Masks made ​​of clay : recipes for the face and body

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masks out of clay - it is a great way to keep always your face and body in perfect condition.You do not need to run in beauty salons or written on expensive sessions, because at home it is easy.By the way, your hair with the help of these masks can also be strengthened.

  • Variety of cosmetic clay
  • Indications and contraindications
  • best recipes of masks out of clay
  • Mixtures face
  • Body masks out of clay
  • Video recipe masks for face and bodyof blue clay

Variety of cosmetic clay

course, do not mindlessly run to the drugstore and gain a lot of packages of different colors.This material nature has created in different shades, not only in order to be beautiful, but also to diverse use of clay.When we go to the beach, you can often find people smeared with mud from head to head, or clay.These people certainly know what they are doing.

But you are not in a hurry to repeat their feat, find out what kind of clay is that it is treated and how it affects your skin.To benefit from somet

hing, be sure to know its properties, in order not to hurt yourself.

Indications and contraindications

useful microcells enough in every kind of clay.They all have different effects on one or the other type of skin has its indications and contraindications.But their ability to generalize clay to purify the epidermis of dead skin cells and excess subcutaneous fat to dry.

A distinguish this magical powder by color:

  1. White - the most gentle of all kinds.It perfectly absorbs all that secrete sweat glands, so advised the girls to the problem and oily kozhey.Takzhe will be useful to apply this form of those who wish to improve the color and shape of the face.The most popular clay mask to narrow pores is precisely because of this powder grade.
  2. blue - not less useful.It consists of mineral salts and trace elements just rolls over.If you need to heal the pimples, sores and smooth out facial wrinkles - opted for this color.Keep in mind, the blue mask to rejuvenate the skin, lightens freckles and mask.So you can make the problem worse with very pale and dry skin.In that case, go back to the first option.
  3. Green Clay cleanses the skin, restoring its moisture balance and sating micronutrients.Body masks out of clay this color rejuvenate and tighten even stretch marks.Very actively apply green mixture for bathing, for washing and cleaning.
  4. pink and gray clay can moisturize the skin and nourish it.Even very dry epidermis can lead to a normal state.But keep these masks can be no longer than 5 minutes.
  5. Red - effectively rejuvenates the epidermis.Even the most sensitive skin normally responds to the mask with burgundy clay.If the procedure is repeated with her regularly, young skin is provided to you at any age.Inflammation and redness of the epidermis can be removed in three to four sessions.
  6. Yellow - tones the skin and perfectly removes any inflammation.It also deals with acne and improves (evens) complexion.
  7. Better than any expensive scrub on the skin black clay.It contains a lot of micronutrients (strontium, iron, magnesium, silica, calcium) capable deeply cleanse the epidermis of dead cells and debris.It is because it makes effective mask out of clay from cellulite.These sessions not only rid the skin of excess fat, but also smooth the skin due to the removal from it of toxins and other harmful substances.

main serious contraindication to the use of masks out of clay is the prohibition on applying them to the area around the eyes.Allergies can cause a mixture of clay only thanks to the additional components, therefore, should pay attention to what part of the mask.

best recipes of masks out of clay

main principles of compounding and z different types of clay are additional components.For example, if you have skin prone to dryness, the clay must be diluted with fat cream, sour cream or butter.If skin is oily, then add in a mixture of alcohol tinctures, lemon juice and egg white.After reviewing the ingredients for your type of epidermis, you can quickly navigate during compounding.The main thing - do not cook them in a metal container.


face Now that you know how to make a mask out of clay, you can go to the actual recipes.

  • good nourishing mask for any type derived from oat flakes.Preparing it is simple: cereal milled into flour, mixed in equal proportions with clay and diluted with water or whey.Keep this mask should be from 5 to 20 minutes (the oily skin, the longer it lasts the procedure).Rinse off with warm water.
  • If the skin is dry before peeling, the cucumber and clay mask will nourish it.Finely grated cucumber mixed with white clay and put on the face for 5-7 minutes.For added moisture can be added to the mix a teaspoon of cream.
  • bleaching effect can be obtained by using tomato juice.It should mix a spoonful of blue clay and keep on the face for 10-15 minutes.
  • anti-inflammatory mixture is prepared on herbal decoction of chamomile, celandine and calendula.From the cooled, strained tea and white, pink or yellow clay slurry preparing a creamy consistency.Hold on your face for about 10 minutes.Such a mixture is able to soothe inflamed skin and rid the face of acne.
  • magical concoctions mask with clay and has the same effect as the previous mixture.If you do it regularly, you can get rid of the traces of acne and small scars.Do not be afraid that after bodyagi person may be red and inflamed, clay softens the skin.So, mix a teaspoon of powder concoctions with these two spoons of black clay.Pour some hot water, stir to make a thick paste.When the mixture has cooled slightly, add a pair of drops of tea tree oil and salicylic acid.Keep this mask should be about half an hour.

Many people wonder how often you can make a mask out of clay.It all depends on the type of the epidermis.A spokeswoman oily skin procedure can be repeated twice a week, or more precisely - one every four days.With dry skin - once a week, or more frequently.Duration define themselves by the results, but do not expect that they will be seen sooner than five to six sessions.That was the effect of the mask, do not forget about the regular use.

masks out of clay

body clay body used as anti-cellulite agent.As scrub it is also good.But in the fight against orange peel powder, this truly magical.The most common recipe - a mixture with apple cider vinegar.However, the procedure itself is more like a wrap, not a mask, but the effect remains the same.

  • Take half a cup of apple cider vinegar, the same amount of water and pack black clay.Mix everything until mushy consistency.Optionally, you can add a teaspoon of orange oil.Apply the mixture on the problem areas and wrap film.On top put on warm clothes and keep all by yourself for an hour.Rinse under cold shower.The vinegar softens the subcutaneous fat, as the clay absorbs excess liquid from the cells.Thus, the skin is smoothed, and after a few sessions, you can even get rid of a few extra kilos.
  • If you contraindicated vinegar, mix green, black and blue clay in equal proportions, and cook the mixture on plain spring water.Apply it in the same way as the previous one.

Whatever mask you do, no matter what its color or choose, remember one golden rule: you need yourself to love and pamper.Only then you will be loved by all around him.

Video recipe masks for face and body out of the blue clay


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