, giving a "green light" to other useful procedures.

Now you are perfectly guided in the world of massage, which means that your face will always be young, well-groomed and beautiful.


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