Cup massage of cellulite at home - step by step instructions

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Cellulite - a kind of "beacon" to signal that you are paying enough attention to your body and health.Many people associate "orange peel" overweight, but not always, these two abnormalities linked.Freak female beauty bumps can settle on the body and slim girls.So do not rely on the fact that you sit on a diet, and everything will return to normal (although such a step is also welcomed), and take on the "arms" proven technique to combat the scourge, for example, can massage of cellulite on effect equates to a hardware cosmetology.

  • Bank - Tool number 1 to get rid of cellulite
  • How to choose banks
  • all procedures
  • whether to allow direct contraindications
  • Additional restrictions
  • Step
  • technology Preparation forprocedure
  • massage techniques
  • intensity and duration
  • procedures Video instruction about cupping cellulite massage

Bank - tool number 1 to get rid of cellulite

Why can massage cellulite is referred to the category of the most effective procedures to deal with "ora

nge peel "?It's all about the features of this device "devaysa".As is well known, "orange peel" - is a "company" wrongly developing clusters of fat cells.A healthy young ladies all subcutaneous fat is evenly as to follow the contours of the skin, and the victims of cellulite fat cells simply "wander" around the dermis, haphazardly clinging to each other, so that under the skin appear hard lumps.To these "huliganok" to separate and get back to a place, you need a mechanical intervention, and, quite intense and deep character.With this mission perfectly copes hardware cosmetology and hand massage.If the first - not a cheap pleasure, the second procedure is available to absolutely all the ladies.

How does the bank?This "device" can be said to "sticks" to the skin by creating a vacuum inside the container, thus affecting even deeper layers of the skin.Cosmetologists say that cellulite cupping massage increases blood flow to the tissues of 120 times, and accelerates the elimination of toxins and other "garbage" 10 times.Can you imagine how frightened this pressure, the fat cells move quickly into place, and the extra - and completely melt.

How to choose banks

Some lady holding cellulite cupping massage at home, choose the wrong itself, "instrument" for the procedure.Why?Due to carelessness.Hearing the "Bank", many girls just get on the mezzanine and recovered glass jars that even our grandmothers were treated colds, putting them to the back.But can massage against cellulite is specialized banks - vacuum, attach themselves to the skin on their own - without fire and my grandmother's hands.

So what banks need to defeat the "orange peel"?Or silicone, or rubber, or glass, but with a rubber suction cup.However, just tell the pharmacist that you are going to do cupping massage of cellulite at home, and you need a special "device".You will be given it immediately.

Are there any differences in the use of the listed types of cans?Of course, if the rubber and silicone "Soup" cling to the body quite easily, is it only a little squeeze, the glass "tools" should be treated in a special way - with a blower.It would seem that last less convenient, but it is to see, because it is this type of cans allows you to adjust the degree of pressure on the skin, which means that you will be able to "manage" the process depending on the area of ​​impact.For example, you have a cellulite on the abdomen or inner thighs, and even more "delicate" area.

If you will use rubber banks, the risk to provoke the appearance of bruises, not to mention the wild pain.While glass "massager" will allow you to massage the cellulite affected area very gently, without compromising mood and beauty.By the way, you are free to buy several different jars, use them according to the degree of skin lesions and areas of the body.Often, for massaging the thighs buy silicone banks and hand - glass.

should pay attention!Banks are better to buy in a pharmacy proven, and not on the market - with it, for now produced a lot of cheap imitations, which are unlikely to be able to help you beat cellulite.

Are all enabled procedure

Before proceeding to block about how to do cupping massage of cellulite, you should consult if you can, in principle, you do it.

Direct contraindications

In some cases, you will have to look for alternative ways to combat hateful tubercles, these include:

  • varicose veins;
  • hypertension;
  • presence of tumors;
  • pregnancy;
  • abundant pigmentation of the affected areas;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • wounds, burns and ulcers undergoing massaging areas;
  • too sensitive skin;
  • blood diseases.

Additional restrictions

Even if you are completely healthy, user can massage cellulite states that the procedure is contraindicated spending in the chest, lower back and spine.In addition, it is necessary to be extremely careful while massaging the inner thigh area, providing minimal pressure on this delicate area of ​​the body.


technology Bought banks, consulting the list of contraindications?So, it's time to learn how to do cupping massage cellulite.

Preparing for

procedure Please prepare a massage oil.To do this, take 100 ml of base (olive, peach, grape seed oil) and add several kinds of essential oils (in total - up to 20 drops to 6 species).Beauticians recommend to give preference to oils of citrus, juniper, geranium and cedar.

Prepared?Wash your hands and place so that you feel comfortable, for example, on the floor, having spread a blanket.Its time to begin!

massage technique

What sequence of actions and rules technique involves anti-cellulite massage canned?

  1. Clean skin.
  2. Apply oil / cream.
  3. selected area Massage hands (2 minutes).
  4. Put the jar and tighten, making sure that it is stuck to the skin.
  5. Floating movement begins to drive the bank for the "orange peel".
  6. Recommended cosmetologists nature of the movement - from the bottom up, and on the abdomen and buttocks - in a circle.

How can I make a bank?Just press down with your finger at its base.

intensity and duration

procedures for maximum effect must be made at least 15 sessions with an interval of 1-2 days.

Is the duration of the massage area of ​​influence?Of course, yes, remember how in some areas can be massaged:

  • hands - up to 10 minutes each;
  • belly - not more than 15 minutes;
  • buttocks - 15-17 minutes;
  • legs - 15 minutes each.

Video instruction about cupping Cellulite massage

Cup massage - the ideal method for getting rid of "orange peel".