Cup massage the face : the basics and technique of massage banks

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healthy, elastic skin, like a young girl - the cherished dream of every woman, without exaggeration, after 30. What tricks and deals with common sense do not go perfect the fairer half of humanity to reach its goal.Many of these methods are, unfortunately, often not only do not work, but they can cause serious harm.There are proven means, such as, for example, can massage the face.We learn what miracles are able wonderful jars.

  • Why Bank
  • Choice cans massage
  • massage technique: the secret of success - in the simplicity
  • Preliminary work
  • Directly equipment
  • How to massage correctly
  • What we get in the end
  • Useful Tips
  • Contraindications

Why Bank

today facial massage there is great variety, each in its own good, but we'll talk about exactly how facial massage can help banks cope with the inexorable cruelty in their time.

Someone help special anti-aging creams, someone from the bothersome wrinkles save masochki and compresses, but most women are still not fully satisfied with the

results.After age problems have deep character - hard to argue with nature, and that such a serious event was a success, the impact should be much deeper than the banal hydration.

This requires a deep study of the muscular system of the face and neck, ensuring its extra blood flow, and thus oxygen (so as not to dry out).You also need to take care of the maintenance of volume.With all these challenges, banks cope "with a bang".

Immediately it is worth noting that banks sovdepovskie glass - it echoes of the past.They should not be used today, especially on such a delicate area as the face.Fortunately, in this age there are a lot of plastic and silicon counterparts, which boast far more safe and painless.There were banks for massage and glass, but they managed to evolve significantly.Because if you want to try out a massage on your face, you can purchase at the pharmacy dates, do not skimp.

Choice cans massage

massage technique: the secret of success - in the simplicity

principle on which work can massage the face, simple as two cents:

  1. On fading, problem skin superimposed jar (specially selected, medical).
  2. from this jar is pumped air - between the device and the skin surface is formed a vacuum that tones the muscle system and the deep layers of the epidermis.

achieve in a vacuum jar in several ways:

  • with an applicator nozzle, one-touch;
  • by burning fire (if the massage is used glass containers;.
  • using a mini-pump

Numerous videos banks face massage can be seen that the experts, all these methods are used, because to say which of them is preferable, hard fact.meaning it does not change the main thing in this case -. implementation technique only, perhaps, the advantage of a mechanical air extraction from the banks -. a smaller risk of injury

Preliminary work

Before starting to rejuvenate the event the skin should be cleaned thoroughly and carry out a number of importantprocedures:

  1. cleanses the skin of dirt, we wash several times with soap and water or a special milk
  2. steamed face using special napkins or the old fashioned way - over a saucepan, in a makeshift bath, on average 5-7 minutes
  3. Liberally lubricate the face cream.., oil - what you like best.
  4. Once you feel that the pores open, you are ready for the session.

Directly equipment

  1. begin to bring the beauty of the need to neck, moving from the collarbone up.
  2. Then go to the bottom of the face.Properly working through the lower jaw (it helps to model and tighten slightly oval).From the bottom of the chin to the lips are moving.In the central part can be to stay on through 20. Be sure to adhere to the skin of the second hand in order to avoid stretching.
  3. Moving still upstairs to the cheeks, drooping jaw and pulling his lips, as if to pronounce the sound "o" (imagine that you sing some old hit - at the same time amused).Stroking a jar of skin from the top down.On the cheeks as well be delayed.
  4. Carefully move to the center of the face, stopping further on the bridge of the nose and wings.
  5. Finally leave the temporal region and the forehead from the brow line arcs to the hair, eyebrows themselves also do not deprive the attention.Whiskey working on first horizontally to the ears, then once on each side - from the chin up.

Keep in mind, if you have sensitive skin is, you have to be mentally prepared for bruises and swelling.This is normal, and you will feel after a session of tingling and unusual heat.So, our jars are.

How to massage correctly

girlish beauty experts advise to spend sessions at first, but all too often, after get used - at least once or twice a week.

special care is advised in the eye area, nasolabial triangle - the fabric is very soft, it is easy to damage and disfigure even at some time, be careful.

As centuries pass so: top - from the inside to the outside, to the temple, the lower - on the contrary, from the temple to the nose.On the nose, and around it is very convenient to use not the bank, while the vacuum apparatus for cleaning the pores (even for the smallest specimens with a minimum diameter of sometimes difficult to get to all the curves for qualitative study).The effect is the same, plus the excess sebum present deliverance.

Sometimes you can find reviews of the can massage the face with a negative experience, complaints of weak or no effect.The main postulate in this case - regularity.Otherwise, you can blame only yourself, but not the banks.

What we get in the end

The beneficial properties can massage the face just right to write a book.Judge for yourself:

  • increases metabolism;
  • activates blood flow;
  • accumulation of fat cells break down and are absorbed;
  • coming unsightly puffiness and swelling;
  • comedones uncork, stale secret out, the skin is cleansed;
  • normal state of capillaries;
  • facial contour and color bounce back, tending to its original state;
  • normal lymph sebaceous glands, sweat processes;
  • toxins, dirt and dead skin cells and leave the epidermis.

Also, judging by the numerous reviews of women who have undergone such procedures, removed muscle clips - the first enemies of women, since they contribute to the formation of wrinkles.The most common - "nosogubki", appearing as a result of clamping lips, and "frown" wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Useful tips

Massage using cans take on a momentum maximum effect, if carried out with the use of natural vegetable oils with essential extracts, better without fragrances (olive, almond, jojoba oil, linseed, etc).

It is important that the bank is not "grasped" the skin too much, it can lead us to the opposite desired effect - the fabric can be stretched.Feelings should not be painful.

To strengthen and consolidate the result of deep space, strongly pronounced deformation (wrinkles, hollowness, wrinkles and swelling) should work out a little longer than other sites.In these areas, you can stay longer without spending bank, and carefully "prisasyvayas" to the skin.

diameter is very important.The skin around the eyes and lips, chin need small jars;forehead, cheeks - large.

Also, do not abuse the oil - it is important not to overdo it, some even advise on its face does not apply, but only to dip into it to the bank.The very same person in this case is moistened with water.Make sure that the person does not shrivel under the bank or near the area of ​​its influence.


Despite the surprising results of many women who have used this means of skin tightening, facial massage cupping is not for everyone.He has a number of contraindications:

  1. skin diseases, rashes, acne, sores.
  2. Inflammatory processes.
  3. problems with the vascular system.
  4. fishnet capillaries located close to the surface.
  5. Birthmarks.
  6. thrombosis.
  7. Any kind of tumor.

Massage using cans can create a miracle, bringing you a few years, and sometimes decades ago and returned to its former beauty and freshness.But do not forget that each of us - individual.The main thing - in the pursuit of beauty does not hurt myself well beloved.Take care of yourself, but remember: external beauty - not forever.


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