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Regular exercise helps us maintain muscle tone, tighten and slim figure, but few people think that the muscles of the face, just like the body and muscles, need regular exercise and keep in shape.And to help in the exercises for the face with a special set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the face and neck, and thus to prevent and combat wrinkles, sagging skin and a second chin.The systematic execution of simple but highly effective exercises to help stay young, because exercise affects not only the muscles, but also the general state: in the lower layers of the skin improves blood flow to the collagenous connective tissue and skin cells to actively enter the nutrients and oxygen.

  • Expert Opinion about training muscles of the face
  • operating principle of gymnastics for muscles of the face
  • Integrated exercises for the face
  • Exercises for eyes
  • Strengthening forehead muscles
  • exercises for cheeks
  • Gymnastics lip
  • exercises chin
  • exercises for neck
  • set of exercises for the
    neck and facial contours

expert Opinion about training muscles of the face

operating principle of gymnastics for muscles of the face

face muscles are active when we talk, smileor frown, rejoice or grieve.However, relaxation and muscle tension occurs very unevenly, because even in sleep, when we feel that our entire body is resting, a person is not completely relaxed: moving the eyeballs and eyelids twitch, shrinking muscles around the mouth.Uneven work of different groups of facial muscles leads to the appearance of premature wrinkles.Due to the constant load of the same overstrained muscle connective tissues that results in a change in contour of the face, and sagging skin sagging.To avoid this, or to return the beauty and youth face without plastic surgery, there are some simple exercises to train the muscles of the face, which is absolutely safe for women of any age, do not take a lot of time and most importantly, give excellent results.

Gymnastics for the face based on the alternation of exercises for stress and relaxation of different groups of facial muscles.These exercises have been known to women versed even in ancient times, and today they are actively promoted through such systems as the non-surgical plastic face "feysbilding" and "self-lifting".The main key to success - regular and systematic.Within two weeks of active employment will be noticeable effect that will please and will be a great incentive to continue training: disappear swelling and bags under the eyes, improve the complexion, wrinkles become less pronounced, catch up cheeks and a double chin.

Integrated exercises for the face

exercises for training muscles of the face can be done at home in front of a mirror, in the car, waiting for the plug, or working at the computer.The main thing - do it every day, preferably in the morning and evening.For each exercise, the maximum number of repetitions is ten, but it is recommended to start with two or three repetitions, and every day add one repetition, gradually reached the ten.Perform all exercises should not be holding my breath, straining muscles as much as possible and keeping the voltage within 8-10 seconds.

Exercises for eyes

These facial muscle exercises are aimed at the upper and lower eyelid workout, getting rid of "crow's feet" around the eyes, reduce puffiness and more expressive and open view.

1. We fix the eyebrows, pressing their index fingers to the frontal bone.Now, reducing the muscles of the forehead, trying to pick up his eyebrows, and the fingers holding the eyebrows in place (Fig. 4).

2. Middle fingers are located between the eyebrows over the bridge, slightly to press.Pointing fingers put on the outer corners of the eyes and presses too little, but we try not to make folds.Screw up one's eyes lower eyelid.If the exercise is done correctly, it should be felt beating of the eye muscles.We relax the eyelid and screw up one's eyes again, repeat the movement.

3. In the closed eyes put three fingers of each hand so that the finger light pressure fixed the outer corner of the eye, the middle - the middle of the eyebrows, and the ring - the inner corner of the eye.Now, opposing fingers, trying to squint (Fig. 5).

Strengthening the muscles of the forehead

exercises to train the muscles of the forehead can help strengthen the temporo-parietal, frontal and auricular muscle, the muscle located between the eyebrows, "the proud" pripodnimut eyebrows, to prevent the appearance on the forehead and between the eyebrows, wrinkles and reduce existing ones.

1. Palm put on the forehead just above the eyebrows.The hand pressing on the forehead, eyebrows are raised and lowered in an attempt to overcome the resistance.

2. The index and middle fingers of both hands to press at the beginning of the eyebrows on the bridge, move the eyebrows, as if angry, thus putting pressure fingers.

3. frowns.Then, raising his eyebrows as high as possible, and opened her eyes wide.

4. Move the ears If this trick you have not yet the strength, mentally direct the ears to the crown, while actively trying to stretch and relax your upper ear muscle.Stick and eventually ears will certainly begin to move, and then, look, and learn how to clap his ears.


cheeks Over the years, the cheeks droop, and his face seems dull, flat and grown old.Fill cheeks energy restore their volume and to "put in place" to help exercise.

1. Make a deep breath through your nose.For a couple of seconds, hold your breath.Closed their lips and puffing out his cheeks, with a voltage through the mouth exhale air shocks.

2. Pulling the lips forward and rounded them to the "tube".Smiling broadly, pausing in this position for a few seconds, and then rounded lips.

3. At 10 seconds draw in the cheeks, and then for 10 seconds inflate them.

4. grab the right cheek with his left hand so that the part of the mouth it fixed the thumb, and the outside - the other four fingers.We take a deep breath through your nose and try to smile, at the same time, keeping the fingers of his left hand cheek in a calm state, counteracting muscle contraction.Opened his fingers, exhale through the mouth.Similar actions perform with the left cheek (Fig. 1).

Gymnastics lip

Gymnastics lip will help strengthen the mouth forming a circular muscle, and muscles, raise and lower lips, which fill their capacity.This will prevent the corners of the mouth sadly sliding down, and make elastic sponge, voluminous and seductive.

1. Make a deep breath through your nose, exhale through the elongated tube lip, with the fingers of both hands are holding the corners of the mouth in place (Fig. 2).

2. Pulling the lips as if for a kiss.Strain your muscles to the limit of the lips, count to five and relax.

3. Widely open your mouth and give it an oval shape.Presses the upper lip to the teeth and trying to smile at the corners of the mouth.If done correctly, the corners of the mouth should feel a slight burning sensation.This exercise will help to raise the drooping corners of the mouth.

4. loudly recite "a" sounds "o", "u", "s", making sure that the lip is not compressed and not stretched.This exercise will help strengthen the orbicularis oris muscle, responsible for the beautiful shape and elasticity of the lips.

Exercises Chin

These exercises will help to cope with the problem of double chin.

1. Very throws her head back, relax the lower jaw, mouth slightly open.Straining the neck muscles with strength, but slowly close your mouth while pushing the lower jaw so that the lower lip is completely cut off the top (Fig. 6).Repeat this exercise until the soreness in the muscles of the chin area.

2. presses the back of the hand to the chin.We try to open your mouth, putting his hand resistance.

3. The lower jaw is pushed forward and begin to move the jaw to the right and the left, increasing the maximum voltage at the extreme points.

4. lower lip stretch on the chin.The maximum straining muscles of the chin.We count to five and relax.

Exercises for Neck

Gymnastics for the neck muscles will help to cope with sagging and remove the double chin.

1. Raise your head and open his mouth, as if we want to reach the apple hanging on a branch.Tension neck muscles bring to the limit.Maximum voltage hold for 5 seconds and relax.

2. head turns to the left shoulder without moving.The maximum straining muscles, count to five and relax.To repeat the exercise on each side of 3 to 6 times.

3. Right hand fix the left side of the neck.Breathe in, the neck muscles while pulling down and the corner of the mouth is held in place with his left hand.Exhale through your mouth while relaxing the muscles (Fig. 3).We do the same with the right half of the neck and mouth.

set of exercises for the neck and facial contours

Try to perform these simple exercises every day for at least two weeks, and you will definitely see and feel the positive changes.And this is only the first step on the path to beauty and youth!


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