As for the week to get rid of cellulite - Step by step instructions fight

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¬ęOrange peel" appeared in the most unexpected moment - on the eve of an important event in your life?"To refuse plans to complain about age, to complain about bad luck" - such thoughts to you first of all come to mind?Early to give up.If lumps have appeared recently, but this is so, once you have found them just now, then you have every chance to get rid of them, without prejudice to the planned events and their nerves.Top beauticians and nutritionists the world will share with you the secrets of how a week to get rid of cellulite.Mota on the condition and return the beauty of the body.

  • detox program
  • Anti-cellulite diet
  • Prohibited products
  • Recommended
  • menu Exercises for firm skin
  • Cosmetology - an ally of beauty
  • Video Secrets combat cellulite

detox program

¬ęConstruction materials" for the hated "orange peel" is fat.You might be surprised by this, but the body fat is at each of the women.So in ancient times ordered nature, in order to protect the "homemakers" from exha

ustion, because no one knew what kind of production will bring to the settlement of men, and if they are lucky, in principle, on the hunt today.And women need to find the strength to ensure peace in the house, comfort, support the upset husband, take care of the children, including the crumbs that might develop in the stomach.So that women initially norm fat content higher than the male figure, and this will have to accept.

However, as you understand, is unlike a sort of "time bomb."The fact that the legal body fat requires special treatment - it can not slack off, "chemistry", keep the "locked" on the couch, forget to indulge useful procedures, that is, for this kind of the nature of women "insurance" keep an eye.So if you do not maintain a permanent monitoring of their legitimate Zhirkov and the organism as a whole treat carelessly, then you are prepared for the troubles that have "razrulivat" with experienced nutritionists and beauticians.

You might be surprised, but only a rejection of bad habits can help you get rid of cellulite in 2 weeks, and if you add to this the minimum program of struggle against "orange peel" diet, exercise and treatments, the disease can retreateven after a week.

So about any harmful predilections should you forget to bring back the beauty of your skin?

  • smoking;
  • alcohol consumption;
  • abuse of power;
  • lack of sleep;
  • caffeine craze;
  • uncontrolled consumption of drugs, not agreed with the doctor.

These bad habits are fraught with the formation of free radicals in tissues, provoking the emergence of oxidative processes, the accumulation in the body of toxins.All this destroys the body from the inside, and appeared ugly bumps - a "beacon" for you to understand what is happening to the body.Sometimes women are so deeply "dig", and stop at complaints about the deterioration of the skin condition.Whatever it was, your beauty is in your hands.Stop "poison" the body, and your body fat will stop legitimate transformed into balls and lay down flat, safe for the subcutaneous layer of beauty, as it is the inherent nature.

Anti-cellulite diet

give up bad habits?Great, time to start the refrigerator revision, of course, if you want to remove cellulite without the rest of the week.

So, what foods you should feed the pet, give to friends, throw, if you live alone, or simply put off the far shelf to treat someone, do not suffer from "orange peel", of course, if you haveenviable willpower?

Prohibited products

Meet blacklist that disfigures your body:

  • fatty meats;
  • mayonnaise;
  • cakes and pastries;
  • pizza;
  • products from white dough (dumplings, pasta, etc.);
  • products from McDonald's;
  • other semi-finished products;
  • smoked;
  • sausage, hot dogs and other of their "brothers";
  • sweet soda;
  • juice with sugar;
  • conservation;
  • cakes, muffins and other pastries;
  • chips, other similar snacks;
  • candy and other treats that contain sugar.

would seem that the list is large, but believe me, all of these dishes do not have no utility for the body and kill your beauty.Try to forget about them for a couple of weeks, and then you will be surprised how this "poison" could have fascinate.

Recommended menu

-medication products that will help you get rid of cellulite in a week:

  • fish low-fat varieties;
  • baked potato;
  • cereals;
  • dairy products (2% fat);
  • black bread;
  • fresh fruit;
  • dishes of vegetables, preferably raw;
  • olive oil (in moderate quantities);
  • lean meat;
  • nuts.

It's important to know!To the fat cells are not turned into orange peel, it is important not only competently to eat, but also to drink properly.The daily rate for tracking the beauty of their bodies women - 8 glasses of water.No coffee, cocoa, tea from a bag or a store juice - namely water, which is an excellent fat-burning beverage, and you do not know ?!Useful

provisions still important to prepare properly.On frying, cooking fried, batter, fat in the body remember the name of beauty.There are lots of other - healthy way of food processing.For example, cooking on the grill, in the oven, a double boiler, multivarka.Modern Kitchen "Soup" are so comfortable that you do not even have to be in the kitchen while preparing dinner.One has only to download a set of products to the selected "machine" and can go for a vacation, a beep will notify you that it is time to start the meal.Tasty, fast, convenient, beskhlopotno and most importantly - useful.

Exercises for firm skin

just so nature has, the body must move, otherwise the muscles atrophy, tissue lost its elasticity, and oil will "kink", turning into a subcutaneous pellets, referred to as cellulite.

Want to look dazzling and have flawless skin?Get off the couch, get up from the chair, "unstuck" from the monitor and go out into the street - walk, breathe and save the beauty.This is - the minimum program, but in the first or second day will be enough and such a volume as a half-hour walks in the surrounding areas.Then the activity needs to be strengthened.You can run, play tennis, ride a bike, dance, rock climbing.If it is cold, you are free to do it all in the room or dressing for the weather.The main thing - move, and do not forget that your goal - a week to get rid of cellulite.

can not figure out what you want to do?Download the web special set of exercises for cellulite and be engaged by repeating movement coach.

Cosmetology - an ally of beauty

Ultra block action in the fight against the hated tubercles, which will help you to fix the result and hold foreign "reconstruction" of the skin - this cosmetology.

most simple and effective that you can do: buy anti-cellulite loofah and carefully rub the affected area for 15 minutes in the process of taking a shower (morning and evening), preferably of contrasting and applying the special gels.

After this session, it is recommended to make a wrap or body mask, or at least cause cellulite cream.It is said that only a dozen such procedures can significantly improve skin turgor.

should pay attention!The best of the wraps against cellulite is considered to be honey.How to do it?Heat 5 tablespoons of honey (but make sure that it does not boil, otherwise the healing properties of the product will be lost).Add a few drops of the composition of the eucalyptus oil, citrus choice and juniper.Stir the base and apply on the affected "orange peel" areas of the body.Wrap these places with cling film in 4-5 layers.Put on warm pajamas or dive under the blanket for 20 minutes.Then take a shower and use the anti-cellulite agent.

But if you are not confident in their discipline or talent homebrew cosmetologist, and simply well financially secured, consider that everyone should mind his own business or adore to go to salons, then welcome to the professional fold of beauty - cosmetology room, benefit those currentlyin each district of whole deposit.Master will examine the defects of the skin and advise you the best course of salon treatments, among which the number of mesotherapy, LPG, vacuum, or other lymph drainage massage, phonophoresis, SPA-procedures, myostimulation and lots of other effective methods, standing guard over the body beauty.

Video Secrets combat cellulite

So, working step by step, in a week or two, otherwise you will forget about cellulite.