Eyebrow thread at home: two different ways of plucking

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gently curved eyebrows make a female face attractive.It becomes more open.That's why women have always tried to maintain a perfect eyebrow shape by all possible means.You can do this yourself at home - tweezers, for example, but you can turn to professionals who will model perfect for your face shape eyebrows, paint them in the desired color.It is possible to do permanent makeup eyebrow.But recently more and more popular is eyebrow shaping thread.This ancient method used by women of Eastern countries, to always remain attractive.

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«Compute» ideal form

Technique correction eyebrow thread

Little girls in the East since childhood taught the art of beauty.What is remarkable is that this be

auty can be created with a single cotton thread.In the Middle East and South Asia, this procedure done in any beauty salon.Moreover, this method is not only eyebrow correction thread and and hair removal on all areas of the face and body.In traditional Indian families all women remove excess hair on their own thread.

This method is very simple and effective.Shape eyebrows immediately becomes very expressive, because along with large hairs and plucking fluff, which can not be removed with tweezers.

To master this method, you need a certain skill and experience.Want to know how to do it?To do this, you can see the demo video, which is the Internet.The technique consists in the fact that the thread is pulled strongly, it attacks the hair loop that pulls a sharp movement.Traditionally, oriental women hold one end of the thread teeth, but only when it is convenient to model the eyebrows the other person rather than yourself.If you make yourself, you need to keep your hands.The thread ends are bound in the middle of the thread is twisted into a loop.So it is possible to remove hair on the upper lip, chin, nipples in the area.Recall, the thread must necessarily be cotton because synthetic electrified and does not create the desired tension and silk too smooth, so it will slide off.

In beauty salons use special cosmetic thread.It is a subtle interweaving of nylon yarns that with the rapid contact with the skin is easy to capture the desired hair, and with a sharp pull pulling them.Therefore, correction of the thread is considered one of the most effective ways to shape eyebrows simulation.Thread captures those hairs that tweezers to pick up possible.

How long does the effect?

form eyebrows thread after correction is stored for about a month.After that hair grows back.Its structure, it does not change (do not believe the one who says that remote hairs grow more subtle and inconspicuous).Sometimes after Unplugging hairs as small reddening, but they pass quickly.To skin irritation has not spread, and there was no infection after the procedure, use antiseptic for skin.

Pros and cons of plucking thread

We have already named among the advantages of this method of eyebrow correction of their ideal shape.In addition, the procedure is painful, though (especially when you do it the first time), but very fast.You do not have to endure long plucking, as is the case when using a pair of tweezers.But, despite this, the sensation depends on the pain threshold, and it is different for each person.If the procedure is done correctly, the skin is not injured.Furthermore, the exfoliating pronounced effect - the filament is removed using not only unwanted hairs and dead skin cells.

Among procedure deficiencies can be called the complexity of her at home.After all, our girls do not have the skills like Eastern.But with the development of the eastern Diaspora in our country, many beauty salons have implemented this service, and the price of it is not fabulous - usually not much more than the cost of a manicure.Therefore, you can always find a beauty salon, where you will make quality eyebrow correction thread.

Another drawback procedures - sharp pain.When plucking tweezers skin treated with ice, which reduces soreness.When this thread correction method does not work, since the wet hair completely want to stick to the yarn.But plucking tweezers and the procedure is not a pleasant one, and we all remember that "Beauty requires sacrifice" and so again and again dare to eyebrow correction.

Eyebrow thread at home

If you are brave girl who likes to experiment, you can learn the art of hair removal thread at home.Perhaps not immediately succeed, but then at the Indian girls certainly get immediately.Prepare a cotton yarn of medium thickness, a moisturizing cream, a bowl of hot water, cotton pads, ice cubes.

method first preparation cream

Before correction thread should prepare the skin for the procedure.plucking zone lubricate the moisturizer.Let it soak in, wait a few minutes and then soak cotton pads in hot water and apply to the eyebrows.It is necessary to remove the remnants of the cream, which did not have time to absorb.Unroll the required amount of thread, tie and twist it as shown in the picture or video.The loop of thread on the area of ​​hair growth gradually moved, throwing it to the excess hair and pulling.As a result of this procedure, the hair pulls.After Eyebrow shape correction process is completed, apply ice cubes, and after again lubricate the moisturizer.

The second way to rasparivaniem

The difference is in the preparation for the procedure.It begins not with the application of the cream, and skin steaming.You can coincide with the correction of eyebrows at the time, when you only had a bath, but you can steam the face, after sitting over a bowl of hot water for 10-15 minutes.After that, the skin should be clean.Carefully wipe the place that came to handle tonic, of which consists of an alcohol or any other alcohol-containing solution.For instance, calendula tincture.This procedure defats the skin and fear of contamination in the event of injury.

correcting the shape of eyebrows, pluck hairs only in the direction of their growth.Through this, you can avoid skin damage, reduce pain.After the procedure, be cool and moisturize the skin.You can use an ice cube or a special coolant to remove swelling and skin redness.Then apply to the area of ​​hair removal moisturizer.

How to reduce the pain?

To minimize the pain during the procedure and avoid inflammation after it, you need to choose the procedure correctly.Never run it during PMS or in the first days of menstruation, during this period the female body most susceptible to pain.Do not handle the modeling of eyebrows, if you are tired after a hard day's work.At this time the body is exhausted and needs rest, which means that the immune system is weakened.It increases the likelihood of infection and inflammation.Do not carry out any manipulation of the eyebrows, if the surface of the skin in the eyebrow area already have inflammation or irritation.This procedure will only aggravate the inflammation.

method plucking string Video

main rule is to reduce the pain - careful steaming skin before the procedure.When the pores are most open, hair is removed much more easily, which means it does not hurt.


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