Face cream at home: the ingredients and the preparation of regulations

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If you love natural cosmetics certainly would like to make face cream at home.It is not difficult.Many of the ingredients for the cream of useful can be found in the kitchen and in the country, and the components that are missing - buy in a drugstore or specialty store.Most likely, you will have to buy lanolin, beeswax, and various oils and herbs.Remember that the creams, home-cooked, stored in a cool place at a temperature of not less than 3 degrees.It does not matter if the storage creams exfoliate before you apply them to the face, enough to shake or stir well structure.

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rules making home creams

Many do not want to use a home makeup because it looks and smells are not as attractive asshoplifting.If you do not want to put on the face of the butter or margarine, which are often the basis for home creams, use essential oils - lemon, jasmine, rose, orange.It was their most often used to flavor cosmetics, cooked in an industrial environment.

Keep pets face creams should only tightly sealed glass container.To seal the packaging and place it on the neck of a piece of foil or oiled confectionary paper, and then close the jar lid.

In a jar with cream be sure to attach a piece of paper on which is written the date of the preparation of cosmetic products.This is very important, because the creams, shelf life has expired, is not only not benefit, and may even harm your skin.Prepare the cream in a small amount, do not keep them for long.

Domestic mitigating creams

Peach cream for dry skin

To prepare the cream, take lanolin (3 g), wax (1 g), peach oil (4 mL), water (6 ml).Lanolin and wax should be melted in a water bath, add the oil and water mix thoroughly.The cream is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Pink cream for dry and normal skin

To prepare a nourishing cream of rose petals, mince or chop in a blender a few rosebuds (4-5), add to them 50 g butter or margarine, melted beforehand in a water bathadding 10 g beeswax.The resulting mixture add a teaspoon of oil solution of vitamin A. This cream for the face (including the skin around the eyes) is recommended to apply after washing.

Lemon cream for all

skin types To make this cream need half a pack of margarine, 3 tablespoons olive oil (or any other vegetable refined oil), one teaspoon of honey, the oil solution of vitamin A (10 drops), a tablespooncamphor alcohol, juice and zest of two lemons.Peel chop, pour boiling water (100 m), leave for infusion for 8-10 hours.Then add to the liquid all the ingredients and mix everything carefully.Kept the cream in the refrigerator, it is recommended to apply it after washing.

Nourishing Night Cream home

person take 5 egg yolks, ½ cup of mixture of sea buckthorn oil with any other refined vegetable oil in the ratio 1: 1, ¼ cup natural sea buckthorn juice, 5 g of borax, diluted in a small amount of boiling water.Egg yolks grind carefully, in small portions pour in oil, add the remaining ingredients, mix well.The cream nourishes the skin, making it healthy and beautiful.Apply to cleansed skin before bedtime.

Sour Day Cream

To prepare this cream, you will need 200 g of fresh cream, 3 egg yolks, 25 g of linseed oil, the juice of two lemons.Yolks and mix linseed oil, add sour cream and lemon juice.The cream can also be used for the skin around the eyes.Store in the refrigerator should be.

Cream for young skin at home

Many girls believe that young skin does not require maintenance.But if she wants to keep youth and beauty, years, should take care of the skin with 15. It is not necessary to wait until the first wrinkles or other signs of skin aging.Prepare the cream for young skin can be on their own.

buckthorn cream

Take a teaspoon of sea buckthorn juice and the same amount of sea buckthorn oil, the yolk of one egg, and 0.5 g of borax.Egg yolks are well rub, add oil, borax dissolve a teaspoon of sea buckthorn juice.All the ingredients mix well.

Cream Mask of rowan

You will need one tablespoon of fruit of mountain ash, one tablespoon of butter, a teaspoon of honey, egg yolk.Butter pound of honey and egg yolk and rowan grind into mush, mix ingredients.It should get a homogeneous mass, which should be applied to the face for 20-30 minutes.But the cream is washed off afterwards with a face like a mask.Surplus remove his cloth.The cream should be prepared at once, because after a few hours of its medicinal properties are lost.

Flower Cream

To cook it you need 25 grams of butter or margarine, one egg yolk, petals, pistils and stamens of flowers (you can take a rose, daisy, lily, lily, jasmine, violet and other colors).Attention!!!The cream can be used only if you are prone to allergies.Prepare the structure is very simple: it is enough to grind and mix well all the ingredients.Apply the cream after the evening wash, store it in the refrigerator for no more than seven days.

Fruit and berry cream for young skin

Take 2 tbsp.spoons of any of crushed berries (strawberry, raspberry, rowan, currants, strawberries).Add the same amount of crushed fruits (banana, lemon, persimmon, quince or apple).Fruit and berry mix, add 1 h. Spoon of vegetable oil, 1 h. Spoon of honey and one egg yolk.After that, drop by drop, type in the mixture, still rubbing, a tablespoon of camphor alcohol.It is suitable for all skin types.

Homemade cream for the skin around the eyes

Anti-inflammatory cream around the eyes

If you like to use a face cream at home, you might want to prepare their own and eye cream.You will need a teaspoon of butter unsalted butter, fat sour cream or cream, a teaspoon of strong tea (suitable for both black and green tea is freshly brewed), 30 drops of burdock or castor oil.All the ingredients mix, to shift the composition in a glass bowl.The cream can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days.It is recommended to carefully drive it into the wet cotton swab after washing the eyelid skin.Cream well relieves inflammation.

Oil cream at home

This cream is suitable for the skin around the eyes and to the skin of the face and neck.Take ¼ pack of butter or margarine, a tablespoon of castor oil, a teaspoon of camphor oil, 10-15 drops of oil solution of vitamin A, any refined vegetable oil (linseed, olive, sunflower or corn).If you are over 40, you can add vitamin E and vitamin E. These ingredients do not add to a more youthful skin.Thoroughly mix the components.Refined oils add much to the cream turned sour cream consistency.Store composition in a refrigerator.

cream, which you have prepared in the home, may be no less effective than the shoplifter cream.Maybe it will bring you more benefits.After all, in the industrial cosmetics need to add preservatives that extend shelf life, in the home as the cream is just what you personally put there.

Video about cooking cream with herbs


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