Enlarged pores on your face : the causes of and ways to combat

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Why there are enlarged pores on the face and whether you can deal with them?Just say: fight possible and even necessary, because the drawback that even if it is considered cosmetic, capable of causing a decrease in self-esteem, she loses confidence in itself, complex, in terms of self-care lowers his hands, and they could, as they say,close to depression.To you it does not happen in any case, we have prepared for you a few tips that will help you in the difficult task of conservation and enhancement of women's beauty.

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  • reason for extension has to
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Video on how to solve the problem

reason for extension has to

face starting from a young age, when coupled with sexual maturation occurs and hormonal changes of the whole organism, the sebaceous glandsAn intensified production of sebum.Pret

ty unpleasant sensations - a person always shines on the clothes remain the traces of fat.Besides clog pores sebum on the skin surface and accumulate, expands them.One has only to get into the pores of the infection - there and then there is inflammation, which already have to treat the real thing.

¬ęSo it's a natural process - growing up, what can you do?" - Argue a different reader.First of all - the skin should be promptly and efficiently cleaned.And cleansing - perhaps the main way of getting rid of enlarged pores, making this procedure regularly, you will soon notice the effect - the skin ceases to "shine", the inflammation will disappear, and the general appearance of the skin will improve dramatically.The main thing - do not stop the job.Typically, with age sebum is normalized.Be patient, because the care of oily and prone to extended pores of the skin is not complicated.

How to deal with enlarged pores

Someone may say, "But why deal with oily skin, because it keeps you young longer!".Indeed, oily skin is not prone to drying up, and therefore, wrinkles are formed thereon later and not so deep as to dry, dehydrated skin.But this is, perhaps, the positive side of oily skin and end.How many problems it brings her mistress, it is well known to those who have the day begins and ends with washing and cleansing.

chin, nose and forehead - the so-called "T zone" - the most prone to fat content and expanded pores.These problem areas identified for closer attention and in-depth care.If time does not clean the skin of excess "reserves" of accumulated fat, pores stretch, from virtually invisible become visible and unattractive.And if dirt gets into the pores, will carry with it the bacteria form blackheads - red nodules with inflamed tops.Get rid of them is difficult, after their removal may remain scars and scars - so it's best to avoid most of their appearance!

Cleansing as the main way

first and most important way to deal with enlarged pores and excess fat skin - daily washing.For this purpose, special tools are used (make sure that the information on the label contained the words "for oily skin"!) - Foams, gels.These drugs, besides the fact that they are perfectly clean the skin from excessive pollution, as well relieve her from corks sebum production, clogged skin surface.

thoroughly clean the skin especially in the evening, that night she had a rest and restore its natural beauty.Make-up, dirt, dust, fat cork that are deposited in the pores must be removed.After cleansing, gently pat the skin without rubbing it.

Toning as

additions next step in the fight against enlarged pores - toning, ie the use of a variety of tonics produced by all known cosmetic brands.Selection tonics greatly in their composition may include various additives, for example, green tea extract, or aloe.Tonics are designed to constrict the pores and cope with this task perfectly.After applying a tonic, you can apply on face light moisturizer with a matte effect.

deep cleaning scrub

special attention in the difficult task fight with dilated pores deserve scrubs.As an additional means of skin care products, they do an excellent job with the removal of dead cells from the skin surface and deep cleanse the pores.Pay attention to the markings, which must be present important words "for oily skin".

Do not scrub more than once a week, the abuse of abrasive cleaners can "wake up" the pores and cause them to produce sebum in the "emergency mode".Clean your skin gently, gentle movements for cosmetic lines, you do not accidentally damage the skin and cause microtrauma.Our advice: If you have sensitive skin, try instead to use a scrub scrub - a means of combining a soft scrub and a cream base.

Every 2-3 weeks you can do steam baths for the face that will deeply cleanse pores.After cleaning, be sure to treat facial skin disinfectant and apply for 15-20 minutes a contracting mask.

Recipes skincare with dilated pores

What has to offer in addition to the professional tonics traditional medicine?Normal infusion of chamomile, calendula may be an alternative to any tonic, when used correctly.

  • Tonic of calendula and chamomile

This tonic can be cooked on their own: a spoonful of marigold flowers and daisies need to pour a glass of boiling water, then cover with a lid.Half an hour later the finished tincture can drain and pour into a glass bowl.Use a toner can be several times a day - it does not contain alcohol and therefore will not be overly dry skin, a cotton swab or wipe the disk problem areas.

  • mask to narrow pores

If you have prepared lotion calendula and chamomile, is based on it, you can make a mask to narrow the enlarged pores.A glass of broth mixed with a protein, then add a little lemon juice.The resulting mixture has a liquid consistency, so it around the cleansed face with a cotton pad or simply soak in a mixture of cheesecloth and apply to the face.Twenty minutes later, the mask can be washed away.Note: the mask has a strong astringent effect, so if you feel discomfort, immediately rinse!

  • Infusion of Hypericum

If ordinary vodka pour chopped herbs St. John's wort (from the calculation: a tablespoon of chopped herbs to 100 ml of vodka), and then leave for a week, you get an excellent anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.Strain the infusion and pour into a container made of glass.In a cool place it can be stored for a long time, but before use, be sure to plant mixed with water, so that the skin does not burn remaining.This infusion wipe inflamed and overly greasy areas of the skin twice a day, do not forget to rinse after applying the skin with lukewarm water.

  • mask of clay

Clay - excellent anti-inflammatory, dries and tightens pores means.Masks made of clay - some of the most popular, and this glory is justified.Use a clay mask is very simple - dilute white cosmetic clay with warm water to a state of sour cream (you can add aloe juice) and apply to clean skin.After twenty minutes rinse with lukewarm water.Try

and a very good means of cleansing the pores, like diluted milk oatmeal.The action tightens pores and have all sorts of sour fruit, so - feel free to use the gifts of nature for the beauty!Strawberries, peaches, apricots, grapes - what you need in these summer days, hold a mask of crushed fruit for fifteen minutes, then rinse with water at room temperature.

If your battle with dilated pores is just beginning, do not forget about the simple, but important rules:

  • use makeup during this period should be reduced to a minimum;
  • food - only diet, balanced, carbohydrates and fats are limited;
  • dream - a full-fledged, not less than 7 hours per day;
  • try these days all available means to strengthen the immune system.

Remember - to become irresistible, you need to take care of the skin constantly and regularly, the only way to succeed and always look great!


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