Facial Rejuvenation at home: cleaning peeling and drugs

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believed that the first signs of aging appear around the age of 35.On the condition of the skin affected by many factors: diet, environment, stress, chronic fatigue, so often mimic wrinkles appear much earlier.If you notice in his face the slightest signs of change - need to act immediately.The sooner you start to fight the first signs of aging - the better the result.Some skin rejuvenation using different creams advertised, which, unfortunately, do not always bring the desired effect.The fact that the facial rejuvenation in the home must be complex.One of the most important points is a regular facial cleansing.You do not have to visit beauty salons, as the majority of procedures can be performed at home.

  • correct facial correction of age changes
  • Rejuvenating nourishing mask
  • Cosmetics for young persons
  • Pharmacy agents for skin rejuvenation
  • Video consultation dermatologist: how to properly moisturize the skin
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correct facial aging changes correction

for daily cleansing and facial rejuvenation at home, you can use vegetable oil (olive, palm, almond, little grape seed, etc.).It is perfect for removing make-up, so it can be used instead of the usual means.

For deep cleansing, you can use a mixture of equal parts of almond and olive oil.Apply the oil on the surface of the skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes.Then, using cotton pad, wipe the face.As a rule, after the first two sessions already visible anti-aging effect.

Rejuvenating nourishing mask

In order to maintain youth and beauty skin need to use masks made from natural ingredients.Cook them a snap.Give yourself 20-30 minutes a day 1-2 times a week, and you permanently save the beautiful look of your skin.

easiest way - lay on your face sliced ​​fresh cucumber.To let more cucumber juice - make several punctures with a fork or a knife.Suffice it to 20-minute procedure to refresh the complexion and make up for the lack of moisture.

Likewise, you can use a variety of fruit and berry masks.Crush a few strawberries or strawberry and apply on your face.After 15-20 minutes, cleanse your face with warm water.

Good results show home mask with parsley.Green leaves finely chop or mince, the resulting slurry Apply to the skin for 15 minutes.This nourishing mask rejuvenates skin, improves complexion, reduces pigmentation.

For oily and normal skin rejuvenating mask can be prepared on the basis of egg yolk.Well whisk egg yolk, add to it a few drops of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of almond oil or olive oil.The resulting mixture was put on the pre-cleansed face.After 15-20 minutes rinse with warm water.To improve the effect of wash off all the masks decoction of herbs -. Calendula, chamomile, etc.

Cosmetics for Youth

face for facial rejuvenation is best to use a cosmetic company.Typically, cosmetics manufacturers produce a series of comprehensive care.It can be a day cream, night, scrub and serum.
As for companies, remember that price is not always a guarantee of impeccable quality.Among the domestic cosmetics line worked well for rejuvenation "Black Pearl", and from overseas - French company Ericson Laboratoire and Selvert Thermal, Israeli Holli Land Cosmetics.

for aging skin with lots of wrinkles fit Line Active C of the manufacturer La Roche-Posay, as well as cosmetics and Alpha KM Alfatsid of LED Laboratoires.For

rejuvenation increasingly used anti-aging serum, which are oily or aqueous concentrates with a large number of active substances.They nourish the skin, so there is a feeling of the skin firmer.

Usually serum is applied to the skin once a day for a week.The procedure is repeated every three months.A good example - anti-aging serum French company BeautyMed, composed of seaweed extracts.

Drugstore means for rejuvenation

skin for facial rejuvenation is not necessary to buy expensive cosmetics.You can use the various components, which are sold in any drugstore.For information on how to use them is often referred female forums.

  • Panthenol

good effect such a drug as panthenol.It is produced in two dosage forms in the form of a spray or as an ointment.Use the form that you prefer.Mode of action of panthenol is aimed at accelerating epithelization and scarring of the skin surface.Vitamin A, belongs to the drug involved in the intracellular metabolic processes.The forums can often find recommendations on the use of panthenol for facial rejuvenation.Apply the drug 1-2 times a week as a mask or a night cream.Rub until completely absorbed, do not rinse.

  • Solkoseril

To improve the absorption of oxygen the skin can be used ointment solkoseril.The pharmacological action of the drug is aimed at improving metabolism and accelerate tissue repair.Ointments creams can be added to or used as a face mask.The effect of the application is not immediately.

  • Retinol acetate

Retinol (vitamin A) is a fat-soluble vitamin, which takes an involvement in metabolism.In medicine, it is prescribed for damaged skin, frostbite, burns, psoriasis, excessive thickening of the skin, and others. In our case, retinol is needed to normalize the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands, as well as wrinkles.

Despite its advantageous properties, in some cases the use of retinol may cause allergic reactions.The feedback is sometimes pointed out that if the use of vitamin A in the night, in the morning you may experience swelling under the eyes.It is likely that this idiosyncrasy.In most cases, there are positive results.

Apply retinol best in the form of an oil (3.44%).Apply the medication on the skin for 2 hours before bedtime.The good effect is shown in addition retanola night cream.Lubricate this cream face before going to bed 1-2 times a week.
To improve microcirculation, you can use a variety of medications for prevention and treatment of varicose veins.Well proven troksevazin, lioton, creams with an extract of leech.

  • Troxevasin and lioton

This drugs are an ode to the group, so you can use any of them.Angioprotective means affect the veins and small capillaries, thereby improving the blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the skin.To rejuvenate the skin, apply on face or lioton troksevazin (or other equivalent).Doing this procedure is recommended for an hour before bedtime.Furthermore, troksevazin may be used as decongestants, for rapid disposal of haematomas and ecchymoses.

  • Kuriozin

to recommend the use of anti-wrinkle gel Kuriozin.In medicine, it is used to maintain the elasticity of the skin against acne formation.Hyaluronic acid, a part of stimulating cell regeneration, accelerates the healing of wounds, and zinc has an antiseptic effect.Apply the gel under the eyes and in the nasolabial fold.In the first year Kuriozin (1 tube) product can be used by applying 1 time a day, and can be mixed with the usual cream.The second course - at will and feelings.After the first course, you can use the tool if the skin loses its original appearance.

  • Calcium chloride

Good results for facial rejuvenation at home gives peeling using calcium chloride and ordinary soap.To cleanse the face, apply on cotton pad calcium chloride and wipe your face.Then, on the same cotton swab, apply some baby soap.At this point, calcium chloride react with soap to form a basis for peeling.Wipe the face with cotton pad, removing all the dirt.For dry skin, the procedure can be done every 2 weeks for normal, oily and combination - once a week.Read more about peeling can be viewed on video.

Video dermatologist advice: how to properly moisturize the skin

Before starting the application of pharmaceutical agents for skin rejuvenation is recommended to consult a beautician or doctor.Remember that the beauty and youthfulness of the skin depends not only on regular maintenance.That the skin has always remained firm and taut must be the correct balanced nutrition, healthy sleep and rest.


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect according to her noticeable after3rd application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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