Vacuum banks of cellulite : how to put the right

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Make a slimmer figure, and the body more resilient - a goal most women.A good assistant in this is a sport and massage.Correct the problems that affect the skin condition, help banks vacuum cellulite.They help to "correct" the buttocks, outer thighs and remove from them the appearance of "orange peel".These simple but effective product can lead to muscle tone, restore skin elasticity and even sucked scars.

  • What you need to know about the Cup massage
  • To contraindicated banks
  • How to prepare your body
  • What procedures need
  • How to put the banks of cellulite
  • Processing thighs and buttocks
  • Featuresmassage on the stomach
  • professional session can massage

What you need to know about the Cup massage

to contraindicated banks

  • women with sensitive skin, prone to bruising cupping massage is not suitable.It is better to choose other ways to fight cellulite.
  • It should be postponed for the future this massage for pregnant and recently delivered women (after childbirth have to wa
    it at least 7 weeks).
  • Do not resort to such treatment during the cold and inflammatory diseases of internal organs.Undesirable procedures and in urolithiasis, recurrent thrombophlebitis, skin diseases and blood, varicose veins, hypertension, cancer and certain gynecological diseases.

Note!You can not put the banks against cellulite on places such as the breasts, inner thighs, and popliteal fossa.

How to prepare your body

Before the massage, the body must be prepared.Good for this purpose, a variety of wraps - clay, essential oils, spices, juices, etc.The easiest way to warm up is a douche.He has a positive effect on blood vessels and reduces the likelihood of bruises and microtrauma.It should be for 10 minutes to massage the body, starting with the toes and gradually moving to the shoulders.The water temperature every 30 seconds to be changed.After a shower, you need to wet the towel and immediately begin to knead the problem areas by hand.Then you can begin to therapeutic massage.

What procedures need

not recommended to put the banks for more than 14 times at home.Treatments should be done regularly - 2-3 times a week.After this break is for a few months, then the course can be repeated.

To save the result, carried out 2 courses per year is sufficient.Some have resorted to it for the purpose of disease prevention.

noticeable improvement in the appearance of problem areas occur already after 3-5 sessions.The final victory in the fight against cellulite, you can win after 3 or more courses.If you want to speed up this process, use the services of beauty centers that use special devices.

As banks put a cellulite treatment

thighs and buttocks

Vacuum massage can help only if it is done correctly.Otherwise, you will not only not achieve the expected results, but also can harm their health.

Before starting the procedure to lubricate warmed body anti-cellulite cream, Vaseline or oil (you can mix almond oil with 3 drops of orange, cypress, etc.).On oiled skin banks slide better - so you can avoid bruising.

deemed most convenient Silicone banks against cellulite or products from flexible plastic.It is they, rather than the conventional glass jars do this massage.To create a vacuum of sufficient shrink slightly and then pressed to the body in the place that you want to massage.

desirable to massage in a circular or zigzag movements, but you can move the banks and in a straight line.

Note!If, during the procedure, you feel pain or other discomfort, you should reduce the amount of capture banks.

When massaging the hip movement should be only from the bottom up!First, the bank is placed just above the knee and then are gradually toward buttocks.This is done slowly and carefully.

Important!The procedure is carried out only on the outer side of the thigh.Manipulation of the inner side may damage the lymph nodes.When massaged the thigh, can be moved in a straight line banks or make it wavy movements from the bottom up.

Reaching the buttocks, the bank detach from the body and re-start massage from the knee.On his buttocks make a circular motion.

Each problem area is treated for 5-7 minutes.Rounding out the procedure, when the skin turns red, and you feel that the body was steaming.Then squeeze the balloon and remove the jar.

features massage on the stomach

This area requires especially careful treatment.Medical banks of cellulite is applied to it carefully, slowly moving his fingers and watching the height of the skin absorption.A valid value is considered to be 1.5 cm.

Massaging the stomach begin to smooth movements in a clockwise direction.Then pause and continue the procedure in the opposite direction.Rotation should be gentle and careful.This will prevent bruising.

This massage not only improves the skin condition, but also helps to lose ves.Esli doubt whether banks are benefiting from cellulite, you can see for yourself.You will find that your skin is even 1 course will be smoother and more toned.Along with a sense of courage and self-esteem will rise.Good luck!

professional session can massage