Japanese facial massage : Learning to massage Asahi , Zog and kobido

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feel that the skin on his face lost its freshness?Are you afraid of wrinkles?They have already appeared, and you think that the only way to return beauty - go under the knife?Sooner "throw up their hands", because they can do wonders!Did not you know ?!Due to the fact that the country of the rising sun with the world shared their secrets of rejuvenation of painful operations can be forgotten.Gaining momentum in popularity Japanese face massage - a kind of beauty "scalpel" that allows you to rejuvenate the skin for 5-10 years.

  • What is the secret of the rising sun
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  • Preparing for massage: the main thing - the right to start
  • Tsogan Technology - a flagship in the world of Japanese massage
  • Instruction on Tsogan massage
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  • Massage kobido - Imperial pleasure
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  • Introduction to oriental technique Shiatsu - at gunpoint secret point of beauty
  • Video technique of Shiatsu

what is the secret of massage of the rising sun

you noticed that Japanese women are very difficult to determine the age?Even after 50 years, they look great, have a young face with an elastic skin and a healthy tone.For centuries, women of other countries think that the secret of undying youth residents of the rising sun is in the genes.However, when Japanese cosmetologists began to share with the world their secrets, it became clear that there were no secrets, and it is not there.It's all about the right approach to skin care, with recipes based on natural and not expensive "chemistry" of the best cosmetic boutique.For Japanese women look good - a matter of honor, so they are from generation to generation, carefully transfer the miraculous saving recipes youthful body and face.

These techniques can not be found in books or on the World Wide Web.And only recently the world became available technology and video of the Japanese face massage, which can now take advantage of you.Regardless of whether you choose whether the Japanese face massage Asahi, kobido or Shiatsu, the result is always superb, and your face - dazzlingly beautiful.The main thing - carefully study the technique and carefully repeat the motion, which shows the author, or an experienced user.

And what is the secret of the magic action seemingly habitual movements?During the procedure, there is an influence not only on the muscles of the face, but also on the lymphatic system, adipose tissue, connective tissue, and bones of the skull, which returns a specified nature, the correct position.Hence, the miraculous procedure.Therefore, Japanese facial massage, reviews of which are laid out each day to thank all our customers network - a truly "scalpel" of the new generation, which rejuvenates the face without surgery and pain, and without crazy investments.

Do all you can use the procedure

perfect face - that's fine, but we should take into account the state of the whole organism.As lie with rejuvenated and beautiful face in a hospital bed, suffering from deteriorating health - "fun", you see, is not the most pleasant.Therefore, if you suffer from any ailments, you should check with your doctor if you have any contraindications for the procedure, or (if you choose to do massage in the salon) immediately consult with a specialist, whom you have chosen for the transformation of the person.

In general, you can navigate to the following contraindications:

  • disease associated with the lymphatic system;
  • inflammation of the nose, including elementary runny nose;
  • skin diseases;
  • presence of a tumor;
  • wounds, abrasions and other skin injuries;
  • ENT diseases (especially inflammation of the tonsils);
  • high blood pressure;
  • airways disease;
  • abnormalities in the kidneys, lungs, heart and liver;
  • viral diseases;
  • pain;
  • infection;
  • critical days.

It's important to know! Japanese cosmetologists are not advised to do massage when you feel bad, but do not know the cause of this condition.

Preparing for massage: the main thing - the right to start

From the correctness of the preparatory process depends on whether it is true massage and whether it will have the expected result will be held.Therefore it is very important competent approach to business.Thus, the process of preparation for the massage includes the following steps:

  • Step number 1. Check for security procedures for your body.The first thing to remember about all chronic diseases, to raise the medical card, and also make sure that you do not have new diseases, including the "seasonal" viruses.If you are sure that there are no contraindications, you can begin to work on facial rejuvenation.
  • Step number 2. Selection procedure.When you begin to look for information about Japanese massage, you will realize that the miracle technique is not one.You, of course, are free to choose the one that will have your taste.Now the most popular massage Asahi face.Why?Perhaps because of the high efficiency and relative ease of implementation of, and perhaps because the video of the Japanese massage Asahi face appeared on the network one of the first and managed to catch the fancy of many women who care about their appearance.However, his "brothers" - Shiatsu massage for the face and kobido - is also quite interesting technique.However, you can start with the easiest technique for you, then grasp the other and, alternating between them to improve the beauty of your face.
  • Step number 3. Video Search.To act in a professional, you need high-quality video technique with which you can understand the basic movements of massage.Fortunately the web now you can find a variety of records, from both the authors of the methodology and the famous beauticians or experienced users.Before you begin the process of rejuvenation of the face will certainly review the video several times, remembering the basics.
  • Step number 4. Train.Cosmetologists recommend starting with simple single movements, memorizing and repeating them gradually lessons learned.It is important not because the process itself, as the correctness of its implementation.If you do massage properly, wasting time and nerves.
  • number Step 5. Preparation of the skin.Found a video or face massage Asahi technique, exercise, movement learned?Then you can proceed to the trial session, but before that you need to properly prepare a "field of action" - a person.How to do it?First, wash the hands.Second, clean the skin from makeup and dirt.This can be done using a favorite and tonic or other means, and the skin by scraping.Focus on your ability to time and money.Thirdly, before you start doing massage, apply to dry skin a special cream or oil.Have proved effective in this area such oils like almond, linseed and cotton, however, and a simple olive is also nice.

