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What should be the care of the eyelashes, so that they were always velvety and luxurious, attracting the eyes of his mistress admiring glances?Thick, long eyelashes, a wave of light that resembles the wings of a moth - the dream of every girl.And to make this dream become a reality, it is not necessary to resort to using an overhead or lashes.It is enough to pay due attention to the cilia, bestowed by nature, and they will certainly answer our gratitude by becoming an amazing cut of diamond-eyes, designed to captivate, to conquer, to captivate, fascinate.Luxurious lashes - the same zest, which is able to give a look expressive, mysterious and sexy.

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Video with practical advice

Care for lashes at home

Required demakijazh

eyes every day every woman should comply with one basic rule that m

any and then break because of their own laziness orelementary forgetfulness - before going to bed you must be sure to clean the eyelids and eyelashes from the shadows and mascara, ieto carry out an eye make-up remover.For this purpose, you should use milk to remove eye make-up, special tonics and means to remove the carcass, which include vitamin supplements, nutritional oils and emollients, so they do not irritate the sensitive area and cause redness of the eyelids and eyes.For waterproof mascara sell special two-phase preparations, consisting of an oleaginous base, designed to remove makeup, lotion and light, rendering a refreshing and soothing effect.

Use makeup remover ordinary water and soap in any case can not, because it can lead to irritation of the skin and conjunctiva, the premature appearance of wrinkles and loss of eyelashes.Since the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, to remove make-up should be light smooth movements on the skin lines, without stretching the skin and intense pressure.In just a few seconds we are putting to lashes soaked cotton pad means to the cleaning components softened mascara.Then, without rubbing the skin around the eyes, repeat the procedure, removing the remains of the carcass with eyelashes.After make-up removal, it is desirable to wash chamomile extract, and to strengthen the lashes rub them with a cotton swab dipped in the tea leaves of weak black tea.Your cilia and eyes will be very grateful, if at least once a week, you will hold a day free of makeup.

brush eyelashes

If your goal - silky and luxurious lashes, be sure to please create for them a brush (you can use a clean brush from the old carcasses) and daily morning and evening, do not take a couple of seconds to spend on combing cilia.For greater effect, before combing brush can moisten in castor, burdock, pink, almond or olive oil.These oils stimulate the growth of eyelashes, prevents hair loss, improves the structure of the eyelashes, as well as slow down the aging process and relieve skin irritation century.From lash breakage is very good peach and sunflower oil.To give brilliance cilia, they should be lubricated with oil fir or sea buckthorn, enriched with a drop of oil solution of vitamin D. For a quick recovery weakened lashes to oils is recommended to add vitamins A and E. Because the conjunctiva of the eyes and is very sensitive to oil, all oil-based tools should beapplied with special care and caution, a couple of millimeters departing from the roots of eyelashes.At least once a day we put a thin layer of mixture on the lashes, and after a few weeks they will be much stronger and thicker.

Restores compression for eyelashes

Make lashes thick and fluffy compresses help infusions and decoctions of various herbs: sage, chamomile, cornflower, marigold, black tea.Herbal compresses excellent effect not only on the state of the eyelashes, and the skin around the eyes: remove fatigue, tone up, help to recover from the effects of wind and dust.Temperature herbal decoction or infusion must comply with body temperature, as the cooling, it will tone the eye area.Wetting cosmetic cotton pads in the prepared infusion or decoction, put on for ever, and for 15-20 minutes, just relax and forget about all the problems and concerns.


eyelashes power for external support eyelashes are very convenient to use ready-made cosmetic products such as fortified colorless mascara.In addition to vitamins, their composition is glycerin, panthenol, proteins, keratin and melanin, which protect, strengthen, and provide gentle care eyelashes.Apply colorless ink can be both independently and under cosmetics.For beauty, health and growth of eyelashes alone external action is not enough.Care for lashes must be comprehensive.Particular attention should be paid to their diet, which should be a full and varied.Elegant lashes needed vitamins A, E, B5, B12 is, therefore, include in your diet fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, veal, fish, beef liver, sour cream, butter, eggs, eggs.

correct mascara

By choosing a mascara and means to remove it, as well as to the choice of any color cosmetics, should be treated with special care.Savings on health and beauty - a thankless task, so the preference should be given to proven quality products of famous brands.Before you buy be sure to carefully read the composition of the ink, which is very desirable silk extract, keratin, biotin, lanolin, provitamin B5, vitamins A, C, E, UV-filters.For weak eyelashes mascara suitable nutrient enriched with castor oil.Owners of sensitive skin should choose products that do not contain preservatives and flavors.At carcass quality should be uniform consistency without lumps and foreign inclusions, the smell should be barely perceptible or completely absent.Over time, the carcasses accumulate bacteria, so it is desirable to use one bottle of no more than three months.

Care lashes

After the procedure Eyelash Extensions require special handling.Immediately after the procedure within 24 hours can not be washed his eyes, and within 48 hours after the building can not use the swimming pool and SPA.The basis of care for the lashes is complete rest.The less you will worry them, the longer they will last long.Try not to rub your eyes, and as little as possible to touch hands lashes.If you are used to sleep, his face buried in the pillow, now about this habit will have to forget.With lashes undesirable daily wear contact lenses, visit the saunas and baths.After increasing the need for mascara is no longer, because the lashes look so elegant, but still if you want them a little touch up, use the ink should be water-based.Use waterproof mascara or mascara can not be with the addition of oil.In general, avoid contact with the lashes of any fatty creams and oils that dissolve the glue which holds the lashes and they will start to fall off like autumn leaves.Apply mascara on the lashes from the roots do not have to, but only on the tips.To be held from eyelashes at least two to three months, every two or three weeks is recommended to make a correction.


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