Anti-cellulite massage banks : instruction and contraindications

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Malnutrition, multiple stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise - all this is part of the usual daily routine of many women.Absolutely imperceptible leads to the fact that on the outer and inner thighs, buttocks appear noticeable eye dimples and protuberances which materially detracts from the figure, provoke psychological disorders and complexes.This problem can not be solved in one way, it requires a long-term complex treatment, providing power change, increasing physical activity, mental state recovery.Not last place in the fight against the "orange peel" and takes anti-cellulite massage banks, which maintains muscle tone and helps to recover tissues.

  • Benefits and contraindications
  • essence
  • procedure Preparatory phase
  • move without interruption from the skin
  • Moisturizing cream and butter
  • Duration
  • a massage vacuum banks at home
  • alternative devices and methods
  • roller massagers Vacuum
  • Vibropribor
  • Hardware treatment

Benefits and contraindications

Vacuum banks have become very popular lately, because really solve the problem.Basically procedures are prescribed by specialists and carried out in medical and cosmetic cabinets.But to save money and they can do on their own.However, before such acquisition arm and carry out anti-cellulite massage by banks in the home, you should definitely make sure that in the body there are no tumors, and in general there is no inclination to any tumors.In addition, contraindications to this effect on the body is also varicose veins, thrombosis, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders of the CNS, the tendency to convulsive states, diseases of the skin and blood.

If deviations not, then you can safely go to the drugstore and buy the banks for anti-cellulite massage.They can be made of silicone or polimerstekla.It is advisable to choose the kits, complete with banks of medium and large diameter.


procedure Glass "sticks" to the bumpy skin and exerts a special pressure massage, stretching her.By actively selected portion starts to flow the blood, thus carrying out an additional metabolism.

preparatory stage

To massazhbyl effective and did not cause harm to the body, it is necessary to know how to do it.

Before you begin the procedure, you need to prepare the body.It is enough to make a soft, relaxing movements to achieve relaxation and warm skin in the desired area.You can also take a light shower beforehand.After that the anti-cellulite massage banks.They are applied to problem areas.Desirably up to 8 units per procedure and stand 20 minutes.

move without interruption from the skin

to achieve greater capacitance effect to be moved.It can be straight, wavy, zigzag, circular motion.What matters is that the trajectory of movement parallel to the direction of venous-lymphatic drainage.It is necessary to do so, because only with this approach will be formed by mechanical disruption of the year subcutaneous fat cells.In addition, fabrics are actively oxygenated as improve circulation of blood and interstitial fluid.

Moisturizing cream and butter

The effect of the procedure will be higher if a special cream (as an option, you can use olive oil) will be applied to the skin.

should also be remembered that the bank for the anti-cellulite massage should not be held on the inner thighs, groin and popliteal cavity.This can lead to undesirable consequences - damage to the lymph nodes.

first procedure the bank may leave some areas of the skin visible bruises, but they quickly dissolve in subsequent procedures, especially if moisturize the skin.


The average rate using vacuum cans should include at least 10 procedures.But be zealous not worth it.The maximum number of sessions - 20. Interval - every other day.

If there is a desire, and it is justified by the condition of the body, massage can be done at home in a month.

Just a few procedures significantly reduce the volume of the thighs, and if in parallel with the sessions and still stick to the right diet, we can also reduce weight, improve muscle tone, increase skin elasticity.But that's not all, with the banks to easily adjust the contours to destroy fat formation, pulling at the skin surface of the slag.

a massage vacuum banks at home

If there is a great desire to be transformed, it would be easy to give yourself extra time, especially since the implementation of manipulation technique is absolutely simple.In order for the device well-glided over the skin, it must be pre-lubricated.It can be as special cosmetic means and prepared himself.Well showed the following combinations: olive and flaxseed oil (one tablespoon) is connected with tea tree oil (5 drops);two spoons of bases is taken over five drops of wormwood, anise and orange.

necessary to follow certain instructions and recommendations during the session.

Before starting the procedure, you must wash your hands well and wipe them dry, then you should apply on the problem areas of the framework that will contribute to further manipulation.Bought anti-cellulite banks should be placed on the body so that the skin problem areas have been drawn into them in one and a half centimeters.

Intensive massage of cellulite with the help of the cans must be a slow pace.Movement must be directed along the flow.It is desirable that leaks emkostine broken.If this happens, it must be put again.For each problem area take enough about 5-10 minutes.

learn how to correctly and tochnoprovodit session can be found in the instructions attached to the packaging or on the professionals involved in this issue closely.

Since the method has its contraindications should be treated with great caution, so as not to hurt yourself and do not spoil the final figure.

EquipmentYou purchased at pharmacies or in specialized stores, medical centers.This is where you can also get additional advice and tips and hints on how to massage cellulite banks.

alternative devices and methods

Along with this method of getting rid of depressions and dimples, there are other methods.To combat the "orange peel" developed a lot of other massagers.

Roller massagers

good help in the fight against orange peel and roller models.They can be either electrical or mechanical.Their rotation is well working on the skin, warm up the surface, enhance lymphatic drainage.

Vacuum Vibropribor

If you do not want to mess around with the banks, experts recommend use special Vibro.Such a device can have multiple modes of operation, making possible the most effective impact on the affected areas of the skin.We can say that Vibrating combines the functions of vacuum massage, which is carried out by banks of cellulite and roller massage.Sam reminds massage session can.The special design, consisting of two rollers, purposefully lifts the top layer of the thigh skin and pulls it vigorously vacuum department, where she is undergoing significant changes.Then the roller smoothes the skin, thereby responding to the soothing manipulation.This effect can not be achieved when using oborudovaniyaiz silicone.

Vacuum Vibrating easily operated at home, as detailed recommendations on how to use it, are set out in the instructions.

Hardware treatment

Cosmetologists modern salons offer various hardware methods of treatment of "orange peel", which have a high degree of its effectiveness.But if the problem has gone too far, it can be solved in the initial stages at home, using the massage banks against cellulite, and other handy tools.It should also be remembered that the special exercise, proper diet, aromatherapy, healthy sleep has no rule.

Deciding to get rid of cellulite, you need to make a sufficient amount of time and effort, but the result then will be able to surpass even the wildest expectations.