How to get rid of blackheads : cleanse the skin from comedones at home

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small black spots that appear on the nose, forehead, chin and other parts of the face and body, for some may seem a very minor problem.But for many, especially those who are passionate about their appearance, it's actually a significant problem."How to get rid of blackheads?" - They are constantly thinking, exploring the mountains of literature and Internet articles.They think that black dots spoils their lives, draw too close look interlocutors impair appearance.And so it is in many cases!We invite you together to deal with this problem once and for all.Forward - to fight the black dots!

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cosmetic problem through the eyes of a specialist

black dots comedones

What are the black spots?

Our skin is only at first glance, s

mooth and level.If you look closely, for example, to the skin of the face, even with the naked eye you can see the pores.Someone they expanded more, someone less, but they are in the sebaceous glands.So, black spots or blackheads - the result of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, resulting in clogged pores black cork.As the skin would be lost without the sebaceous glands of its natural "lubricant" component, you must first try to deal with excess work of these same glands.What is the reason for this excessive activity?

Causes of blackheads

  • Malnutrition

Abusing greasy, spicy, sweet food, ourselves force the sebaceous glands to work in "emergency mode".By reviewing your diet, limiting the amount of junk foods, over time, you can normalize the sebaceous glands.Do not forget to include in your daily menu more fruits, vegetables and dairy products.Providing the body with vitamins, minerals, macro-and micronutrients in the right quantity - here is another important task.

  • Hormonal changes

have teenagers in puberty, when there is a "spirit" of all systems of the body to an adult way, the development of sebaceous glands of excessive secretion occurs very often.Almost every teenager can say that unhappy state of your skin because of excessive fat and unfortunate black dots.It may be advisable to observe the regime of the day, review the food that adolescents often includes snacks and fast food with unnecessary calories.And, of course, carefully monitor the cleanliness of the skin.How?This will tell later.

also with hormonal changes in the body related to the deterioration of the skin condition in many women during pregnancy, as well as "critical days".Here the situation is slightly better - you need during this period regularly cleanse the skin and to be patient, hormones come back to normal, and the skin will immediately look better!

  • errors when using cosmetics

It so happens that, tempted by the bright advertising appeals, a woman or girl to buy very expensive and trendy cream, starts its application, and only after some time realizes that her skinit is not suitable.Often, this occurs when the skin is prone to fat and cream sold for normal or dry skin.As a result, the degree of skin fat increases, and here they are, the black dots.

Carefully study the purpose of a cosmetic product, buy only those products that fit your skin because of its individual characteristics.

How to get rid of blackheads

In order to pinpoint the cause of the appearance of blackheads, you need to see a specialist, it is better to professional dermatologist.comedones problem is very common, so the specialists of this profile have built up a large base of various procedures and, if necessary, and medicines.Most often enhanced pharmaceutical intervention is required, it is enough to receive a course of vitamins and dieting.

decided to fight the comedones home?We will help you and give some tips on how to perform the cleaning procedure correctly and without harm to health.

Cleansing steam bath

We must start with the tools that will prepare your skin for further treatments - a steam bath.Now, perhaps, it is difficult to find a woman or a girl who would not have known about the wonderful properties of steam baths and their impact on skin condition.You can use them and smooth the skin and improve its color and bleach.In our case, a steam bath to help reveal the pores and give the opportunity to apply the remaining funds with the greatest effect.

How to apply steam bath?The method, known even by our grandmothers: the water must boil in a small saucepan, add a couple drops of essential oil of lemon, basil, grapefruit, tea tree, geranium pink, peppermint or sandalwood.Leans over a saucepan, cover with a towel head, close his eyes to the ferry not to burn.Just be patient, keep your face over the steam for at least 10 minutes.Now pores open and ready for further purification.Carefully prepare for the procedure hands after washing them with soap and water and disinfected.Pointing fingers is desirable to wrap in a sterile cloth.On both sides of gently press down on the black dot.If the skin is good to steam, dirt should come effortlessly.After squeezing blackheads treat the skin tonic or lotion tightens pores and causes the mask.

Masks against black dots

Next effective tool in the fight against the black dots - the mask.Apply them after the steam baths to their effect was more pronounced.There is a wide variety of cleaning and tightens pores masks, some of whom are leaders unchanged.

  • Mask of oatmeal

the first place - a mask of oatmeal, perhaps because it is the most accessible, its use is simple and the results that can be achieved with it, can be seen at once.How to make a mask at home?

grind oatmeal, add a little soda.Now you need to dilute the resulting mixture with milk so as to obtain a paste the consistency of sour cream.Apply this mask can be on those areas that we want to clean up, and the rest of the skin.Rub is not necessary, you only need to wait ten minutes and rinse with cool water.

  • absorbent clay mask

Another very affordable mask - clay.For example, on the way home to apply it, simply buy a ready bag at the pharmacy.House simply mix clay with water and everything is ready!Apply the mask on the skin, leave on for fifteen minutes.Clay - a remarkable absorbent, it cleans, dries the skin, relieves it from unnecessary fat.

  • Rice mask of black dots

We also recommend to try a very effective mask - rice.Wash cup of rice and its Gulf of boiled water, leave for the night.Morning to defend the water should be emptied and drink, it helps to improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract.The remaining rice mash up mushy state and applied to the skin.We are waiting for fifteen minutes and wash off.

Washing milk products

There is a recipe for improving the condition of the skin, which was used successfully by our ancestors - washing yogurt.However, once used for this purpose is a little different milk products - whey, fermented baked milk, yogurt.But kefir, due to high content of lactic acid and others, well dissolves the sebum, clears the opened pores clogged by corks in the form of comedones, and is even able to slightly whiten the skin.

Cosmetics in the fight against the black dots

Peeling the skin of the house, it is not necessary to abandon the use of cosmetics in the form of creams, peels, cleansing gels and strips.They all contribute to the excellent release the skin of excess fat and sweat, and their use in combination with other agents, such as already described our masks, give a wonderful effect.Such drugs are washing lotions or special infusions of herbs, be sure to use after cleansing, they will help restore its elasticity and healthy color.

Try to follow our simple advice, use tools to get rid of black spots on a regular basis, and your skin will always look fresh, clean and attractive!


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