Anti-cellulite body wraps at home : the rule of mixtures and recipes

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Hated "orange peel" considerably spoils the nerves as the pyshechki and skinny.To defeat the cellulite fight should be carried out on all fronts.Our true allies in this difficult matter are special diets, regular exercise, massage and anti-cellulite body wraps at home or in the salon.As for one course need to be at least 10-12 procedures, holding wraps in the cabin will cost a pretty penny, and with the modern pace of life in the cabins are not especially tired with running.For the domestic procedures also have to shell out for the purchase or preparation of special mixtures, but it will still be much cheaper, but just as effective as expensive in terms of interior.

  • Home remedies to combat cellulite
  • How are anti-cellulite body wraps
  • Recipes mixes for home wrapping
  • wrap, combined with massage

Home remedies to combat cellulite

How are anti-cellulitewraps

First of all, we should take into account that wraps, especially hot, strictly contraindicated for varicose veins, severe

skin diseases, kidney and cardiovascular system, as such a procedure is not desirable to carry out during the period of pregnancy.In all other cases, the anti-cellulite body wraps, not only will not hurt, but will be very useful.Wraps activate blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins and fat splitting, and hence a decrease in the volume of problematic areas.Moreover, they result in skin tone, elasticity and restoring its smoothness.There are two types of anti-cellulite body wraps: hot and cold.Hot wraps by the sauna effect directly lead to the breakdown of fat and weight loss, and excellent cold reduced turgor flabby and prone skin edema.

to duly carry out anti-cellulite body wrap at home, you will need a special blend that you can prepare yourself, or buy ready-made, food film, wool scarf, a warm blanket, scrub and body cream, anti-cellulite, it is desirable.

Immediately before the procedure the skin on problem areas must be thoroughly cleaned with a scrub.The big plus is the presence in the scrub algae and sea salt.

After cleaning the skin on problem areas - thighs, buttocks, abdomen - Apply a thick layer of a mixture of anti-cellulite.In order to properly warm up the skin and create a sauna effect, wrap the treated areas with plastic wrap.Additionally winding section woolen scarf, wrapped in a blanket and relax for 30-40 minutes - it is possible to take a nap, read a favorite magazine or an exciting book to see an interesting transmission and meditate and enjoy a cup of herbal tea.

At the expiration of the allotted time to relax get out of its cocoon, go take a shower, wash off the remains of the composition, the skin gets wet towel to put the moisturizer with anti-cellulite effect and actively massaging the problem areas.A few days later repeat the procedure.Full course is 10 to 12 procedures.

Recipes mixes for home wrapping

  • Honey wrap with algae

2 tbspfucus and kelp (seaweed can purchase these from a pharmacy) was diluted with warm water and leave for quarter of an hour, so they like to be swollen.Meanwhile, on a steam bath a little heated honey.To the warm honey add one egg yolk, 20 drops of camphor oil and 10 drops of citrus oil.Mix honey with algae.Thoroughly mix all and we put a thick layer of the mixture on the affected cellulite place.

  • clay-mud wrap

The pharmacy buy Dead Sea mud in the form of a powder, and red, white or blue clay.Powders breed cold water until the consistency of thick cream.Add a little honey and a heated mixture on a steam bath.To warm the mixture add 5 drops of orange oil.

  • Oil anti-cellulite body wraps

as a basis use any base oil, such as olive, almond, jojoba oil or wheat germ.For oil-based add three drops of lemon, lavender and juniper oil.Superb anti-cellulite properties also have essential oils of mandarin, orange, Petitgrain, cinnamon, grapefruit, vetiver, oregano, rosemary and mint.

  • Honey-milk wrap

To the mixture was convenient to use, it should be enough thick consistency, so it is better to use the preparation of powdered milk.For milk powder add a couple of tablespoons of liquid honey and a little warm water.Thoroughly stir, bringing the mixture to the consistency of thick cream.Candied honey can be melted on a steam bath, but too much is not worth it to heat, otherwise it will lose most of its beneficial properties.

  • Coffee wraps

To prepare coffee in Turku wraps cook natural coffee or acquire caffeine tablets.Two of the coffee grounds mixed with one part of honey and a tablespoon of red pepper.The mixture will turn the fire, can be sure of, so be prepared for the thrill after application to the skin is sure to be burning and pinching.Nothing can be done, it will have to wait, because the beauty requires sacrifice.

  • wrapping blue clay

To achieve the desired effect, it is sufficient simply to dissolve the clay with warm some water, whose temperature should be no higher than 50 degrees, carefully loosen that there was no lumps, bring to the consistency of thick cream and apply on problem areas.There is also a mixture of clay, you can add any essential oil with anti-cellulite effect.Such wraps is advisable to keep the skin to dry clay.During the day, it is recommended to carry out 2-3 procedures.The blue clay contains a large amount of nutrients: iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen.It enhances the metabolic processes in the skin and stimulates blood circulation.Regular use of blue clay makes the skin smooth, supple and velvety, and perfectly removes puffiness.

  • Anti-cellulite wrapping parafango Parafango

( "pair" from the "wax", "Fango" from the Latin "dirt") - a unique blend of micronized sea mud and paraffin.Paraffin, a long retaining heat, slowly gives his skin.A layer of wax to create a mini-sauna effect, opening pores and activates microcirculation, which promotes the excretion of toxins and better penetration of existing active ingredients.Also, paraffin has also skin and mechanical action.Micronized marine mud is rich in vitamins, amino acids, macro-and micronutrients (iodine, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, silicon) and other biologically active substances, which are easily absorbed by the skin, deeply moisturize it, have a lifting effect, promote weight loss and reducevolume of the body, improve skin elasticity and firmness.Ready-mix "Parafango" can be found in the pharmacy or you can manually mix paraffin with mud.parafango wraps recommended as in overweight and for the treatment of cellulite without excess fat.After solidification of the wax comes off the skin with a light plenochkoj.

wrap, combined with massage