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How to keep skin young and glowing?How to get rid of wrinkles or to prevent their occurrence?What if the complexion does not suit us?How to get rid of age spots?These are the questions women ask the beautician.We present our top 10 tips from the master.

  • 10 valuable recommendations for the care of the person
  • 1) Required for sensitive skin care
  • 2) Special tools for dry and sensitive skin
  • 3) Protect your skin from the harmful external effects
  • 4)Periodic cosmetic cleansing
  • 5) Prevent dehydration of the skin
  • 6) The study of the composition of cosmetic products
  • 7) competent prevention of skin aging
  • 8) Healthy lifestyle
  • 9) The use of anti-aging creams, after 30 years
  • 10) Preventing the appearance of facialwrinkle
  • Video consultation with useful information

10 valuable recommendations for face care

1) Required for sensitive skin care

sensitive skin called the people who have blood vessels are located very close to the skin surface.But such people have skin may be diff

erent - young, mature or aging, as well as oily, dry or combination.Choosing tools for sensitive skin, consider all its features.Pay attention to the multi-function products, and caring at the same time reduce the sensitivity.They should match your age and skin type.

2) Special tools for dry and sensitive skin

for sensitive and dry skin are not suitable means for washing and exfoliating scrubs with coarse particles.Buy gel, scrubs, cleansing mild face and try to use them no more than once a week.Owners of this type of skin should not be used podsushivayuschee tonics and other tools for problem skin.They contain alfagidrokisloty and alcohol - components that are not the best way affects the condition of sensitive skin, causing her irritation.If your Nourishing Night Cream has a dense texture, apply not later than two hours before bedtime, and before going to bed do not forget to remove the remnants of the cream with a damp cloth.

3) Protect your skin from the harmful external effects

summer be sure to use a cream with UV filters.In winter, do not neglect the foundation, because they protect the skin from the cold and wind.You do not want concealer?Purchase a special winter face cream.

4) Periodic cleaning cosmetic

Cleansing face shown for women with oily and combination skin.If your skin is dry, it almost does not need to be cleaned because the sebaceous glands are functioning very poorly.Problems with vesicles and acne (acne and simply acne) does not occur, so the need to clean there.But the owners of dry skin can be another problem - hyperkeratosis.This thickening of the stratum corneum, wherein the complexion becomes uneven and dim.In this case, it helps ultrasonic peeling - a procedure that shows women at the age of 25 years.It is held every six to eight weeks.Soft peels with natural extracts and oils used beauticians to young skin.

5) Prevent dehydration of the skin

it can provoke a variety of problems in the body, as well as the wrong selection of creams, use of coarse exfoliating means and means for removing make-up, abuse of clay masks, prolonged exposure to the sun without protective cream or oil.

If there was such a nuisance, as dehydration of the skin, it is very important to provide proper care.It should be gentle cleansing and toning, using special day and night creams.Sometimes in such cases designate means which excludes the use of water (micellar water, for example), as well as complexes of vitamins and minerals.

6) The study of the composition of cosmetic products

ingredients of modern drugs so active that only experts can understand the intricacies of use.Thus, retinol or provitamin A, which in recent years is a component of almost all cosmetic products, it is considered a great tool for the skin, but it can never be used in the sun, except in cases where you do not plan to leave the house.Retinol significantly increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, smoothes fine lines, accelerates the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation.But the means with vitamin A increases the skin's sensitivity to UV light, causing peeling, allergies, redness.

Another substance that should be used with caution - acid.Malic, lactic, tartaric, citric acid, are part of many products for skin care.On the package they abbreviated ANA (alfagidroksilnye acid).They penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, but to use this makeup in the summer to be very careful - a reaction to sunlight can be unpredictable.

Vitamin C improves skin elasticity and whiten it, because it blocks the melanin formation process.Remember that small amount of the substance in products for the face gives the sunscreen effect and slightly lightens the skin, and a high percentage of vitamin C (professional cosmetics) gives depigmentation effect.Vitamin C in combination with solar activity may cause an allergic skin reaction.

7) Competent prevention of skin aging

To do this, take care of her from a young age.For 17-19 year old girls in the sale there are creams with a light texture.To select should be in accordance with the skin type.Make it a rule to clean skin every morning and evening.With 22-24 years of care complemented by a night cream.It is a tool solves the basic problem.Dry skin should be used at night means with herbal extracts, vitamin complexes and oils that prevent moisture loss and strengthens the skin's protective barrier - hydro mantle.Keep in mind that the loss of moisture - the main cause of early skin aging.

8) Healthy lifestyle

Do not forget that skin aging is not only due to improper care.Premature aging and causes an unhealthy lifestyle, excessive caloric and fatty foods, alcohol, smoking.There are two types of aging: photoinduced and hronoindutsirovannoe.The first is related to environmental factors (eg, exposure to sunlight), the second - with the biological age of a person and his way of life.

9) The use of anti-aging creams, after 30 years

Of course, it's pretty common advice.You can start using anti-aging means, sooner or later - it all depends on the condition of your skin.To 25, usually there are no problems with aging skin.It comes closer to 30 years.Facilities for persons need to be individualized, and it is better if you do this will help cosmetologist.

10) Preventing the appearance of facial wrinkles

Unfortunately, to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles is practically impossible, because the emotions - an integral part of our lives.But we can improve the elasticity of skin tissue.Then it will be less injured due to the relaxation and contraction of facial is recommended to use night nourishing and moisturizing day cream to enhance skin elasticity, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles.Applying makeup remover eye, do not rub and do not hurt the delicate skin of the face.

Do not forget to observe simple rules for skin care.Any funds apply only on the massage lines (bottom-up).Only use creams and masks that fit you, and picking up one way, do not change it - let this be your cream.

Video consultation with useful information


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