Soothing facial masks : homemade recipes tested

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Our face is always open and therefore often suffers from the environment.Frost, sun, rain, snow, wind, sudden changes in temperature - all this is reflected in its status.Particularly susceptible to external factors, sensitive skin.It requires special care and needs certain cosmetic products and procedures.In this article we will talk about one of them.Soothing facial mask is one of the best ways to combat skin irritation.

  • Benefits Pets procedures
  • effective homemade mask
  • In the garden of beauty
  • Skin Calming the kitchen
  • Video mask recipe based on herbs and oatmeal

Benefits Pets

procedure Today beauty salons offer a variety of tools for problem skin care.The perfume industry is constantly encourages consumers to try another new product, but at a high cost, they are not always effective.Is not it better to try to make a soothing facial masks at home.The quality they do not concede to the factory facilities, but often magnificent pleasing result.What is dignity?

  • Natural mixture soothe irritation and redness of the skin;
  • such procedures eliminate the unpleasant itching and flaking;
  • after them a feeling of comfort and freshness;
  • skin receives a large portion of nutrients and vitamins.

you can find the recipes soothing masks and choose the appropriate option.

effective homemade mask

In the garden of beauty

  • Recipes with vegetables and fruits

Best in irritated skin affected by natural foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.They can be safely attributed fruits and vegetables.

To prepare the mask you need 1 apple and 1 carrot.They should grate and mix with 4 tbsp.spoons of yogurt.The resulting slurry must be applied to the face is not too thin and leave for 15 minutes.For washing it need warm water.After water, wipe the skin a soothing tonic, and then use the cream.This soothing mask is done 2 times a week for a month.Break before the next cycle should last two months.

  • Masks herbal

Take equal amounts of nettle leaves and plantain, chop them finely and pour lemon juice (1 tablespoon).Keep healing mixture on the inflamed face no more than 20 minutes.Carefully remove it with warm water.

Skin Calming the kitchen

Many women are accustomed to in the kitchen to calm nerves by eating a variety of goodies.Then suffer and think, how to get rid of excess weight.It is not our methods.We go to the kitchen for a soothing balm for the face.

  • facilities with natural honey

Before making such a mask, perform an allergy test.Spread honey on the skin of the wrist or the crook of his arm, and after an hour look at the reaction.If there is no redness or irritation can safely use medicinal mixture.

Take a glass bowl and pour it in 2 hours. Spoons of honey, 1 egg yolk and 2 h. Spoon of any vegetable oil.Heat the mixture, using a water bath and then cool it.This mask is applied in several layers.After every lubrication need a little break to the previous layer has dried up.To remove the better use of decoction of chamomile, which has soothing and softening effect.

  • Masks Hercules

Useful properties of oats do not need advertising.This product is used to treat the digestive system, as well as irritated and sensitive skin.

To prepare the masks take a handful of oatmeal and using grinders make flour of them.Brew it with boiling water and allow time to flakes swollen.Add to them the honey and vegetable oil (1 tsp).After thorough mixing, the resulting mass is applied to the face, and left for 15 minutes.It is better to lie down at this time.Wash off with water at room temperature, composition, and then wipe with a decoction of chamomile and apply a nourishing cream.Likewise can be made soothing mask for scalp.In this case, the mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair.

  • Option with mashed potatoes

This mask gives a good effect when it is combined with a wiping decoctions of chamomile or series.These herbs have long been used in folk medicine to relieve skin irritations.

Add the mashed potatoes warm milk and turn it into a mask.Then you have to wipe the face of one of the herbal concoctions or make them an ice cube.After this procedure, the skin becomes less sensitive.

  • means for persons with yogurt

soothing mask for irritated skin of Greek yogurt - it is the most simple and effective way to relieve irritation.Apply on face 2 tbsp.spoons of dairy product and leave from 20 to 30 minutes (it should be cooled and natural savory).Yogurt washed off with warm water.You can use the identical dairy products such as yogurt.They also provide a similar effect.

  • Tonic with green tea

This drink has a calming effect due to the large amount of antioxidants.He is so well soothes irritated skin, which is used even for treatment of acne.You need to brew tea from 1-2 bags.Moisten cotton pads in it, and then attach them to the inflamed areas of the face and leave for 10 minutes.After washing your welding feeling much improved.

You've probably noticed that soothing facial masks are made only from natural fresh food.Most of them are in every home, and so do treatments not too difficult.Investing a little time, you can get rid of the unpleasant feeling of irritation face and receive the joy of life.Good luck!

Video mask recipe based on herbs and oatmeal


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