Massage against cellulite : types and secrets of the procedure

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Cellulite - the bane of women.Few people manage to avoid the "love" with this scourge.However, each woman has a choice - to allow the "orange peel" live on your body or get rid of disfiguring lumps beauty forever.The main thing - do not be lazy and choose the most effective way to deal with the "invader".Experienced cosmetologists authoritatively declare that the "orange peel" simply need to "break."Moreover, not sparing the skin - to a pain, because when, for example, you take out a splinter, too unpleasant, but it is a necessary measure, right ?!Therefore massage against cellulite - number 1 weapon to fight for the beauty of the skin.Ready to arm themselves?

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How it works

Sometimes people mistakenly think that a massage - a "mischief", the procedure

for the sake of pleasure, has no effect on health.What to say?Everyone finds exactly what he is looking for.If you allow your body to professional master previously telling what purpose pursue, or learn how to competently make yourself a massage, then a couple of weeks to get the award flawless body.While movement clumsy and wrong delivered beautician task may entice you to join the company of people who do not believe that cellulite can be overcome.

So what effect will bring you a course skillfully conducted the massage?

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • tissue oxygenation;
  • metabolic activation;
  • improved power cells;
  • elimination of stagnant processes in tissues;
  • removal of the body decay products;
  • improve the performance of the lymphatic system;
  • removing excess fluid from the tissues;
  • accelerate skin regeneration process;
  • lifting muscle tone;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • improve the flexibility of connective tissue;
  • overcome fatigue and burst of energy;
  • prevent aging of the epidermis;
  • improved skin turgor;
  • increase the body's immunity;
  • improvement in mood;
  • return of skin beauty.

As you can see, a course of massage not only removes hated bumps, but also bring you "bonuses", which you did not expect.

10 rules

massage Made a decision to make Anti-cellulite massage at home?A good solution that will save you not only money but also time.But the course will be successful only if you do everything right - according to the rules, not too lazy and did not deceive themselves.

So, what you should know before you declare war on the "orange peel"?

  1. For performance massage is necessary to complete a full course (10 sessions).
  2. is not recommended to take breaks between treatments 1 and less than 7 days, the most optimal spacing - 1 session in 2-3 days.
  3. During the procedure, some of the areas best left alone, otherwise you can hurt yourself.These include a popliteal area, inner thighs, armpits, the area around the pubic area and groin area.
  4. The optimal duration of massage - half an hour, but the first sessions better to make the 15-minute, while, since half of the course, you can gradually increase the duration - up to 1 hour.
  5. start the procedure should be, when the muscles are relaxed, and the skin is warmed up (after a shower, scrubbing or therapeutic bath).
  6. Hands must be washed before the massage, wipe dry and rub a little - until the heat.
  7. start a session should always be smooth, careful, gentle movements.
  8. pace of massage should have a growing character.Each subsequent procedure should be a little harder last.
  9. During massaging beauticians recommend the use of funds from the special designed to combat the "orange peel" structure.You can buy ready-made compositions or to make their own hands.
  10. most effective time for massage - morning, when the muscles are relaxed, and you're full of energy.

should pay attention!In massage against cellulite, alas, there are contraindications.Those who suffer from varicose veins or heart ailments, doctors are advised to seek an alternative procedure.

technique of self-massage on

home to learn how to do self-massage for cellulite, you need to know the technique, learn a movement and a couple of times to practice.According to statistics, the "orange peel" is most often covered thighs and buttocks, and stomach and shins.

Getting rid of cellulite on legs

  1. thighs.Masseurs are recommended for the procedure to stay sitting on the couch, a chair.This should be massaged leg bent and the free - pull.Relax the muscles.The procedure begins with the strokes using both hands, then connect the pads of fingers, and then the process involved and the back of the hand.Movement is better to make a bottom-up, quietly, but rhythmically.Next Reception - squeezing.Hand in this can have, as you wish - and along and across the hips, the main thing - to provide the surface of the moderate pressure.His fingers closed, the process basically involved the thumb and palm.This is followed by grinding, which can be straight, circular or spiral - decide for yourself.By the way, you can alternate between them.
  2. Shins.For self-massage these areas experts advise to stay on the floor - on the mat.Legs during the procedure should be in bent position.It starts a session with strokes, passing into the kneading, which is by nature actions resemble kneading dough - just grab the skin and gently knead it, moving around the lower leg.Movement can start with one hand, and then connect the second.During mashing the brush should be across the muscle.procedure by shaking muscles finalized.This requires the thumb and little finger to seize the calf muscle, the remaining fingers to lift it a little and start to shake, both along and across.

Remove the orange peel with buttocks

buttocks, which are also often become captives of cellulite, need special massage, accompanied by percussion movements.However, to start the procedure follows the tradition with strokes that move in the kneading.Then connect percussion techniques with which you are not familiar with.How to make them?It's simple - tapping knuckles or fingertips on the surface of the buttocks.The intensity of the attacks may vary.Finish the massage by shaking muscles need (how to do this, you already know).

Self-massage the abdomen

Belly - a subject of pride of any of the women, so for this part of the body must be carefully monitored.Self-massage the abdomen differs delicacy of movement, the pressure should be lower than in the case of massaging the legs and buttocks.The first movement - stroking.This is followed by pulling skin and muscle shaking.From this list of tricks you are not familiar with only pulling, so you should talk about it more.You simply zaschipyvaem skin by fingers, which are convenient for you, pick up the fold and dramatically its release.It is recommended to capture large areas, affecting the inner layer of the epidermis.

You are free to massage each of the problematic parts individually or massaging all of the parts of the body.

Cabin offers

If there is no desire or time to comprehend the science of self-massage, the budget allows, go to the massage parlor or the center of cosmetology and entrust your body to the professionals.The choice of the master will offer you any kind of hardware or a course of massage treatments performed by hand.

hardware massage is presented in showrooms in a wide abundance.In the fight against "orange peel" itself perfectly proved vacuum and lymphatic drainage massages, sessions LPG.Modern equipment for mechanical effects on the skin allows adjustment of the pressure and depth of action, and the temperature in the contact zone massage heads with the skin.Estheticians can only exhibit the desired performance and the right to "manage" the machine.

Argued that no machine can replace the human touch of professional hands.You are like-minded?Do not hesitate to tell the master.You will be offered a whole scattering of procedures carried out manually.Among them may be the traditional anti-cellulite massage and cupping (vacuum), lozhechny, honey and other types of procedures.Choose what you like, do not miss the sessions and after forget the misfortune a couple of weeks.

Three types of anti-cellulite massage at home on video

Massage - your faithful ally in the fight for the beauty of the body and skin perfection.