Vacuum massage of the face : the truth about fairy rejuvenation + photos and video

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Many home remedies used by our grandmothers, has sunk into oblivion, when the medicine is started to move forward by leaps and bounds.But not all of them died finally, some reincarnated in a new incarnation.These old methods, which are used in a new way, include banks, which put in the treatment of colds, back pain and a number of different diseases.Now, however, this procedure is known as vacuum massage of the face and body.But for what it is and how effective, look at next.

  • What is vacuum massage face
  • Operating principle
  • Indications and contraindications
  • scheme of home
  • Video Session vacuum massage
  • important point

Whata vacuum massage face

This procedure is presented in the form of a session of skin treatment facial vacuum with special equipment.Conducted it can either hardware or manual method.

The first option is only available in salons and beauty centers.Apparatus consists of a main panel, which draws air and hoses extending from it, which are mounted on

the ends of different nozzle sizes.Power vacuum exposure can be controlled directly by the machine.

second variant is carried out manually using either silicone cones, a glass pipe with a rubber bulb at the end.To conduct the procedure can and independently at home, but only after a detailed examination of the technical aspects.The strength of the vacuum exposure is regulated by force pressing the rubber bulb or the upper part of the silicon banks.

Operating principle

As with most current techniques of massage in this case, the whole effect is a consequence of the force action on the dermis tissue.Careful attention increases the tone of weakened muscles, increases blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues, accelerates metabolism and breaks down fat compounds.

  1. muscle tone enhanced by passive action, which may not always lead to significant improvements.In severe cases, drastic measures are needed (assuming the implementation of special gymnastic exercises).
  2. one of the most effective exercises in the picture.Pressing his chin to his chest, we believe up to 20 and we press as much as possible.Repeat every 5-6 times at intervals of one minute.
  3. Increased blood circulation and lymph flow leads to a more rapid saturation of the tissues with nutrients.In addition, minor trauma capillary (formed a hematoma) provokes the body for immediate remedial actions.It was during these processes, there is a development "youth elements" - collagen and elastin.
  4. Adipose tissue is reduced due to physical destruction of its compounds.During the massage under the influence of the attached cells are destroyed and their power particles easily burned by the body.

Notable improvements dermis condition occur as a result of the use during the treatment of various essential oils.They are useful to saturate the skin with vitamins, to delay the evaporation of moisture (water balance is improved), and has an antiseptic effect.

Indications and contraindications

No cosmetic procedure can not be shown to everybody, just as it can not be applied without the threat of adverse consequences absolutely everyone.In this case, the readings are the following factors.

  1. Age from 30 years (holding at an early age can only be justified if there are several of the following symptoms).
  2. Reduced tissue turgor and elasticity.
  3. Reducing the amount of facial muscles (muscles with age become more thin and elongated, which entails changes in facial contours).
  4. saggy dermis.
  5. appearance of double chin.
  6. Unhealthy skin color.
  7. Increased dry tissue.
  8. presence of facial wrinkles or static (both surface and deep).
  9. puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Contraindications to this procedure include the following factors:

  • any diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • skin diseases, as well as its even minor damage;
  • too close to the blood vessels of the dermis surface;
  • the presence of blood clots;
  • presence of both benign and malignant tumors;
  • any inflammatory processes.

In addition, there are a number of individual indicators, which can be called by your doctor as contraindications.Be sure to contact them before you start a course of this type of massage.

scheme of home

Nothing very complicated technique of home vacuum massage is not represented.There are two main rules that will help carry out the procedure efficiently and without complications: a careful study of all the manipulations and practice.In addition, there is a strict ban on premature increase the impact strength of the vacuum, as well as a manifestation of imagination in terms of inventing new patented nobody to this day movements.

most favorable moment for the session is the time after taking a hot bath or shower.This is due to the activation of a more rapid metabolism in tissues.If for some reason you can not do it, then replace the complete water treatment may be a conventional steam tray (harboring a large towel over the bowl of hot water).After that brings together all that is required during the massage: an antiseptic (can be a simple alcohol), cotton pads, paper towels (preferably cosmetic, rather than dining - embossing may slightly scratch the skin), oil (pick up at their discretion), banks.

Wipe rims nozzles antiseptic, and then apply to the face surface of the small amount of oil.It should not just smear, better rub light massage movements.So you have to prepare a person for more action that will follow on.

Take the nozzle with the largest circle and puts it to the bottom of the chin.With one hand, we adhere to the skin, the second wire along the jawbone to the ear.Repeat this movement three times and go to the other side.We put the nozzle to the center of the chin and just kept for 20 seconds.We go up a little higher and move nozzle from the middle of the chin to the ears, and then - on the wings of the nose to the temples, after - from the temples to the top of the forehead.Applies the bank to the cheeks and held for 20 seconds.

replaced by a nozzle to the one that has a diameter of 2 cm of movement directions of the Bank:. From the bridge and head to the hairline.After that move to the area above the eyebrows, move them all up well.Sami eyebrows can also be treated, but without fanaticism.

Take the nozzle with the smallest diameter and the processing proceed to the delicate and sensitive areas.First, tackling the area around the mouth, from the center to the corners of the lips.Go to the bow from the tip of the nose and up to the bridge of the nose, again from the tip to the corners of the wings.The area around the eyes is processed from the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the outside from the outer corner of the lower eyelid to the inner.Especially deep wrinkles can be treated further, but not lingering movements, but simply by applying for 10-20 seconds.

Be careful with the area around the eyes, in any case, do not apply excessive force.The first 2-3 sessions must not last more than five minutes, after which time can be increased to 10 minutes.The strength of the vacuum in the first times should also be negligible, as the skin becomes accustomed to this effect it is possible to gradually increase.For therapeutic purposes (not preventive) procedure is carried out three times a week, in particularly difficult situations - on a daily basis.Course duration is not defined framework, it all depends on how fast will begin to manifest improvement.Completely stop the use of this massage is not desirable.Once a satisfactory result was obtained, spend a session once a week to maintain the skin in good shape.

Video vacuum massage session

important point

Since muscles are tightened due to the passive operation, the effect will never be stunning.In addition, the result will be very short term without a permanent prevention.If there is a desire to achieve more significant victory, make the daily gymnastics, which will load the muscles and improve their tone due to the active study into your daily routine.

Many video vacuum massage the face can be seen as a huge amount of oil is applied to the face of patients.This is acceptable only in case of hardware massage.At home, with a hand tool, you will not be able to achieve the same power vacuum, so excess oil will only interfere with the quality of the skin being drawn into the cavity.

Almost all the positive reviews of the vacuum massage the face can be attributed to the category of truth, and not invented for the purpose of advertising (except for quite fantastic, where in one session younger woman for 40 years).This procedure can significantly improve the condition of all segments of the dermis, from the surface to the deepest.It is especially valuable that it is possible to do on its own, without going to the expensive salons.


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We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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