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person - not just a mirror of our soul, but also the state of the whole organism.Personal problems, fatigue, insomnia and nervous exhaustion reflected on it in the first place.Features a young, fresh, healthy skin see nice aging oval in mournful wrinkles - is no.Since the beginning of the decay process for each person identified individually sculpted facial massage as a way to rejuvenate sometimes we have to apply very early - from 25 years of age.How good it is, what positive changes is able to please us?

  • objectives of the sculptural art of rejuvenation
  • conceptual approach
  • session sculptural massage Wrinkle
  • The effects
  • Subtleties technology
  • it always useful "sculpture" technique

objectives of the sculptural art of rejuvenation

Homeland of this technique - France.In the role of mother-creator Joel Siokko method performed, a biologist by training.Conclusion: The approach to the technique of the procedure is professional enough, receptions justified.The purpose of the comple

x movements made - to provide skin turgor, promassirovat fat, affect the lymph and blood vessels and restore elasticity of muscles.Efforts justify themselves even at early wrinkles - not to mention the aging of the skin.

skilled spa set of movements enables literally "sculpt" the face client reporting features common line and forming a circuit on the youthful type.Restore lost architectonic, younger people "in his eyes."Positive changes are already noticeable at the end of the first procedure.No wonder: the effect is technically powerful, exciting the deepest levels.The strength of the pressure sometimes reaches 4-5 kg ​​per 1 sq.see the surface.Ineffective these measures do not happen.

conceptual approach

convinced Joel, "Skin - an ecosystem in miniature".It is unique and requires always new rejuvenation program.Installation and cosmetologist action plan must be such as:

  • an overall diagnosis of the covers;
  • individually choose cosmetics (creams, oils, gels, ointments) - to nourish, moisturize and reconstruct the affected area;
  • apply a program of deep massage.

use exclusively serums and creams from the problems of dry and damaged skin will not cure.As chemical and hormonal agents (the latter only poison us from the inside).An experienced massage therapist who knows how to "feel" of each patient, help to eliminate disadvantages significantly better.He will return to its original shape - if at all possible, and time is not wasted.Wonderful lifting will take place - and it will cover the collarbone, neck, chin, cheeks and finish at the top of the forehead.

session sculptural massage Wrinkle

The effects

Represents sculptural facial massage video - to it we refer readers to the article.The sequence of movements of hands and especially with the neck-face portion of the body is described in detail.The whole course is designed for 12 sessions, it should be held twice a year.Basic skills would be nice to learn the "receiving end" in order to engage in preventive rate (frequency - 2-3 times per month).

What does a massage therapist:

  • non-surgical method treats the deeper layers of the skin;
  • carries a profound impact on all areas of neckline (including the shoulder girdle and a neck region), neck and face;
  • returns the natural skin turgor, reducing the subcutaneous tissue, activating activity of lymph, blood vessels and muscles causing the decline;
  • removes puffiness - by ensuring the flow of oxygen to the tissues and to establish lymphatic drainage;
  • «destroy» the unpleasant double chin, "pulls" saggy cheeks;
  • relieves a person from facial wrinkles, "crow's feet" and excessive bulk, puffiness cheekbones;
  • helps to cure nervous tics, improving the conductivity of the nerve endings that are important for the proper activity of the receptor;
  • generates the correct muscular frame, increases the elasticity of the skin, restoring its "former youth."

Subtleties technology

procedure name is clearly associated with the characteristic of the work carried out."Spa-sculptor" systematically and consistently "sculpt" your beautiful oval, moving on special lines."Picture" is usually caused by muscle structure mesh of facial muscles - and it must take into account the professional producing for 40-45 minutes, directed a series of short pressings, sometimes very strong, with the promotion of depth.Hands working with sensitive living flesh wizard - he knows where everything is, and processes each piece separately - no matter how far it may be hidden away.

it always useful "sculpture" technique

to get a "good" beautician on sculptural facial massage reviews taken advantage of such a program mean a lot.About them talk separately.

In most cases, the "people" is pleased with the effect, and from the first day.Sensations have the lion's share of men and women who have undergone, are similar.The muscles of the face are often ache a bit at first: a powerful impact exercise.This is normal and should not cause concern.Almost all celebrate a great result: smoother forehead, "tanks" finally hang down, bags under the eyes "faded" and the outlines of little face (so he wants to be called) became dearer.Rather annoying angularity appears smooth contour lines.

All this pleases and elevates mood, increases vitality, restores confidence.If everything was done properly and the therapist was "on the level".Nevertheless, cases of negative effects are also known.Discontent and confusion frustrated patients were divided more than once - their questions and requests for assistance were published on the web.It is described, for example, a situation where a woman with a fairly thin face and very gentle, sensitive skin, "promassazhirovali" so "carefully", she continued a few weeks later to fight with bruises and stretch marks in places where they were not before.

Cases similar to this a little bit, but they are.In some situations, people complained, even to unexpected changes in metabolism.Ate salty - and cheek (the already swollen due to the "barbaric" treatment of the masseur with a face) inflates, they grow heavy.And instead of oval-shaped face contour becomes a square or diamond-shaped.The reason for these disorders is obvious: the low level of training would-specialist that has taken not for their cause.A true professional, working with the patient, such outcome would never allow.

sure to consult with your doctor before deciding on a "sculptural" epic and thorough approach to the selection of the artist.Charlatans of medicine and cosmetology, unfortunately, we were not translated.We wish you them do not intersect and the desire to be beautiful, young, radiating a healthy person to be properly understood.Success!


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect according to her noticeable after3rd application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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