Mummies of cellulite masks and body wraps

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surprise surrounding unfading youth and beauty of the woman would like to have forever.To carry out these aspirations, we help a well-organized daily routine, good nutrition, physical activity and cosmetics.No creams, scrubs and oils based on the mummy of cellulite success protivotsellyulitnye questionable procedures, and "cosmetic" arsenal, according to many, may not be comprehensive.On what is based this belief - later.

  • Composition and biomedical properties mummy
  • Home remedies for cellulite
  • Recipes scrubs
  • Creams with mummy
  • salon treatment at home
  • Baths youth
  • Wraps at home
  • warnings
  • struggle with stretch marks
  • cooking cream mummy to combat stretch marks
  • Contra procedures with mummy

Composition and biomedical properties mummy

mummy - mountain resin.This definition is often.It is true, but it requires decoding.It's about a brownish-blackish-grayish mass - viscous, smelling sharp, bitter taste.Whether it Resins - a moot point, but it's a similar substance in rocky

crevices and ancient caves.Origin described remedy has been insufficiently studied.However, on the properties of its physicians are judged quite confident.There are half a dozen varieties of healing product, the most useful of which is considered organic-mineral.

This "miracle of the mountains" is legendary, it is called the medicine for hundreds of diseases.It is - a kind of "Oh How It Hurts" to the skeleton, skin, veins, intestines, those who suffer from improper metabolism and obesity, edema, acne, pustules, spots, inflammation of the dermis.First of all, due to the composition of trace elements in the fifty, "bouquet" of vitamins and fatty acids yes three dozen bioactive supplements, renovating and cleaning the blood cells.Elimination of cellulite areas, the regeneration of the skin cream with mummy of cellulite helps accurately.This fact is proved by beauticians and confirmed by many years of experience - more than successful.

Home remedies for cellulite

Recipes scrubs

  • few tablets with mummy + 10-15 ml of pure water.Stir to dissolve.Add ready-body scrub.
  • used recipe homemade salt scrub.At the end of the resulting aqueous composition mummy-mixture is added.
  • Coffee grounds (as an option is possible fresh ground coffee) + cream + 2-5 g mummy + moisturizer.Roughly equal proportions.

Any of these scrubs with mummy against cellulite is applied to the areas of concern and shared-pounded massage movements.After 15 minutes wash all - preferably hot and cold stream alternately.

Creams with mummy

  • 3-5 g mummy-extract (5-6 tablets) is dissolved in dessert spoon lukewarm boiled water and mix with 100 grams of cream - the best children.
  • can mix mummy-tar (capsules or tablets) with the "cream base" and without the participation of water.In a jar with milk-cream for the body added more resinous capsules and after a while everything is thoroughly mixed.Store in the refrigerator.
  • Ā«fragrant-oil."Shilajit (1-1.5 g), mix with a spoon (about 20 grams) of essential aroma oils - orange, peppermint, rosemary or lavender.Rub into the "cellulite" place to be every day.

Each of the counter creams with the mummy of cellulite can also be used for protivotsellyulitnye wraps.Last in the list is especially valuable: it gives a great razglazhivayusche-regenerating effect, improves firmness and elasticity of the tissues.

salon treatment at home

Baths youth

regain lost tone and rejuvenate the "stale" areas of the skin, making them elastic again and Gorny, will help the following chain.Take a shower.10 Grams mummy base (capsules, tablets, kind - does not matter) dissolved in a pint of lukewarm little water (previously boiled).Dialing bath (preferably body temperature), pour into it half your mummy solution.The duration of the evening "lying" - 25-30 minutes.Do not try to do the procedure just before bedtime - it is not very great.The water does not drain - even waiting for the morning.

morning "mixed in" second "half" of your mixture into chilled bath, topping up the tank of hot some water (task - to bring her back to 36-36,5 degrees).You will enjoy a morning "molodyaschaya bath."These "life-giving" procedures take 8-10 days - and achieved the desired result.For those who time did not wish show you how you can achieve the best effect.Firstly, before the bath would be nice to take a shower - in this case, the pores open and the body "respond" to the healing process with alacrity.Secondly, if such efforts are "combined" with massages, body wraps and a set of exercises, the results will be much higher.

Wraps at home

With the concept of technique homemade scrubs, creams described above, it is easy to learn and wrap the mummy of cellulite as a parallel process.Moreover, the composition of the mentioned means of struggle with the defects of the skin may well come in handy for such manipulations.For example, the components of the "mummy + essential oil" can be the basis for rubbing followed by wrapping "difficult" areas plenochkoj.As well as the mask of a mummy and cellulite cream, milk from the "child" of the series.Wrap the defective towns usually for 15 minutes - this with a margin enough to achieve the ideal state of the skin for a week and a half.


struggle with stretch marks

Postpartum unsightly strip-mesh mummy balm removes easily.But a couple of rules must be followed.

  • Ā«absorbent" effect will be much higher after taking a warm shower.It is to steam the body open and cleanse the pores and also provoke exfoliation of keratinized cells.
  • Before rubbing beneficial ingredients, heat the hips, buttocks and thighs with gentle movements washcloths or massage mittens - it will accelerate the penetration of the desired elements in the surface and the subcutaneous layer.
  • rubbing cream yourself, do not try to push hard on the most puzzling you lots - from soft to sense the impact will be greater.Master the skill gentle circular movements.And do not overdo it with the massage: once per day - is the norm.
  • Rest assured that the question whether the mummy helps cellulite after pregnancy and childbirth does not arise.The size, depth and color intensity of stretch marks and will certainly decrease your tummy, butt and legs, "align".Perhaps it will take a month or two.You want to find young forms - spend more time on the process.He always rezultativen - believe me.

cooking cream mummy to combat stretch marks

Contra procedures with mummy

  • Strong reaction to certain chemical and biological components.
  • presence of skin wounds, cuts.
  • pronounced tendency to varicose veins, diseases of the cardiovascular nature.
  • Some gynecological problems and pregnancy.

Everything else can be overcome and, hopefully, contribute to the fact that you feel like a real beauty - a young, slim and attractive.