Eyebrow Tattoo : benefits and contraindications for procedures

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rare woman finds her perfect eyebrows.Some dorisovyvayut pencil required length, while others carefully plucked eyebrows, to give the desired shape.Meanwhile, there is an alternative.This tattooing eyebrows - a temporary tattoo that is applied with a special paint.

  • Video permanent makeup procedures eyebrows
  • What is permanent makeup eyebrow?
  • How is the "long-term" makeup
  • Contraindications for the procedure
  • Tattoo eyebrows in questions and answers

Video permanent makeup procedures eyebrows

Many women have benefited from permanent makeup.Tattooing eyebrows, lip, "arrow on the eyes" that are made beautiful, make it possible to save time on a daily make-up.But despite the obvious advantages, a few decided on this procedure.Women guards sad experience of familiar and unfamiliar women with poorly made permanent makeup, as well as the lack of information about the procedure itself, contraindications and possible side effects.

What is permanent makeup eyebrow?

tattooing called permanent (permanent makeup).Although it would be correct to call it semi-permanent.After all, this permanent makeup stays only for a few years.Paints that are used for this make-up, do not stain the skin tissues.It mikroimplantanty natural origin.In 2-3 years they begin to fade due to the regeneration of cells, and then completely disappear.

Many people ask the question: why do the "eternal" makeup, coloring the skin tissue?It is enough to find a good master who exactly will make beautiful eyebrows, but did not disfigure the face, and make-up once and for all.Should not be doing that.Firstly, from errors nobody is insured.Second, paint which stained skin tissue (they are used for permanent tattoos) eventually acquire a greenish hue.Why do you green eyebrows?

Some unscrupulous masters, trying to save on ink, make permanent makeup tattooing using, instead of the tattooing dyes.Some do so that the customer does not notice anything.Only a few years later, he begins to suspect this when eyebrows become greenish or reddish tint.Red eyebrows are due to the fact that the master, decided to save on ink, bought the brown paint for tattoo eyebrows.He got it by mixing red ink for tattooing of lips with black paint for the switches and tattoos.And this can not be done, since the particles of pigments of different colors have different structures and different sizes, so the paint is coming off unevenly.

There were times that the masters themselves encouraged customers to "eternal" make-up.Why, they say, every 2-3 years to remodel tattoo eyebrows?Let's do a constant, it's saving money.So says the master trusting client.Just does not specify whose money savings.It turns out his masters money.After the paint is much more expensive for tattoo ink for permanent tattoos.

How is the "long-term" makeup

Before the procedure, a person thoroughly cleaned of makeup and impurities.Use antibacterial soap and antiseptics.Then begins the most important stage.This selection of the eyebrow shape.Hair necessarily going back, the neck opens.This is done in order to master saw an oval face.Selection of forms - important stage, which determines the outcome of all the work.Therefore it is very important to master not only knew the technique of tattooing, but also was a makeup artist.

Do not pull out the master pencil and draw your own shape of eyebrows.If it's a professional, he will make the form that it sees fit, and you will enjoy this form.Do not like it - Adjust.Directly to prick begin only after the shape of the eyebrows to be approved by you.If you do not like the shape, which offers Master's probably better to look for another specialist.Master tattoo has to be a makeup artist.

Normally eyebrow tattooing is done in stages.First neintensiven color, then add a little tone.This makes it possible not to overdo it and do not make too black eyebrows.It is important that they are in harmony with the tone color of the skin and hair.Because during tattooing the skin is injured, shot up the place at the end disinfected on eyebrows applied a thick layer of thick cream wound healing.It protects the wound from dust.

Most often eyebrow tattooing is done in two passes.Once the crust has come, you will have to meet again with the master in order to correct the eyebrows.It is impossible to guess the exact depth of the puncture, because different people have different skin texture, a different immune system and metabolism.

Contraindications for the procedure

Contraindications for the procedure are a disease or condition of the body, in which reduced blood clotting.You can not make permanent makeup eyebrows, lips, eyes, people suffering from diabetes.The reception on the eve of alcohol causes a decrease in blood clotting.The same effect have some drugs (eg, analgesics, aspirin).

of the procedure is the same with the course of drugs?Be sure to talk with your doctor about the possibility of tattooing.Shrinkage of the blood decreases and during menstruation.Another feature of an organism in which the tattoo is contraindicated - the tendency to form keloids.If you notice that you have after small scratches formed protruding scar, you can not do permanent makeup.

This implies and complications that are possible after the procedure tattoo eyebrows.Prolonged healing of injured people.Other complications with proper conduct of the procedure and proper care tattooed in places not arise.All parts tattooing machine which are in contact with the skin, should be disposable.Do not hesitate to ask the master of the needle when you print.

Tattoo eyebrows in questions and answers

  • Does it hurt?The client decides the application of anesthesia.Tattoo, of course, the procedure is painful, but bearable.There are many anesthetics, which allow not to feel pain.
  • Do I need to shave or tweeze eyebrows completely before the procedure?No.Destroy eyebrows is not necessary.Tweezers in their correct locations where hair growth does not coincide with the new regular shape.
  • Does the tattoo on hair growth?There is not affected.Painting is entered in the stratum corneum, the mechanical effects are only the epidermis and stratum corneum and hair follicles are much deeper.
  • What kept tattooing?Depending on skin type and metabolic rate tattoo lasts from 2 to 5 years.
  • When can I take a shower or wash after the tattoo?Two hours after the procedure.But as long as the wound is delayed, it should be done carefully.Thin crust that forms on the tattooed place must be kept clean.It can not be scratched.You can not give a crust to dry, it is necessary to use special creams.But accurate rinsing will not hurt.Important!!!Until then, until the crust has come, you can not go sunbathing in the solarium or sauna, swim in the pool or open water.When
  • come crust?After tattooing eyebrows crust coming in 4-10 days.On the eyebrows, it is almost invisible.
  • How to care for a crust?Care is to apply antiseptic and moisturizing creams.Suitable "Lifeguard" (not a "savior", namely "Rescue").For moisture well suited Nivea cream.Scratch crusts strictly prohibited.
  • How many days after the swelling goes tattoo?Tattoo eyebrows causes swelling, redness and slight coming in two hours.


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