Cellulite treatment : an integrated approach and effective home remedies

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effective cellulite treatment goes beyond the simple application of a special cream.With an integrated approach should be to change your lifestyle, move more, eat fresh and healthy food, do not forget about self-massage, hydrotherapy, allocate time, money on hardware methods.The result will be a great feeling and a good appearance even those parts of the body, which is not visually affected by cellulite.

  • scale staging
  • Home skin changes - Stage 1-2
  • features 3 stages
  • treatment stage 4 cellulite
  • Causes of "orange peel»
  • Complex treatmentcellulite
  • Physical activity
  • Proper nutrition
  • Hardware techniques
  • Folk remedies
  • Recipes herbal baths
  • Anti-cellulite body wraps
  • How to treat cellulite with varicose
  • doctors recommend cellulite treatment

scale staging


The most popular is the 4-step scale staging of cellulite, where zero corresponds to healthy skin to the normal condition of adipose tissue.In addition, there are 8-speed range, more detail describing the t

ransition states.To determine the stage of cellulite is possible via a capture area of ​​the skin with your fingers in the 5- to 10 cm

Home skin changes -. 1-2 Step

on 1 stage with a mild squeezing can see the hilly terrain.At the same time the skin is characterized by a low rate of recovery compared with healthy, so scratches, wounds heal longer bruises can be formed from minor bumps.

In stage 2 the skin quite smooth in appearance, but the bumpy terrain is clearly manifested in the capture of fingers or "orange peel".This step and the previous are edematous cellulite.They respond well to treatment, even at home.You can use a variety of masks, scrubs, massage, wrap the skin.Equally good water treatments, exercise, lymphatic drainage, sauna.

features 3 stages

on 3 stages of skin irregularities can be seen without squeezing.Cellulite in this case may be accompanied by circulatory disturbance, edema and varicose veins.The skin feels colder than the rest of the body surface.Besides possible pain.Step 3 Treatment of cellulite is formed in the destruction of the connective tissue layer.It uses massage, lipolysis, ultrasound.At home, you need to do self-massage, eat right, spend wraps, take a bath.

treatment stage 4 cellulite

4 fibrotic stage of cellulite is characterized by the fact that under the skin painful palpable nodes, impaired blood flow, affects the nerve endings.Besides muscle atrophy.Skin looks cyanotic.The most unpleasant - the likelihood of developing tissue necrosis and various inflammatory processes.

possible to go through surgery and remove the fat using liposuction.The healing process after surgery long and painful, but an excellent result.There is another way, which requires a great and serious work on themselves.It is necessary to conduct a correct lifestyle, eat healthy food, go to a professional massage, body wraps do, take anti-cellulite bath regularly engaged in physical training.

Causes of "orange peel»

promote the development of cellulite:

  • hereditary factors;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • overweight;
  • disorders of metabolism and blood circulation;
  • thyroid disease;
  • physical inactivity;
  • poor diet and bad habits;
  • stress.

Understanding the factors that affect the development of cellulite, gives the opportunity to work on a complex problem.

Complex treatment of cellulite

Physical activity

these types of exercises can be used to treat cellulite at home.

  • Walking, cycling, swimming with low intensity.This activity will improve the condition of the whole body, enhance blood circulation and lymph circulation.
  • training individual muscle groups.These exercises tighten, tone and visibly improve the appearance of problem areas.They help to reduce the waist, to influence the shape of the buttocks, thighs, stomach tighten.

Much attention should be given to deep breathing, as it provides tissue with oxygen and controls the flow of lymph, which in turn allows you to clean the cells and the intercellular space of the metabolic products.

Proper nutrition

Day diet need to be, including a large number of complex carbohydrates.These products contribute to the normalization of sodium and potassium balance, cleansing the intercellular space.

Complex carbohydrates contain the following products:

  • legumes (lentils, beans, peas);
  • cereals (brown rice, porridge, excluding semolina);
  • pasta and flour products from whole grains;
  • fruit (peach, apple, grapefruit, pear, orange);
  • fruit (plum, cherry);
  • vegetables (zucchini, bell pepper, tomatoes, all kinds of cabbage, onions);
  • greens (lettuce, spinach);
  • mushrooms.

to a minimum should be to reduce the use of products that have passed industrial processing, as well as meat, dairy products, sugar, salt and fat.

Hardware techniques

Hardware cellulite treatment includes methods using electric current, temperature, mechanical action.The most popular treatments are: electrophoresis, lymphatic drainage, myostimulation, ultrasound therapy, vibration therapy, pressure therapy, thermotherapy, etc.For a comprehensive treatment of cellulite stage 1 and 2 require a course lasting 6-8 weeks, followed by maintenance stage.Treatment 3 and stage 4 occupies 14-15 weeks.

Folk remedies

Warm bathroom has a noticeable effect in the fight against cellulite, because relaxes, enhances blood circulation, nourishes the skin with nutrients.To prepare concoctions fit: lime, oregano, horsetail, dandelion, plantain, sage, lavender and others.

Recipes baths with herbs

  • Linden.Flowers poured boiling water and allowed to stand for 40 minutes.Broth was added to warm water.The duration of treatment - 30 minutes.
  • Ginseng with sea salt.Dried herbs (1.5 cups) fresh or (3 cups) boiling water is poured.After 15 - 20 minutes and filtered broth is added together with sea salt in water.
  • Herbal.Used collection of lavender, marjoram, rosemary, ivy, sage.The duration of treatment - 15 minutes.Repeat should not be more than 2 times per week.

At home, for the treatment of cellulite effectively apply massage using pre-ground coffee, sea salt, honey, crushed apricot pits.It has done it quite intensively.You can also do a dry massage using massage brush or roller.Another useful procedure is available to everyone - a contrast shower.It is also aimed at enhancing blood flow, metabolism, cell renewal.

should use anti-cellulite cosmetics and moisturizers.They allow the skin to get the nutrients you need to defend it.You can even prepare their own home anti-cellulite products.For example, massage oil, cream with the addition of chopped zest of lemon, mandarin, orange.Anti-cellulite body wraps

wrapping procedure allows a well to clean the skin, tighten and make it soft.In front of her is to take a warm shower or bath to steam the skin.It is useful to use a scrub.When should dry off and apply the prepared mixture, turn the food with foil or a cotton cloth and dress warmly.The duration of treatment - about an hour.Below we present the options mixes for home body wraps.

  1. Fresh berry-fruit mixture with the addition of ginger, honey, cinnamon and cream.You can enter and vegetable oils.
  2. Wrap chopped lettuce that need to be pre-fill 5 minutes of hot water.Duration of procedure - 30 minutes.This type of wrapping exceptionally well to improve metabolism.
  3. wrapping finely chopped parsley leaves.The procedure lasts 2 hours, eliminating the edema.
  4. wrap with clay.You can prepare the mixture, add honey and cream.Another option - to breed clay water (2 tablespoons) and add the same amount of kelp (sold in the pharmacy).

How to treat cellulite with varicose

Cellulite treatment with varicose veins complicated by the fact that many of the procedures can not be used.The emphasis is on lymphatic drainage, normalizing the outflow of fluid, cold wraps in combination with drugs against edema, and mesotherapy.The set of measures in this case developed phlebologist and beautician, since it is necessary to work not only on the "orange peel", but also to chronic venous insufficiency.

On the problem of cellulite, you can see much wider, because it "tells" us about the necessity of some changes in lifestyle.Effectively working on the causes, it is possible to significantly improve its internal and external condition.In this anti-cellulite activities important to a comprehensive and regularly.

doctors recommend cellulite treatment