Anti-cellulite cream at home : types and recipes

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Fighting cellulite is seen today as a range of issues of topical and popular for many girls and women.They are overcome with difficulty, often at great material cost.But the issue can be resolved, "a little blood", learning to do anti-cellulite cream at home on their own.The advantages of this solution are many - the composition of the fresh opportunity to choose their own ingredients, most suiting you personally as a user.

  • Action protivotsellyulitnye cosmetics
  • Video: story about home creams and gels
  • What is needed for the manufacture of
  • Recipes moisturizers
  • «Fragrant» composition with pepper or coffee
  • Gentle Creamoils
  • cream with apple cider vinegar
  • oil-honey version
  • Massage gels, oils for the soul
  • tool for young skin
  • The spring gel for mature skin

Action protivotsellyulitnye cosmetics

Variations fat burning kosmetsredstv, the manufacturer of which becomeyou are a few of their recipes invented by amateur and professional beauticians practitioners, has good expe

rience in applying salves, creams, gels.They describe and how to make anti-cellulite cream at home with the help available to most women's components and how to prepare the gel, massage oil, or a mask for wrapping.

should be warned: none of the proposed funds, no matter how effective it may seem to impact on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, not be able to "miracle" without parallel efforts and measures to eliminate adverse effects.The really useful would be a comprehensive approach - where the home cellulite cream or gel will not simply be imposed on the stomach, hips and thighs, and creep in during the massage.And oil cosmetic composition should be applied in a strictly thought-chain procedures.

Video: story about home creams and gels

What is needed for the manufacture of

order to implement the people's home procedural set in life may need the next group of semi-finished components:

  • olive oil (replacement of sunflower, corn, soy quiteadmissible);
  • conventional essential aroma oils of grapefruit, lemon, rosemary, juniper (optional);
  • -toxin specific aroma oils of basil, ginger, sage, sesame;
  • moisturizing nourishing lotion / body cream / baby cream-gel;
  • liquid coffee extract or guarana, citrus peel, apple cider vinegar.

Driven list complement glycerin, gelatin, panthenol, honey, pepper (cayenne), boric acid.Perhaps useful set of tablets or capsules of vitamins A, C, E, P (bioflavonoids).

not necessarily have all voiced "bouquet" of components - you need to understand how to make anti-cellulite cream at home from the fact that there are "at hand".Many components of the compositions are interchangeable.

Use Board to conduct a test check for allergies.This is done as follows: in the crook of the elbow dropped a couple of drops of fragrant oil-base and waiting hours 12. No itching, redness, irritation - aromamaslyanaya base is chosen correctly.

Recipes moisturizers

«Fragrant» composition with pepper or coffee

Product Designation - accelerate blood circulation, to ensure slag-toxin drainage from the "bad" areas, significantly reducing swelling.

for serving cream take 30 milliliters of milk moisturizing gel for the body (not the paraffin!) And a couple of drops of oil of juniper.

elements are mixed (the capacity need ceramic).It does not prevent a drop of oil chili pepper, Cayenne or essences of coffee spoon / guarana.

mixture warm up the body (do not forget to preheat the pot in his hands) and improve the quality of the massage.Uniform consistency is required!

The same list will give a remarkable effect if the "base" in the home Cellulite Cream grapefruit-orange oil (bitter varieties).

Massaging each "puzzling" section will have to carefully, spending 10 minutes Transitioning from shchadjashche-smooth movements to sharpen.

Gentle Cream with oils

Kosmetmassa - for the beauty salon, but vnesalonnym "rubbing" and you can do it yourself.The foot is placed on the tub ledge and "circles" are massaged from the knee to the thigh.

Olive Oil (10 ml) + body cream (10 grams) + 3 drops of aromatic oil-essences - that the "formula" of the anti-toxin, anti-grease mixture.

mechanical roller massage enhances the effect of cellulite creams in the home "at times" conditions.Not bad in such a situation, and a tingling massage, belly, thighs and priests.This procedure is pleasant and "begs" for a repeat.Doing a game-massage twice a day is not harmful at all - until a light turns pink sheets.

greetings and other tactics to combat unsympathetic tubercles, hollow at full thighs-thighs.The resulting home-cellulite cream against "tight" rubbed into "ugly" place immediately after the shower.Moreover daily.The best result gives a similar presence in the cream-orange mass-coniferous extract.

cream with apple cider vinegar

Helps excrete the accumulated fluid and literally "eats" body fat.As a result, the fabric is slightly compacted, gaining elasticity.

To apple-based acetic attached, whisking, two parts oil (juniper, geranium, rosemary, citrus) - and all this is smeared on the skin fresh.

Oil-honey version

few tablespoons (20-30 grams) of oil with honey whipped - to mushy-uniform.You can add a tiny pinch of pepper.

This cream at home cellulite is not applied to the skin in the long term.To prevent his irritation washed 10 minutes later.Justified equating this recipe to the instructions for the manufacture, use inexpensive cream-mask against obesity, cellulite.

Massage gels, shower oils

The elemental technology training democratic in price and are not inferior to industrial design gels and oils.

tool for young skin

Lovely massage oily composition obtained from 200 ml sesame butter (spin only cold!) And a couple of drops of ylang-ylang, patchouli mixed with ethereal-butter.It is necessary to expand the "sostavchik" juniper, rose oil - and your evening bath with sea salt and described fragrant "seasoning" will turn into a fairy tale.

ratio drops juniper, rose in the "bouquet" - 1 to 5. After this the water lying down is useful to recall the gel processing the dried skin.The spring

gel for mature skin

Warming pink vodichku, it has consistently topped up with honey-gelatin-glycerol and boric acid.Mix all, insist 5-6 hours.We obtain a cream-gel, firming dryablovatuyu, begins to sag dermis.Replacing gelatine agar-agar (polysaccharide seaweed), you will increase the effectiveness of this miraculous ointment, gel.A dessert spoon of agar-agar dobavochki will stand you in good stead.

sure: doing regular treatments with creams, gels and oils are not made from the comfort of an apartment on our instructions, turn you into a beauty.