How to remove swelling under the eyes : folk remedies against bags

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reason for the appearance of dark circles and swelling under the eyes is a violation of the venous and lymphatic drainage.Edema may occur from fatigue or stress adjourned.In addition, the circles under the eyes can be caused by diseases of some internal organs, as well as excess skin pigmentation.But regardless of the reasons for the appearance, if these unpleasant phenomena is, you probably are interested in the question of how to remove the puffiness under the eyes.Already invented many ways to deal with them.Perhaps some of them will suit you, you will use it all the time, and forget about the edema under the eyes.

  • Professor of Cosmetology of the problem of edema
  • Folk remedies for swelling under the eyes
  • popular massage techniques
  • effective simple massage
  • Chinese version of edema massage
  • What causes edema?

Professor of Cosmetology of the problem of edema

Folk remedies for swelling under the eyes

  • chamomile, mint, linden blossom, and not only

tablespoon dried chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water and insist 1015 minutes.Moisten a cotton swab extract ever.We perform the procedure at least 15 minutes.This popular recipe helps with the inflammation of the eye.Just be prepared and applied tincture or mint leaves, lime blossom, eyebright.Chamomile can be mixed with tea - black or green.When brewing is necessary to add a glass of teaspoon of tea.

  • Birch infusion

It is an excellent remedy for dark circles and swelling.Looking fresh leaves of birch (5-6 pieces).They pour a glass of mineral cold water and leave overnight for infusion.Filtered infusion should be lubricated edematous eyelids for 15-20 minutes.

  • Potatoes

It is a wonderful folk remedy for dark circles, struggling with edema.The easiest way to use the potato effect for age - just 15-25 minutes, apply eye circles raw peeled potatoes.It also can grate, mix with herbs, and the resulting mask for 20 minutes, to impose on the eyelid skin.Well, if you put on top of a damp cloth.Of course, the mask needs to be done in the supine position, when the whole body is resting, but nothing has been sprinkled with masks.You can also use boiled potatoes (mashed potatoes) or juice from raw potatoes.

  • Cucumber

know how to remove swelling under the eyes using fresh cucumbers?This is a great way to get rid of swelling.You can close your eyes or cucumber slices to impose on the eyelids mass of cucumber, grated on a fine grater.Relax mask 20 minutes, and then wash with cold water.Pleasant sensation of coolness under the eyes is guaranteed.

  • Cosmetic ice

It is prepared in the home of mineral water or herbal medicines.Suit chamomile, sage, rosemary, mint, lime, striped, parsley or dill, regular tea.To prepare the infusion, pour a tablespoon herb spoon (or a mixture) cup of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour, and then pour into molds for ice and freeze.This ice Wash your face in the morning every day.

popular massage techniques

has developed many systems for eye exercises.To your eyes and eyelids looked young and fresh, and swelling are gone, do such massage systems:

  • Preparing for massage

eyebrow taken the index finger and thumb, and manufactured pressure.It should go through the whole eyebrow, each time stepping on the width of a finger.When the index fingers you touch points above the eyebrows, the skin, pull slightly upwards.This is in order to display the resistance of the century.Blinked 20 times with stress.

  • We remove accumulated fluid around the eyes

To do this you need to put your index fingers on the sides of the nose, to put pressure on the point and move the fingertips to the eye sockets very gradually.If you massage the bridge of the nose 30 seconds, it stimulates lymph drainage, as a result of the accumulated fluid around the eyes gradually removed.

Then put his hands on the temples, make a few circular motions.This exercise should be are you doing 30 seconds.This massage stimulates the active points and calms the nervous system.

  • Acupressure for the skin around the eyes

It increases the elasticity of the skin around the eyes.We need to close your eyes and the middle finger of his left hand to fix the skin at the outer corner of the left eye.In this case the middle finger of the second hand massage the site of the century from the outer corner of the eye at the very bottom edge of the century, toward the inner corner and coming back to the outside.Repeat 6 times.In the same way massage is performed for the second eye.

effective simple massage

It can be done as often as necessary, in any free minute.

  • light pat fingers go over the area of ​​the lower eyelid.The most convenient way to do your index and middle finger.
  • Make stroking movements with your fingers around the eye, holding the skin at the temple.
  • Close your eyes for 5-10 seconds, hold eyelids tense, then relax.Repeat 10 times.
  • middle and index fingers, hold eyelids closed eyes, and trying to open them.
  • Holding the skin of your fingertips the eyebrows, eyes wide open.Forehead thus should not pucker.
  • Close your eyes and gently stretch the eyelids with your fingertips.But do not overdo it with stretching.

Chinese version of edema massage

This massage not only removes edema, but also helps relieve nervous stress.Chinese massage begins with the fact that through the closed eyelids for eyeballs easy to jam your fingers.Pressure should be rhythmic.Then you need to massage the area around the eyes, producing a light pressing and moving your fingers.It should be a little stretch the skin.During massaging fingers should stay in the depths of tissue for a few seconds and slowly return to the starting position.

Why is there swelling?

most common cause of edema is fatigue.Do not overestimate your capabilities, because it is impossible to alter all things.Do you know the difference between fatigue from fatigue?Fatigue - the line between healthy and unhealthy condition of the body, fatigue - is one of the health renewal mechanisms.Fatigue body gives the signal: it is time to stop and rest.Do not overwork, and do more than you can take on.And when get tired, be sure to take time to rest.Lie down with a mask on his face 15-20 minutes after work - the best holiday for every woman.Your body rests, thoughts are in order, mask works and presents the beauty of the skin.Take the time to recuperate.

Another common cause of swelling under the eyes - eye muscle overexertion.If you spend much time on the computer or a fan of nightclubs and discos, it is possible that you have edema.Radiation from the monitor and club lights are not the best way affects the condition of the eyes and the skin around them.Try to change your daily routine.

Unfortunately, swelling under the eyes tend to be inherited.In this case, the swelling does not want to disappear.Do not get angry at their parents.With genetics can not argue.

Sometimes the cause of the swelling can be a lack of oxygen.In this case, you often walk in the fresh air and the operating room and sleeping room well ventilated.

Edemas under the eyes may indicate kidney disease, when the protein is washed away from the body with urine.So if they do not pass on herbs, massage and rest, do not delay visit to the doctor.


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