Removal of facial hair forever : domestic and professional ways

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Unwanted facial hair for many women is not only aesthetic, but also a serious psychological problem.In most cases it can be successfully solved, however, before taking up the facial hair removal, it is necessary to understand the causes of their occurrence and to determine the best way to fight.In general women are concerned mustache on the upper lip, as well as individual hairs or vegetation noticeable on the cheeks and chin.

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methods for controlling the growth of facial hair

solve the dilemma can be achieved by taking the drugsregulating the production of androgen in the body, or using special cosmetic procedures: plucking, bleaching a

nd sugar wax epilation, depilatory creams, electrolysis and laser hair removal.Choosing the right method depends on the severity of the problem and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Causes of unwanted facial hair

presence of hair on the human body - a natural phenomenon, provided by Mother Nature.To find totally "bald" instance is almost impossible.If you look closely, it becomes clear that the body of each person, including women, covered with small hairs - fluff that does not cause any trouble.The problem starts when hair growth, which can be caused by several reasons:

  • Puberty.In this period there is a delicate active hormonal changes the body, causing, in particular, youthful skin problems and changes in the structure of hair.The main culprit of girls' problems with unwanted vegetation - the male hormone androgen.The higher the concentration in the blood, the greater the problem.Eventually, when hormone levels stabilize, the problem may disappear by itself.
  • Menopause.While ovarian activity gradually fades, androgen production increases, which provokes an intensive hair growth on the face.
  • Heredity.If your mother, grandmother or sister had to face similar challenges, most likely, all the matter of heredity.
  • polycystic ovary syndrome, and any other disease associated with hormonal imbalance in women, may increase the production of male sex hormones and, as a consequence, on the body and the face of an unwanted vegetation from which so eager to get rid of.

In any case, confronted with the problem of unwanted hair on the body and face, it is advisable to consult a doctor endocrinologist, and then go to the beautician.In the case of hirsutism and other hormonal disorders may need medication.If increased hair growth on the face is not related to hormonal factors, to remove them, you can use any home or professional method.

How to remove facial hair simple way

Plucking hair with tweezers

Tweezers - cheap and cheerful, and besides, even painful.It is the perfect tool for correcting the shape of the eyebrows, and the plucking of individual hairs on his chin.Use tweezers to remove the antennae, and facial hair - is absolutely unacceptable.Repeated plucking irritate the hair follicle, causing the appearance of thicker hair and rigid, and can lead to scarring on sensitive skin.

Budget discoloration

simple and inexpensive method of hair in which the hair is not removed, but merely discolored.Suitable for masking is not too thick dark tendrils.For the procedure, you can use perhydrol or special lightening creams.Discoloration may cause redness and irritation of the skin, especially sensitive.

hair removal wax or sugar

Waxing - the most popular way to remove unwanted facial hair.Depending on the type of hair, the result is stored for two to six weeks.Suitable for women with low to medium degree of "hairy".The most effective wax is removed the vegetation above the upper lip and thin hair on the sides of the face.An alternative to wax depilation is shugaring - hair removal sugar.they should rather grow back, so some time will have to be like a "gentlemen's set»

cream for depilation

chemical depilatory agents are comparatively cheap and easy to use, but on the delicate skin of the face, they often cause the hair can be successfully removed,severe irritation and allergic reactions.Furthermore, they may trigger the growth of thicker and dark hairs.Before their application should carefully read the instructions and be sure to get tested for sensitivity.On average, depilatory cream gives the skin smoothness for up to two weeks.

Professional hair removal on the face

Pros and cons of electrolysis

electrolysis or electrolysis - one of the most effective ways of getting rid of unwanted hair on the face.During the procedure, under the influence of a low-voltage electricity breaks down the hair follicle and the hair stops growing.To achieve the desired result may need many hours of the session or the regular procedure for several months.For example, to remove hair from the upper lip will take at least ten hours, and for the treatment of excess vegetation chin - about fifteen.When hard and fast growing hair times may increase.The disadvantages of electrolysis are relatively high cost of the procedure and its tenderness.Not every woman is ready to endure many hours of "torture", even knowing full well that beauty requires sacrifice.In addition, after the on-site electrolysis hair may be barely noticeable scars.

Laser hair removal

fastest and most reliable way to get rid of the long-term excess hair, which consists in an intense effect on the hair follicles of short beams of light, resulting in stops the growth of new hair.During one session exposures are thousands of hairs.After the first session noted the effect of slowing down the growth of hair, but in order to stop them sprouting all, you will need several treatments, the amount of which depends on the treated area and the natural androgen levels.On average, it may take three to eight treatments.Ideal candidates for laser hair removal - people with light skin and dark hair.The laser light can not be removed or gray hair, since they lack melanin-containing target cells, which are able to absorb laser energy and to stop the growth of hair.Big plus laser hair removal - painless.

operating principle of hair removal

radical and progressive method of hair removal using high-momentum of melanin has the ability to absorb and transmit light.Energy absorbed by the melanin of the light pulse heats and destroys the hair follicle, causing it to fall out.One light flash handles multiple bulbs, spread over 5 square centimetersskin.In the first procedure with the treated area is removed a little over 30% of the hair, which no longer grow.Several weeks later procedure can be repeated to remove residual vegetation.Unlike laser hair removal, which works only with dark hair epilation influences hair of all colors and any structure, irrespective of the area of ​​the body and skin type.Laser hair removal is painless, non-contact, non-allergenic and has no serious contraindications.


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