Cucumber mask for acne at home: a detailed description of the procedure

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Finance sing love songs, so there is no opportunity to go to expensive beauty salons?This is not a reason to deprive yourself of young women joy and not a sign to give up in the struggle for a flawless appearance.Arrange a private home beauty salon, but first go through training courses, surfing the net, get "their" techniques.Let's start with the base section - cleanse the skin.It's - the basis of a kind of "canvas".Agree, sometimes acne, brown spots and black spots visible even under a thick layer of makeup.And the news fraught spoiled mood.Clean skin - the basis of beauty.Meet cucumber mask for acne and pigmentation.

  • What is the strength of cucumber
  • On the composition
  • Useful properties miracle vegetable
  • Reader recipes
  • Classical Mask
  • composition for combating acne
  • recipe for anti-aging
  • mask-tonic with whitening effect
  • Recipe bonus from bruises and bags under the eyes
  • Video collection of recipes cucumber masks

what is the strength of cucumber

Many beauties probably know that cucumbers - one ofmost health food to help get rid of fat deposits and energizing.Helpful, caring about the figure, a light vegetable, it would seem.However, clicking the category of cosmetic products, pupyrchatoy turns into a handsome number 1 weapon in the fight against acne.In addition, crisp inhabitant beds - an excellent tonic, refreshing, soothing and cleansing the skin.Where such a complex miraculous properties of the usual vegetable?Unfortunately, sometimes we have little interested in the world around us and therefore do not know what the usual products - the best healers for the skin.


part of a whole collection of nutrients collected in the cucumber, namely:

  • proteins;
  • pectins;
  • fiber;
  • enzymes;
  • potassium;
  • organic acids;
  • beta-carotene;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • sodium;
  • vitamins B;
  • iodine;
  • vitamin E;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • fluorine.

In addition, green handsome features the same as the pH of a man, so do not cause allergies or irritation, that is, you will agree, a weighty advantage ?!

Useful properties miracle vegetable

Besides exemption from acne, what results can be expected to include a mask for acne cucumber schedule their cosmetic cases ?!Get acquainted with the full list of these "bonusesĀ»:

  • get rid of freckles, pimples and after traces of brown spots;
  • normalization of the system sebum;
  • elimination of bruises;
  • eliminate greasy;
  • improved tone cover;
  • refreshing effect;
  • moisturizing, skin softening;
  • getting rid of "bags" under the eyes;
  • facelift;
  • eliminate redness.

Reader recipes

If you are willing to do green handsome as an ally in the struggle with acne, get acquainted with a scattering of recipes.

Classical Mask

Let's start with the most simple recipe mask of cucumber on the acne, or rather a few basic options.To prepare the required chilled vegetables - from the refrigerator.Wash it and cut a ball joint, which stuck to the face 20 minutes you think that this method of application is not entirely reliable?Then rub the "resident" beds, squeeze the juice from the pulp.The gauze or cotton pads, moisten cucumber fresh.

not squeezing, apply a "wrap" on the face for fifteen minutes.Or you can choose and the "golden mean" between the two described embodiments.Rub vegetable gruel and treat the person.Rinse off any of the mixture allowed to a conventional method.

should pay attention!Not at all time on the mask?Clean skin slice of cucumber then, as soon as there is free time.

composition for combating acne

Meet the recipe most effective facial masks for acne cucumber.Crush (in a blender or grater) chilled cucumber.Separately, whip the protein.Connect 2 soup spoons of green gruel with egg foam.Operative (not yet settled protein) treat the face-up.After a quarter of an hour, remove the remnants of the mixture with the help of cool water.

This mask cucumber eliminates acne, tightens pores, fights inflammation, removes shine.

recipe for anti-aging

If the skin is suffering not only from the rash, but also by age-related changes, your favorite procedure should become a mask of cucumber from acne and wrinkles.Memorize the recipe.Grate or chop green handsome medium size.By gruel, add a little honey.Shuffle, deal with the composition of the face, wait 10 minutes, wash with chlorine-free water at room temperature.

Mask-tonic with whitening effect

your dream is to have a clean, white, flawless skin, and his face was chosen not only acne, and age spots, and that does not hide even the most thick layer of foundation?It's time to move on to the "heavy artillery."You need a "beauty cocktail" consisting of freshly squeezed cucumber juice and lemon.Equal proportions, for example, a pair of spoons.Juice moisten gauze and cover her face minutes 10. Wash with cold water.

should pay attention!You suffer from dry skin?Add to all the above recipes spoon fat sour cream or grated cheese.

Recipe bonus from bruises and bags under the eyes

cucumbers "in the teeth" not only acne, but also dark circles, puffy bags, spoiling the beauty of the eyes.A recipe is simple.Cool cucumber, cut a couple of circles and place them on closed eyes.The swelling will go away almost immediately, and bruising - after a few sessions.

So what cucumber mask you plan to take to their ally to deal with acne ?!

Video collection of recipes cucumber masks


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and removes bags undereyes, and the effect is evident in her words after the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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