How to choose a face cream , and you need to know about the composition of creams

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We women do not want to grow old brand.That is why we use a variety of cosmetics for the face, body and hair.Sometimes we are preparing a magic home remedies, but most buy them in the store, spending fabulous sums.How to choose a face cream, which will prolong our youth and protect against aging?After the first signs of aging of skin appear on the face and neck.

  • As women choose a face cream
  • composition for the face cream
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  • technologically necessary components
  • How to choose a good face cream?
  • Should we believe the advertising?
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As women choose a face cream

It would seem that women need to understand the makeup as well as the majority of men in the art.After all, they are the main consumers of the variety of creams, masks, lotions and tonics.But in such a large number of brands offered and the species is not surprising confused.And advertising finally knocks us off.

Choose a good cream for the face - it me

ans to acquire such a cream that will "work" your skin and give positive results.Let us remember how we choose creams and try to understand if we do it right.

Most women, choosing a face cream, guided by its external features: like the smell, the consistency of a cream (cream is very gentle or light), its ability to be absorbed.And it also happens that we are battling on the spot package design.And if the seller primotat anything to the package and call it a gift?This once again reinforces our confidence in the correctness of the choice of face cream.And no matter what kind of gift - cotton sticks, CDs or sponges to apply makeup.The main thing - nothing.And advertising, which creates a positive image not yet purchased a jar of cream!It uses clever phrases, promising phrases like "of Q10 co-enzymes", "collagen".These magical substance supposedly long prolong youthfulness of the skin ...

appears magical coenzyme found in every cell of our body, regardless of age.And once again appeared on the market cosmetic products - these are the same creams in new packaging.And if we look at the list of ingredients that are included in the cream, and how much do we understand it?

composition of face cream

Remember how the advertised product is compared to the one you used before or that are currently using?This "normal" cream / powder / detergent.What is the usual face cream?

This emulsion consisting of oil and water, mix well until smooth.The ability to be absorbed arises from the fact that the oil particles are distributed uniformly.Even absorbs oil components, which under normal application (when not included in the cream) are very reluctant to penetrate the skin.Modern creams are absorbed equally well, and surprisingly, the ability to be absorbed is not always an indicator of a good face cream.After emulsification passed on a very high technological level.

Thus, existing components of the cream contained in the emulsion.Let's try to break them up into smaller groups.

active ingredients action

These are the components that have to improve skin condition.But note that by its nature the skin is not adapted for receipt in her nutrients from the outside.They must come from within, on the system of blood vessels subject to human nutrition, sufficient physical activity and recovery during the night.Overcoming the barrier permeability of the skin - one of the greatest challenges of modern cosmetology.It is solved, thanks to the finely dispersed emulsified.A significant amount of the active ingredients not only absorbed into the skin, and penetrates into it to the level of the capillary vasculature.

Face cream from the best manufacturers are passed to the capillary network from 10 to 30% active ingredients.The remaining 90-70% do not have a significant effect on the skin, as distributed by its cell layers overlying.Therefore, in order to evaluate the effect of a cream, you need a lot of time.

as active ingredients modern manufacturers use essential oils and vegetable oils, plant extracts.They are considered the most effective creams that contain these ingredients in items 2-5.Carefully read the part before you choose a face cream.It should bring the skin vitamins, flavonoids, glycosides, coumarins, terpenes, trace elements and other substances which activate the metabolism in the skin cells.The more active ingredients, the cream nourishes a greater extent.If the composition of its not rich active ingredients, the cream will have a positive effect on the skin, but it will be insufficient.

If you use a cream that contains active ingredients only 1-2, but the contents of the jars magically smoothes wrinkles, providing almost immediate effect, be aware that it is dangerous for the skin.To normalize its functions need at least two weeks.

technologically necessary components

These are the ingredients of which do not like to speak of either producers or sellers of cosmetics.These components have nothing to do with natural components, benefiting the skin.Emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, preservatives, fragrances and dyes are introduced into the process necessary for the cream.They help the cream to buy a uniform structure, light texture, nice color and flavor.Unfortunately, in all the creams are substances of artificial origin, and they are completely alien to the skin on the biochemical composition.And the longer the period of storage of cream, the greater the number of such substances it contains.

creams situation similar to the situation with foods that are made with high technology.Processing aids are marked on the package "E" index.It is extremely difficult to prove direct harm their health, but what they do not benefit, that's for sure.

How to choose a good face cream?

Even if you are far from the chemistry, you'll be able to distinguish between the "chemical" sounding name from the names of vegetable oils and extracts.The more and the smaller plant chemicals, the cream is better.

Note the order of the ingredients on the packaging.They are always listed in descending order by number.Thus, if in the first place water, followed by a long list of chemical names (propylene butylcarbamate, methylparaben, sodium benzoate), followed by the indicated one or two names of plant extracts or oils, and further the chemical names again refrain from buying such an agent.And if natural ingredients are the latest in a series of general, this cream is more harmful than useful.There are also creams definitely harmful.It is those who have no part in the package.The manufacturer does not have a cream component is clearly not out of forgetfulness.

cream dignity depends on the nature of the emulsion bases - oil, which is used as a carrier-solvent other cream ingredients.Well, if it's olive oil, sesame oil or jojoba oil.Worse, if mineral oil (mineral oil).Simply put, it is the technical engine oil.Despite the fact that this is the highest purity product, it is a product of the oil refining industry, and it is completely alien to the skin in their biochemical composition.

Should we believe the advertising?

This motor trade presents us with information which by its nature is a myth.That there are statements about magic creams, affecting the skin "at the cellular level," "at the molecular level" or a "cell-molecular".Especially women are often deceived by empty promises of advertising wrinkle creams.Here and collagen and liposome creams and hydration, giving skin an instant smoothing effect.But you should know that once appeared wrinkle, alas, has not gone anywhere.The only thing we can do - slow down its extension and deepening through building inside and outside the skin nutrition.

example, mineral oil, glycerin, petrolatum, propylene glycol, when applied to the skin capture moisture from the environment and it is pulled out of the cell layers that are below.Therefore, on the surface of the skin to instantly create an oil-water film.Swell dead skin cells, fine lines disappear in the eyes, the skin is smoothed microrelief.One can not say that this is very bad, but you should know that aging continues, but the woman does not see it as a cream mask the true state of affairs.

therefore to draw conclusions about how to choose a face cream, every woman should own.Some abandoned store creams and home use face cream - one that is prepared independently.Some intuitively used instead creams various oils.If you buy the cream in the store, pay attention not to the packaging design and price of products, and the cream.

Video exposure "natural" creams


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