Means for removing make-up : a means to select for excellent cleansing

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Everyone knows about the art of makeup.It can help you not only to correct facial imperfections and highlight its advantages, but also create a new image, quite unlike the everyday.However, not enough to pay attention to the make-up remover.After removing cosmetics must also be skilled.This means that the makeup remover should be of good quality and properly selected.

  • Correct cleaning of the skin from make-up
  • What is suitable for removing make-up?
  • Terms of Use cleansers
  • Choosing makeup remover
  • biphasic resistant means
  • cream (milk) to make-up remover
  • Cream Makeup Remover
  • Cleansing bactericidal emulsion
  • Liquid makeup remover
  • (tonic) Cleansing Geland foam

Smart skin removal of makeup

What is suitable for removing make-up?

Firstly, you need to use special tools for removing make-up, which may be commercially available in large quantities.Many women still remove makeup from the eyes with soap or other means for washing the face.It is better to choose a tool that i

s suitable for your skin type and age - it's milk, foam or gel.

soap categorically not suitable for washing the face.It destroys the protective film of the skin, causing excessive sebaceous glands.If you use lotion, be aware that with it you need to use cotton pads or wipes for make-up remover.Do not use cotton wool: it exfoliates the skin and sticks.Cotton pads also do not all fit.If you remove the make-up very uncomfortable in the composition of synthetic drives them.

removes makeup and apply any means on the skin only the massage lines.It does not stretch the skin of the face, but only a little massage.If the make-up is removed it is not well, then you are wrong to have picked up agent.Estheticians a scheme makeup remover.Try to stick to it.

Terms of Use cleansers

first remove the lipstick from her lips.If you have a regular lipstick, it will be enough to carry out a dry cotton pad from the corners of the mouth to the middle of the lips.If your lipstick resistant, have to use the means for removing waterproof makeup.Sell ​​special tonics that can remove make-up, as the eyes and lips (Nivea, Loreal, Garnier, Avon).

Then, remove makeup from the eyes.This requires a special tonic.To remove the shadows, run a cotton pad with the means to the corners of the eye from the nose.Shadows from the lower lid should be removed by moving a cotton pad on the corner of the eye to the nose.

Mascara is removed with two cotton pad.One put on the lower eyelid, the second use to wipe the eyelashes from the bottom up.If you use waterproof mascara, she, like lipstick, remove the special means for removing waterproof makeup.

to remove the powder and foundation cream, soak the drive means for removing make-up, gently slide the face, repeating the massage lines.

After the makeup is removed, wipe the face tonic.Choose the one that is designed for your skin type.Domestic tools, such as Clean Line One hundred and beauty recipes have proven themselves very well.Wipe face tonic should also be on the massage lines.

Choosing makeup remover

When choosing make-up remover should consider the type of skin, its sensitivity, resistance removable makeup, and of course, the woman's age.After releasing agent designed specifically for young skin, for mature and aging.

for mature and aging skin is suitable makeup remover, which included have evening primrose oil.For the skin around the eyes with a suitable means of cornflower extract.

biphasic resistant means

For supersteady cosmetics biphasic necessary funds.Before use, they should be well shaken.Such means consist of a fat layer and an aqueous layer.To remove makeup, achieve both layers blending.

biphasic funds became available recently.The water and oil components in a bottle found in a stratified condition.Lighter oil floats to the surface, the water goes down.When shaking the vial components interact.You can often find two-phase lotion spray.Two-phase agent perfectly cleanses the skin of any type of cosmetics.Oils are very good with any make-up, and the aqueous composition refreshing cleansed skin.Particularly suitable biphasic funds for sensitive skin - they are very gently cleanse.

most famous two-phase makeup remover - Loreal (means for removing waterproof makeup with eyes and lips), Garnier (Gentle Care - means for removing waterproof makeup with sensitive skin), Yves Rosher (liquid for removing makeup around the eyes), Everyday(two-phase lotion for removing make-up).

cream (milk) to make-up remover

Conservative and versatile tool for make-up remover - remover milk cosmetics.This tool can be recommended to everyone, but it is especially good for dry and mature skin.In cold weather, it can be used and the owners of combination skin.The make-up remover milk for a lot of fat, so it is quite qualitatively removes makeup from the face.But the use of a tonic after the milk - a mandatory part of the procedure.If you have oily skin, do not use make-up remover lotion, better choose other means.With milk you will feel discomfort due to a sense of "unwashed".

Excellent proven means of Vichy (the integral make-up remover 3 in 1).This facility, which serves as the milk makeup remover, lotion and tonic.A good remedy for L'Oreal - milk and tonic that instantly melts on the skin, changing from milk to a tonic.For aging skin lotion is perfect anti-aging line of "One hundred recipes for beauty".Popular tool for makeup removal from Faberlic - lotion with lotus extract, as well as makeup remover from Lancome.

Cream Makeup Remover

This is essentially the same milk, but the concentration of fat in it is higher.This means thicker and fat than milk.Creams are great for dry and aging skin.Especially good if a part of funds has azulene - calming supplement that increases the regenerative capacity of the skin.Cosmetic lotions and cosmetic creams do not require rinsing with water.After use, enough to treat the skin tonic.

Cleansing Emulsion bactericidal

This lotion makeup remover low-fat.The emulsion is best suited for oily skin.Instead of fat content in the emulsion is increased bactericidal additives.

Liquid Makeup Remover (tonic)

Excellent removes residues of powder, shadows, blush, cream tones.But do not use the tonic for the face to remove makeup from the eyes.Firstly, they are ineffective: to remove ink tonic for face you still will not work.Secondly, they are not suitable for sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes.Consistency tonic - light and transparent.Therefore, it is good refreshes the skin.Toner typically contains oils and alcohol, it is made based on thermal water or a floral water, dilute acids.Sometimes tonics add a small amount of alcohol.Well proven fluid from Vichy and tonic from L'Oreal.

Cleansing Gel and foam

These funds are recommended for oily and combination skin.For problem skin suitable gel or foam with chamomile extract, calendula or glycerol.If you have sensitive skin, look for a variety of soothing gel with additives - panthenol, azulene.Foams and gel be sure to rinse with water.Cosmetologists believe that the cleansing properties of the gels for washing is not high, although those who used such means, it seems that it cleanses the skin very well.The fact is that any gel removes the lipid film with the makeup.A lipid film is protective.If it is washed off, and at the same time on a regular basis, the skin dries out.So do not use make-up remover gel if your skin and so dry.


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