Mask of concoctions and hydrogen peroxide in the home: a step by step guide

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What if you need a means to face the "5 in 1" to get rid of wrinkles, clear cover, banish spots and traces of them, remove age spots?To take out a bank loan and fly to France to look for a miracle tube or depressed from the impracticability of such a dream?Distills such "utopian" idea, because there is a mask of concoctions and hydrogen peroxide that can solve all the above problems, and even for mere "penny".

  • Meet the means
  • Features bodyagi
  • Handling miracle sponge
  • Step recipe
  • Purchase
  • Preparation composition
  • Features
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Meet the means

lot of buying in a drugstore the coveted bag of powder green-gray color, think fresh-water sponge - this plant.In appearance, perhaps, but in fact this magical ingredient of animal origin, as the fresh-water sponge - it is a living creature - a freshwater sponge, living whole colonies.The pharmacy or cosmetic product, of course, the sponge is not sold in the aquarium, and in dried form, in powder form.

use of this substance was discovered in ancient times, by the people themselves.People caught fresh-water sponge colonies, it was dried, milled and used as a medicine - to treat rheumatism, bruises and contusions - externally, and to deal with scrofula - inside.Sponge, among other things, also an excellent analgesic and anti-bacterial agent.Why not take advantage of the accumulated over the years, the legacy of wise people and not take bodyagi in his "posse", struggling with a skin defect and old age ?!

It's important to know!In concoctions have several contraindications.Those people who have rosacea, allergic to the sponge, thin and / or flaky skin, it is necessary to look for alternative methods of preservation of beauty.

Features bodyagi

on what is capable of a miracle sponge in terms of correction of facial beauty?What results can you expect?What will the course of treatment?Get acquainted with the list of concoctions features:

  • getting rid of acne;
  • skin resurfacing (struggle with scars brought about by acne, skin creases);
  • decrease in the activity system sebum production;
  • elimination of wrinkles;
  • elimination of bruises;
  • normalization of pigmentation (brown spots, including left after acne, freckles, and others.);
  • ¬ęgeneral" cleaning cover.

Handling miracle sponge

Before turning to prescription facials from hydrogen peroxide and concoctions, is familiar with the basic principles of such a procedure.So, remember:

  • concoctions to treat not choose the hottest time, otherwise a person can "decorate" the brown spots;
  • contact with the powder carefully, making sure that no substance has got into eyes, mouth, nose;
  • cook the mixture just before the session;
  • check before processing entity body's response to the subject of allergies, causing a drop of substance on the soft zone in the elbow area;
  • start doing a cleansing mask cover from dirt and makeup;
  • during application, avoid the eye area and lips that are too gentle;
  • after the procedure a few hours give the skin a rest, do not apply the cream, do not do make-up;
  • about 5 days after the session before going outdoors, apply sunscreen and does not light up;
  • not abuse treatment concoctions enough to repeat the sessions every week for two months.

Step recipe

time to move to the main unit.How to prepare a mask of concoctions and peroxide?


first prepare its components, tools and utensils:

  • latekstnye gloves;
  • glass bowl;
  • cosmetic brush;
  • bodyagi powder;
  • hydrogen peroxide (3%);
  • baby powder or ointment Bepanten.

Preparation composition

It all starts with the testing face masks with hydrogen peroxide and concoctions.On the inside of the elbow, apply a drop of either ingredient.Wait fifteen minutes, carefully inspect the treated area.Not revealed edema, burning, redness, irritation?You do not feel a burning sensation or itching?So, you are ready to cook the mixture.

All phases of cosmetology procedure is advised to make latex gloves.A few spoonfuls of miracle sponge pour peroxide.By volume, guided by the consistency of sour cream.Thoroughly mix the ingredients - to the appearance of the foam.Then, without delay, deal with a mixture of the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth.Apply the foam to be gently, without rubbing and pressing.Allow 15 minutes.In the process of the mask with hydrogen peroxide and concoctions may feel burning or tingling.Do not worry - as manifested magic sponge.Wash, treat with ointment or dusting powder.


procedure After removing residues (about a week), the mask still continues to operate.So do not be surprised if the skin will redden and peel.The first couple of days, maybe even feel a slight burning sensation.Such a reaction is normal.After peroxide and bodyaga penetrate deep inside, damaging the top layer cover, which after a while dies, giving the "green light" to young, new cells.

Thus, the skin is updated unplanned, so the face looks younger, prettier, it returns the natural color and glow.As you understand, to plan such a serious procedure on the eve of holidays, vacations, important meetings or appointments is not necessary, because you will have an unsightly appearance.

you already have a miracle mask of concoctions and hydrogen peroxide in home beauty treatments schedule?

Video Review bodyagi


Our reader recommended tool that copes with wrinkles better than any "national" mask, and not inferior to efektivnosti salon treatment: nourishing the skin, smooths wrinkles and removes puffiness, and the effect is evident in her words after the third application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result, which was achieved without boteks and operations - the person was under the age of 12 years!Therefore, we want to share a link to an entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to do it.Hopefully it will be useful to read more & gt; & gt;

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