Whitening facial masks : domestic ways to restore healthy color

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evenly bright, bursting with health and freshness of the skin looks more attractive than the most skillful makeup.It is this trying to achieve the effect of stylists, carefully cutting off all the irregularities of color layers of concealers and foundation.Unfortunately, natural porcelain skin color can boast only a child, for an adult, this effect is already unattainable: the sun, air and water individually or in combination zavetrivayut, dried and fired, depriving healthy appearance.The natural tendency to freckles and pigmentation spots, teenage acne and allergic reactions contribute to the destruction of the picture perfect.Whenever recommended regularly of these problems face mask whitening and brightening.It's the most affordable drugs for prevention and treatment.Optionally, to flee to shop for elegant jar with the logo promoted brand, folk medicine knows dozens of ways to restore a healthy skin color in the home.

  • cause problems with skin pigmentation
  • methods of skin lightening
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Recipes whitening facial masks
  • Video-whitening procedure skin

reasons for problems with pigmentationskin

Before you decide which whitening facial mask is required, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of changes in skin color, and define the starting point of these processes.The most popular reason for changes in skin color:

  • desiccation of the skin, including age;
  • pimples, acne, blackheads and other inflammatory reactions;
  • freckles and pigment heel;
  • household pollution;
  • tan.

effective facial masks whitening can help with any of these issues, but a deliberate choice of a particular recipe will give a noticeable result and shorten the time to achieve it.

Peeling of the skin often caused by natural causes: temperature changes, adverse environmental conditions, poorly chosen makeup or care facilities.Age skin is no longer able to actively regenerate yourself suffering from these factors most strongly.Alas, for this type of inefficient and many whitening mask: face masks on the basis of brightening compounds, but does not trigger skin renewal, will give only momentary result, it is extremely short-lived.

skin contamination and inflammation, as well as acne, may be one resulting from other problems.Exceptions are only a rash caused by internal problems.The recipe whitening facial masks in this case should include and antiseptic ingredients.

To combat the pigmentation spots and freckles, as a rule, are used the most aggressive means: whitening facial mask in this case should react with melanin, the natural pigment of the dark.From the composition is required not only to repay the excessively generated material, but also penetrate into the subcutaneous layers of his depth.Whitening facial masks of pigment spots are applied with great care and without deviations from the recommended formulation.

methods of skin lightening

integrated approach to solving the problem - the key to success, the most effective whitening facial masks can and remove the top layer of flaky skin, and start the recovery process, and "pay off" the excess melanin.Called composition effect depends on the members of the mixture of ingredients.


The easiest and most effective way to update the upper layer of the skin - peeling.Even such a procedure for normal skin type is recommended at least once a month.Moreover, the most effective whitening facial mask will not complete result if applied on top of the epidermal horny layer.Problem solve preliminary cleansing facial peeling sponge or washcloth, or the addition of the mask of the abrasive particles.Their role can act milled oat flakes, dried fruit or nuts.

This scrub facial mask whitening effect will be from the first application.The use of coarser particles such as nut shells or a salt thereof, comprising the bleaching masks is not recommended in combination with aggressive substances, they can damage the skin.

When black spots or excessively contaminated pores can be used up, working on the principle of sticky roller clothing.Gelatin mask drying on the skin and removes the film is stretched and remove grease tube, clearing the skin noticeably visually.Such cleaning is a good preventive pryschevyh rash, but is contraindicated for skin age as when removing it stretches.


most commonly used in the preparation of whitening masks are readily available ingredients:

  • cottage cheese and other dairy products;
  • juice of radish, cucumber, parsley, cabbage, lemon;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • clay;
  • ascorbic acid.

Whitening face mask of pigment spots will be effective only with the addition of one or more of them in the mix, as only a mechanical cleaning will not be enough to neutralize the melanin patches.Considered the most effective whitening facial masks with hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, certainly natural, but they are also the most aggressive and, accordingly prohibited to frequent use and are not recommended for dry skin type.

Recipes whitening facial masks

Regardless of the composition of the whitening mask used no more than twice a month, and for dry skin no more than one.For insurance against allergic reactions, it is recommended to check the composition of the crook of the elbow, holding it on the delicate skin for 10-15 minutes.Itching and burning prompt that a particular composition is not suitable.

  • lemon and turmeric

How effective natural antiseptic, turmeric is actively used not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine.The mask of a mixture of citric pulp and of spices mixed in a ratio of 5 to 1 is applied with a cotton swab or brush a very thin layer.The area around the eye is not caught.On standing for 15 minutes, and permitted a slight tingling effect warming.Mask good job both with teenage acne, accelerating their warm and bright with pigment spots.

  • oatmeal with yogurt and oatmeal for dry skin

milled oat flakes act as a mild peeling and fat yogurt gives whitening effect.The mask is applied with a thick layer, then the skin is massaged for 3-5 minutes in a circular motion.For oily skin can be replaced with yogurt kefir or yogurt, which will remove the greasy shine, adding skin velvety matt.

  • with lemon and honey

This mask not only reduces the brightness of freckles, but also actively nurtures subcutaneous layers.In liquid or pre-dissolved honey added fresh lemon juice.On 3 teaspoons need 5-6 drops.After 15 minutes after application of the composition is washed away with warm water.

  • with hydrogen peroxide and cream cheese

per 100 grams of cheese requires 3-5 drops of hydrogen peroxide.For ease of application of the, you can add a few tablespoons of olive oil and egg yolk.

Home whitening facial masks - an effective tool, so some rules need to be observed in experiments with them.Firstly, the mask is applied not only to the face but also on the neck to prevent the visible appearance of the boundary.Second, after using caustic composition of the skin should be protected at least 12-15 hours of direct sunlight.The third prerequisite - the application after the procedure fat cream, which temporarily replace the top layer removed.

Under these regulations resulting from the use of whitening masks the effect will be long-term and do not have negative consequences, and the reward for the works will be fresh and perfect complexion.

Video-whitening procedure skin


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