Do not use the procedure for unfamiliar massage tool without the prior test.How to spend it right?Apply cream or oil on the delicate skin in the elbow area and leave the vehicle for 10 minutes.Upon expiration, inspect the site.If you do not see the red spots, irritation or other unusual changes, then you can let the vehicle "in the business".

Tsogan Technology - a flagship in the world of Japanese massage

One of the leaders of views on YouTube - Japanese facial massage Tsogan, so it deserves a detailed lighting.This technique has been around for more than a century, but it was transferred in the form of secret knowledge from mothers to daughters favorite and so on.But cosmetologist Hiroshi Hisashi revive and let "the masses" Tsogan technique altogether has adopted a methodology in its beauty-grandmother.Then a miracle method known in Japan picked up stylist and expert on beauty - Yukuko Tanaka.Not only that, she even wrote and published a book "Face massage", which became a bestseller in many corners of the globe.The author divides not only the technique of the procedure, but also the peculiarities of its implementation, taking into account the age and the type of person (chubby, thin, flat, square, round, and so on).With a light hand specialist in the field of fashion massage Tsogan not only revived again, but received a second name - Asahi.Therefore, Japanese facial massage Yukoku Tanaka so often found in the Internet under different names, and they are all true.

main "chip" technique that is essentially a massage with two fingers: the middle and ring or the index and middle, depending on which option is more convenient to you.The impact is especially the lymph nodes.The exercises are repeated three times.The session lasts about 10 minutes.How often can I repeat the process?How many you want, there are no restrictions, you are free to do yourself a massage Tsogan almost every day - it will not hurt the skin.All the traffic you will be able to conceive after a couple of views of the training video.If, however, you will be hard to know Asahi massage for the face, feedback from users, who studied the technique in the same video as you, will help you overcome the difficulty.Agree, when something does not work, the best solution is to ask what you are wrong in fact, who knows all the wisdom and succeeded in business ?!

How to prepare for the massage you may already know, and what features have Tsogan technology?During the procedure, you must maintain the correct posture - back should be perfectly straight.Permission is, how to sit and stand.Meanwhile, the head can not lean against or to the wall or to the headrest.Recently, however, allowed to carry out the procedure Estheticians and lying down, supposedly under such circumstances, the facial muscles relax as much as possible, which increases the effect of wrinkles, folds and creases of the skin.As you have seen, in this position the head can lie on the couch.So choose a position for your taste, exercise video and "create face", it sounds like that in Japanese the word "Tsogan".

should pay attention! as massage tools Yukuko Tanaka recommends the use of a special composition - oat milk.However, it is not necessary to run a beauty shop for him, you can prepare your own milk, and effortlessly.Take a clean nylon stocking, pour into it Zhmenya oatmeal and soak it all in water for half an hour.Remove the stocking from the container and press the milk-miracle in a jar.All - perfect for massage Tsogan means you're done!

Instruction on massage Tsogan

result Video massage Tsogan

Massage kobido - Imperial pleasure

kobido now - a favorite of regulars salons, and once it has been one of the beauty secrets of Japanese empresses.Kobido - old wise man, as born in the distant 1472, the year, but is still in demand and in fashion.What is the secret of the Imperial massage?In working through the deepest muscles by alternating percussion movement and rubbing, so that the blood flows to every cell of the face, rejuvenating it from within.Moreover, in the process involved and the neck and head, and after a session you feel fit and peace at the same time.Send words enchanting feelings that women experience, making the Japanese face massage kobido impossible.It only needs to try!And then with admiration admire his face in the mirror.

However, there is one "but": kobido extremely difficult to carry out on their own.It is best to seek professional help in the massage room.As a rule, beauticians recommend to do about ten treatments at intervals of a few days, and then come to a maintenance procedure once a month.

Video Slice massage kobido

Introduction to Oriental technique Shiatsu - at gunpoint secret point of beauty

If Japanese facial massage Shiatsu, which is often also called a point, compared to other techniques of the rising sun, he is still a child, becauseI was born in the last century, whereas the rest of his "brothers" comes from the Middle Ages.Author techniques - Takyuiro Namikoshi believes that his "child" is not only returns the youth and prevent aging, but also restores vitality by eliminating the fatigue and normalizes the body's activities as a whole.Therefore Shiatsu do better by the end of the working day, at the same time and cheer up.In addition, the benefits of Namikoshi technology are its simplicity and the possibility of self.This afford everyone, even a child.

Video technique of Shiatsu

Running acupressure with two or three fingers.Each time duration should not exceed 10 seconds.However, during this time the pressure force increases gradually, affecting the deepest tissue.The procedure takes about 5-6 minutes.Repeat sessions you can at least every day.Japanese women do just that, for them, Shiatsu - is a daily routine in the category of "brush your teeth".Attached to the beauty secrets and you!

Choose the technique to taste or alternate different techniques and get ready for the fact that hundreds of enthusiastic views of subdued beauty of your men will soon be converted to you.


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We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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